“Sheeped Away” by Junaid Chundrigar “Sheeped Away” by Junaid Chundrigar

“Sheeped Away” by Junaid Chundrigar

Junaid Chundrigar made Sheeped Away in 7 months at the Utrecht School of the Arts, in the Netherlands. It’s the tale of a farmer who just wants to keep his beloved sheep safe from a giant UFO, without waking his judgemental wife. Chundrigar also posted a quickie making of reel here.

  • What is it about students and making shorts about Sheep?

    • amid

      When I was a student, I made an animated short about a sheep too. True story.

  • It was a big surprise for me too when I discovered all the online sheep this week

  • That was really funny and cute.

    It’s funny that a lot of students are making films about sheep this year. First that one with the boy and his grandpa, then “Sheared,” and now this.

  • Awesome, tight story!

  • I really dig your style and timing. Great Stuff!

  • Ohm please Junaid! everybody knows UFOs are only interested in cows!

    Next time, a bit more research, K? ;)

  • Llama

    I want to hug your film somehow… Highest degree of excellence!!

  • Loved the art, the timing, the animation, & fun stuff. Well produced…

  • Very entertaining.

  • pjd

    hey..how to i get to future sheep heaven?

  • Rosa

    Timing, art style, humour were fantastic – everything pulled together to make a super cute film.