“Spooky Ghost” by Ryan Comiskey “Spooky Ghost” by Ryan Comiskey

“Spooky Ghost” by Ryan Comiskey

Well, it’s spooky, and there’s a ghost…

Ryan Comiskey completed this during his Junior year at the Kansas City Art Institute.

(Thanks, Mandy Travis)

  • http://drmeloche.com Douglas Meloche

    Congratulations Ryan!!
    So great to see you featured here. Two KCAI animators on this site in the same month, Super Cool!
    Looking forward to seeing this piece on the the big screen at MAPA’a Kansas City Animation Celebration
    Come and See the awesomeness, this Saturday

  • http://www.frankpanucci.com Frank Panucci

    Love that stuff. It’s like something NIGHT FLIGHT would have randomly thrown at me in the 80s.