“Precise Peter” by Martin Schmidt “Precise Peter” by Martin Schmidt

“Precise Peter” by Martin Schmidt

Martin Schmidt’s Precise Peter is an inventive bit of CG filmmaking, made more impressive by the fact that it’s a student film produced at the German school University of Art Kassel. It’s fun to see a film in which the animation itself plays such an important role in the storytelling. The sound design, which has a rhythmical quality of its own, adds to the experience. More of Martin’s work can be seen at HerrSchmidt.tv.

(Thanks, Thomas Meyer-Hermann)

  • Mark

    WONDERFUL! So nice to see character animation done so well in a short.

  • DonaldC

    That’s so ridiculously charming.

  • jordan reichek

    Like it!

    DEFINITELY German.

  • Jeff Haynes

    Psychotic controlling goose stepping perfectionist father. Reminds me of the Trinity Killer from last season of Dexter.

  • matt

    Oh well, guess I don’t need to watch the last season of Dexter.

    Back on subject, I loved the sort. Made me think of the old George Pal Puppetoons.

  • Chris B

    Loved it and love to see great output like that from students regardless what it reminds people of.

  • BooDog

    love it love it love it!!! Great job with the baby character.

  • Wow! This is really great. Love the designs, the animation and just the beautiful storytelling.

  • Thank you so much for featuring my film here! ..and for the very encouraging comments! I’ve been a great fan of cartoonbrew forever. Cheers, Martin

  • doruntina

    Martin you are great…good job with a caracters….c’est magnifique…salut..?