“Princess of the Magical Tears” by Brian Carter “Princess of the Magical Tears” by Brian Carter

“Princess of the Magical Tears” by Brian Carter

Another year, another funny little film from graduating student Brian Carter (I posted his Give Me Space last year). Here is his final film (4th year) at CalArts, Princess of the Magical Tears:

  • “…Whhhhaaaaat…”

    that line had me dying laughing!! LMAO

  • kwert

    I gotta say, the thumbnail did not look promising, but this short was actually really funny, unique, and well animated.

    • G Coffey

      i agree i was skeptical because of the thumbnail but glad i watched it. very funny!

  • The voice acting here was fantastic.

  • Bud

    Another great CHARACTER ANIMATION film from CalArts…there were quite a few of them this year. As far as character animation, again CalArts proves why it’s one of (with Sheridan) the best.

  • Law

    Haha, Brilliant! Nicely done!

  • SpanielDayLewis

    It’s so nice to see CG characters without those creepy realistic irises. I thought the big cartoony pupils worked really great in this.

  • Glowworm

    Oh wow! That was really funny–especially when that skeleton merely came back to life–no skin or anything.

  • Chris

    Loved the mascara running down her face!

  • Tillary

    Short but sweet, the prince backing away as he figures out what’s about to happen is hilarious. His other student film was cool as well!