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Stan Winston’s Family Starts An On-Line School

Stan Winston

Legendary visual effects artist Stan Winston has been dead for a few years now, but an on-line school bearing his name is getting ready to start up. Stan Winston School of Character Arts will be launched in association with the Los Angeles-based institution Gnomon. The three-minute trailer on the school’s website offers a preview of the numerous disciplines that will be taught by the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. My only question: If you’re starting a serious school, why hire a cheesy and obnoxious announcer who cheapens the entire message?

  • Probably shouldn’t put the word “entertain” under a shot from Tank Girl neither.

  • Mark

    shouldn’t this be “Creature Arts” instead of “character?”

  • Holy smokes this looks great.

    Amid, you’re being a bit of a drama queen, the voice over doesn’t matter; the quality of the studio and his legacy speaks for everything, including the seriousness of the school.

    If you haven’t seen his book, “The Stan Winston Studio”, it’s a must have for any fan!

    Thanks for posting!

  • Geo

    Making cool stuff is one thing. Teaching people how to make cool stuff is another thing. It’ll be interesting to see what the tutorials look like and how well the instructors teach.

  • Signed up for the newsletter but couldn’t find details on how much it’ll cost, whether it’ll be accredited, etc etc, but it looks awesome.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Man, if I was 20 years younger and several thousand dollars richer, I’d be enrolling.
    As for your assessment of the voice-over guy, Amid, I could understand him clearly and he didn’t detract from the work. I believe the school was just trying to let their pedigree speak for itself, and it did with flying colors.
    Maybe you need better speakers from your computer.

  • I was expecting “the movie guy” type of cheesy-bad VO. As in, like really really forced parodied “movie guy”…by Pablo Francisco. This VO guy sounded pretty normal =\

    But man oh man is my inner geek doing a happy dance reading about this school.

  • dan2

    Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t this all rather pointless. CGI has overtaken much of the physical effects world. Trying to suck in naive student to fork over money for careers opportunities that will never come is a horrible way make a buck off a dead legend.

    • I’d agree on most of that point and many techniques are going out of use, but there’s still a lot of physical creation that goes into SFX way before the CG elements are made – like maquettes and costumes. Even in Iron Man they had physical armor suits the actors were in before CG overlaid it with the more high-polished final. You’d still need people who know that craft to translate it into CG later. Like how Spielberg kept the stop-mo guys on as animation directors when he decided to go CG dinosaurs. And sometimes physical props/mechanics are cheaper than CG in some situations.

  • Gnomon’s instructional videos are awesome, so I’m betting that the on-line school will be awesome also.

  • Ch-Ching….

    I’m less put off by the narrator as much as I am put off by the fact that they’re partnering with Gnomon. Gnomon is one of the money hungry, schiestery bunch of hacks I’ve ever seen. Its sad that Winston is going to be associated with such a crappy school….er, uh…facility.

  • Wesley Robert Spencer

    What is really sad is that Stan Winston is still considered an artist. The fact is he was two bit mold maker who loved to take credit for creating characters other people invented. Alien? Anyone ever heard of H.R.Giger? Mutant Earth, Trakk, Realm of the Claw, Blood wolves, every character and setting is stolen from David and Seth Bier’s comic book series, TOHUBOHU, from New Breed Comics. He knew it, Toys-R-Us knew it, and the fact that his school opened after he died just proves it. He’s not teaching anything. The unknown artists that actually made all the cool stuff are still doing his job and he’s still getting the credit even from beyond the grave.

  • Wesley Robert Spencer

    What’s sad is Stan Winston is still considered an artist. The truth is he was nothing but a two bit mold maker that loved to take credit for characters he didn’t create. Alien? Anyone ever heard of H.R.Giger? Mutant Earth, Trakk, Realm of the Claw, Blood Wolves, and even his Gargoyles, every character, setting , and storyline is ripped off from David and Seth Bier’s comic book series Tohubohu from New Breed comics. The fact that his school was created after he died only proves the point. He’s not teaching the online courses. The unknown artists who worked for him are and he’s still stealing the credit even from beyond the grave. When he was in charge we got A Gnome Named Gnorm and Pumpkinhead. ’nuff said.