“Ratticus” by Seth Brady “Ratticus” by Seth Brady

“Ratticus” by Seth Brady

Don’t let your rat touch your stash. Seth Brady made Ratticus at NYC’s School of Visual Arts.

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  • reza

    yeah its good film

  • John

    I can’t believe I just wasted (get it?) two minutes of my life watching that.

  • Shades of JAC MAC AND RAD BOY GO!

    A winner. Proof that a humorous, entertaining, wholesome cartoon can be created without resorting to the filth and violence toddlers seem to crave these days.

    • Ben

      Was that sarcastic? I mean, there’s plenty of violence, and literal filth (on the floor) in this cartoon. Death, smoking, violence, blood…yeah, it was totally wholesome, LOL!

      Truthfully, it was great for a student piece, if a bit on the dark side.

  • CJ

    Something about these kinds of animations reminds me of the morbid cartoons I would watch on MTV from time to time as a child. So for me its holds a bit of nostalgia which is just fine.

  • Sarah (with an h)

    On a side note Seth was also a Sophomore when he made this. I should know he was in my class last year.