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“Pure Funk” by Marc Adamson

Pure Funk is Marc Adamson’s graduation film, from his third year of animation at the Arts University College at Bournemouth. It’s a 3-minute mixed 2D/3D animation set in a version of the future when the world is ruled by an oppressive dictatorship and music has become illegal. The film took almost a year from the idea to completion. More production information and a gallery of pre-viz art at Freedom to

  • J.m

    Dig it, nice bgs, and mood

  • WOW – Really nicely done! Nice simple story, well told. Great designs and execution.

    My only thought is that in real life, the officer would have got the DJ’s autograph to sell on the black market – And in the next scene, he’d throw the DJ in the Gulag.

  • PeteR

    Would have been stronger if the main guy actually was an artist and played music instead of just playing orher people’s records . Nice artwork.

  • Bryan

    From reading your description of it, isn’t it similar to the story of Gene Kelly stumbling upon a ‘fluid’ Hanna-Barbara ‘toon, dancing with king Jerry Mouse in MGMs Anchors Away?

    • From reading your comment, isn’t it similar to a bafflingly pointless post?

      Cartoon brew discussion threads are dumb enough when the people commenting have actually WATCHED the film; posting about what you think it MIGHT be like based on a misreading of the description is just weird.

      • Bryan

        It may very well be a good student project, I wasn’t personally interested though but respect others.

        O.T. There’s nothing wrong with copying some of the time, and this film isn’t a duplicate clone either. I’m reminded of an episode of Nickelodeons DOUG. Doug being frustrated by a coincidence in his own clothing outfit, his sister beatnik Judy reassures him that if we were all scared of even remotely copying or portraying another, we’d all be grunting at each other nakedly.

      • what are you even on about?

  • Spencer

    Fun idea, and great visual execution. Not enough story, though. Could’ve been a lot tighter, and some more sound design to bring it all together.

  • MadRat

    Some videos are worth saving to favorites.

  • Yazzo

    No, the story isn’t new. Nothing is. It’s what one does with what one has. Did Marc Adamson redefine the medium of animation with one short? No. Did he spend a year learning and produce a decent little film for all his effort? Of course he did.

  • Fun, funky and cool. Great job! :D

  • Very nice! I like it when medium mixes like this are successful!

  • That is Brilllliant! Nice and atmospheric. I like the way you’ve pulled off mixing mediums so seamlessly!

  • asmany

    Dig it!! love the mix of the mediums!
    though i personally find the story too big for this lenght: too short the time that goes by, from he starting to play music (this one actually could work because of the dictatorship)but we should see the audience crowd getting bigger and bigger though. its way too soon when fuel goes out, and there should be a chase on the ground after landing, cause when he lands exactly in front of his fellow dictator, it is obvious it’s gonna end like this. the surprising end for this short would be a headshot. (not like i wish there has been one:)


  • Michel Van

    i love it