“Rain” by Christine Chen “Rain” by Christine Chen

“Rain” by Christine Chen

This is guaranteed to inspire you. NYU student Christine Chen’s thesis film, Rain:

  • Only half a walk cycle is animated at the film’s start. The same is true for the second cycle where he runs. It diminishes the entire film which is otherwise beautiful.

    • Eh, welcome to modern-day animation. MOST shorts barely have any actual animation in them. But you know what? At least this one has a great message and a nice style to it. Beats a ton of things out there that are nothing but depressing or pointless random shapes flying around, if you ask me.

      I’m glad I watched this one! It was a nice way to start the morning.

    • kevin

      What do you mean by half walk cycle?

    • JM

      Are you his animation teacher?

  • Life is his animation teacher. The right leg crosses the left. Then it does it again and again and again. A cheat. We have two legs, so does his character.

    • you can trick your eyes to see it as the same leg or as opposing legs, little subtleties could have made sure you would see it as a whole cycle, like having his left foot land higher in perspective…but it’s not like his arms are a half cycle, which would be a much more jarring thing. id say it was convincing enough, the legs being the same color make it work.

  • at 0.48 did it say ‘shit stick’ on the floor?

    other than that, it was very nice in a ‘self help hippy mutual hugging’ kind of way

    Half a walk cycle would suggest it gips halfway through… I could discern no gipping here

  • Taylor

    It was cute. I can see it being ripped off as a gateway to a future commercial with the same gimmick.

    But as a thesis? This could easily have been done in less than two weeks, if that. Aren’t thesis programs usually a year long?

    It’d be great to find out its a part of a series that was done as the thesis project. For some reason the large title at the beginning (and short run-time) made me feel like it’s part of a larger whole.