“Pollen” by Jeremy Bondy “Pollen” by Jeremy Bondy

“Pollen” by Jeremy Bondy

You can’t go wrong with a film about a spaceman – with hay fever. Here’s Jeremy Bondy’s Sheridan College thesis film; designs, story reel, production blog: here.

  • Mike M.

    Great sense of color! Love the ending, very cool short :)

  • If he’s wearing a helmet, how does he sniff in the pollen at the end? This short makes no sense!

    Kidding aside, I like the color palette and paralaxing in some shots. The use of focus was cool to see as well.

    • Oh wait, rewatched it and his helmet cracks in the beginning. I redact my snarky comment.

  • Lola

    Nice stuff from sheridan as always.

  • Nichole

    I was so stoked to see this on the blog. Congrats to the filmmaker Jeremy; you deserve the exposure man! Love the film as always.

  • Marc Gomes

    Great animation! Lots of talent and great story line. Canadian talent showing through.

  • CC

    cute! Reminds me of “the terrible thing of Alpha 9”