“Skip” by Sarah Jolley “Skip” by Sarah Jolley

“Skip” by Sarah Jolley

Don’t “Skip” this nice little student film, with a nod to Buster Keaton, from Sarah Jolley at Vancouver Film School.

  • D

    Good job. I loved the concept and I really liked how smooth and fluid the animation was. Would love to see more shorts in this type of style.

  • Brilliant work Sarah! :D Superb timing and weight on the characters, great backgrounds and a sweet story. Hire this girl!

  • Fantastic. Beautifully made in every respect. And clever too.

  • Michael van den Bos

    Sarah Jolley was one of my film theory students at the Vancouver Film School, in the Classical Animation program. Her love for classic cinema, specifically for the silent film comedy of Keaton and Chaplin, is paid loving tribute in her student movie, SKIP, which would make a great short before THE ARTIST.

  • Mike Johnson

    Beautiful to look at, engaging characters, wonderful music and a bright, original concept! What’s not to love?

  • Good one.

    I liked very much that the damsel tied to train tracks sequence was used. I don’t know about the rest of you but I find that gag/ plot absolutely marvellous. So many storylines of ‘taking over the world’ leave me flat. Taking over the world has huge advantages (plus massive administration headaches) and is so obvious. Tying a dame to a train track ‘just because’ is about as evil as you can get. I love it…. sorry to waffle on…. also that smoke plume on the train was quite perfect

  • I thought this was stunning. The character creation/animation and the concept were perfect! Really nicely done…

  • Great animation and character design followed by a creative and original story.

    Congratulations, Sarah Jolley.

  • Absolutely gorgeous. And I keep seeing Moose’s name on these amazing projects. Well done Moose. You are bringing up a new generation of amazing talent. But more to the point, well done Sarah, the acting is sublime.

  • Gerard de Souza

    What everyone else said and it brightens my day too!
    Can’t wait until I get home tonight and watch it with the sound on.

    Not only action but wonderful acting.

    I wish her a bright rewarding future.

  • Nicely done. Sharp animations and interesting story. Two thumbs up.