“Paranoia” “Paranoia”


In this age of CG motion capture, old fashioned rotoscope animation looks refreshing. Case in point: Paranoia is an animated short film made by 4 students (Sandeepan Chanda, Sunil Kumar Yadav, Amrita Mukhopadhyay, Nitesh Mishraas) as part of their final year degree project for Mumbai’s Thakur-Toonskool Advanced Animation Academy.

  • Iritscen

    Quite effective — despite the CGI used for the handles, they still worked for me as part of the mise en scene when I didn’t let myself think about how they were made.

    Very good sense of timing, which is rare in student films, and nice use of sound. Trains have lots of great unsettling noises to take advantage of in something like this.

    P.S.: Not sure why someone would want to blow up a nearly-unoccupied train at night :-), but when you’re the one on the train, I guess you wouldn’t be thinking about that, so that’s all that matters for the purpose of the story.

    • Why should it matter if you think about how they were made or not? Is CG somehow going to ruin a very well-done film? Even though the artwork was rotoscoped it was clearly composited with blur effects and the like on a computer too. Why mention another element that was done using a computer as if that would have the potential to ruin it for you?

      • Iritscen

        Because when you mix media like 2D cels and 3D models, it can break the illusion of the animated world. Better to have just one or the other so it can be immersive. But I didn’t mean to sound nitpicky; I liked this quite a bit.

  • jic

    Very good. Great visuals, good build up of tension, and I liked the slightly ambiguous ending.

  • Thanks a lot for your support guys! :)

  • I enjoyed it, and because of rather than inspite of, the fact it was rotoscoped. It’s a nice look.

  • Gamma

    This was quite impressive! Nice use of shots and timing.

  • This is very inspiring, Story, Animation and Sound. Love to see the storyboard. Beautiful work!

  • Bloopworld

    It was very Final Destination-esque. Good timing, nice blend of colors, but the story is pretty redundant and unsurprising.