“Precise Peter” by Martin Schmidt

Martin Schmidt’s Precise Peter is an inventive bit of CG filmmaking, made more impressive by the fact that it’s a student film produced at the German school University of Art Kassel. It’s fun to see a film in which the animation itself plays such an important role in the storytelling. The sound design, which has a rhythmical quality of its own, adds to the experience. More of Martin’s work can be seen at HerrSchmidt.tv.

(Thanks, Thomas Meyer-Hermann)

  • Mark

    WONDERFUL! So nice to see character animation done so well in a short.

  • DonaldC

    That’s so ridiculously charming.

  • jordan reichek

    Like it!

    DEFINITELY German.

  • Jeff Haynes

    Psychotic controlling goose stepping perfectionist father. Reminds me of the Trinity Killer from last season of Dexter.

  • matt

    Oh well, guess I don’t need to watch the last season of Dexter.

    Back on subject, I loved the sort. Made me think of the old George Pal Puppetoons.

  • Chris B

    Loved it and love to see great output like that from students regardless what it reminds people of.

  • BooDog

    love it love it love it!!! Great job with the baby character.

  • http://www.madguru.net MadGuru

    Wow! This is really great. Love the designs, the animation and just the beautiful storytelling.

  • http://www.herrschmidt.tv Martin Schmidt

    Thank you so much for featuring my film here! ..and for the very encouraging comments! I’ve been a great fan of cartoonbrew forever. Cheers, Martin

  • doruntina

    Martin you are great…good job with a caracters….c’est magnifique…salut..?