Pig Me Pig Me

Pig Me

Pig Me is a darkly-comic graduation film by students Rebecca Bang Sørensen, Ditte Gade, Marie Louise Højer Jensen, Israel Hernandez and Mette Tange at The Animation Workshop in Denmark.

  • tom Stazer

    Loved it!! Top notch in every regard, even though predictable, never loses charm. I was really delighted by the breif pan across the shop, look for the white kitty laying on it’s back.

  • Not particularly a fan of the character design, but some of the keys were really strong, especially at the beginning when the piggy is escaping the abattoir.

  • Scarabim

    So drawing the anus is now okay in animation?

    Ah, for those lost days of innocence…

  • killskerry

    My god I saw the end coming and yet it still made me laugh/cry.
    Fantastic! Top-notch character design.

  • uncle wayne

    ditto to killskerry. A gorgeous film. Thank YOO!!

  • Kevin


    You and me BOTH!

  • Hey, really nice graduation film. Acting read well and interest was held all the way through to the very end.

  • I liked it all, especially the BGs and ‘props’… the bell really did it for me, great design

  • Really, really inspired! TWO reminders to stay until the end of credits!

  • Finn

    Really nice, I was only put off by the lack of inbetweens. Am I the only one to notice it?

  • This is a very cool animated film with a great little story from me (Hannes Elltorp) and my friend (Johannes Helgelin) for Passion Pit’s ‘I’ve Got Your Number’.