“Silence” by Olivier Ballast “Silence” by Olivier Ballast

“Silence” by Olivier Ballast

Four second-year students from the Netherlands Utrecht School of Arts, aka HKU, recently produced this haunting and heartfelt short film entitled Silence. It was completed in four months using Maya, Cinema 4d, After Effects, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.

Director: Olivier Ballast
Animation: Joost de Jong
Art Direction: Erik van Helvoirt
Technical: Michael Koning
Music: Gijs van Amelsvoort

  • Creepy weird little movie. To be honest, I didn’t like it.
    Usually when I don’t like a movie on Brew, I don’t write a post – but I will this time.

    This could have been done in live action. I think that live action with animated FX would have suited it much better than the uncanny valley treatment it got here. The ‘almost real’ look of the character took me out of the story at several points.

    Story – I figured it out very early in the movie, probably in the second scene. Guys – I know this was just a student movie, but next time – HIRE A WRITER! The pretty pictures were interesting for 10 seconds, max. If you are going to invest your time and money making a short, make sure that the foundation (your story) is solid.

  • AK

    I thought it was impressive for second-year students.

  • Yeah, agreed. I don’t know if I’m as critical since hey, a things a thing but yeah, it just seems like all this was made to create a partial act. I mean, story wise there is none right?

    Curious how Jerry chooses which “shorts” to post…

    Anyways, back to the film, it’s about as interesting as someone going to the beach. I( don’t get it. Whatever, pretty though and lot of hard work so congrats on finishing it.

  • Cath

    Wow, in 4 months! The film looks beautiful.