“Stitches” by Reut Bortz “Stitches” by Reut Bortz

“Stitches” by Reut Bortz

Reut Bortz recently graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. Her graduation film Stitches took a year and a half to complete, and it deals “with the question of whether it is possible to adapt every child to one specific mold”.

“I define the movie as semi–autobiographical,’ says Bortz. “In some parts it is based on my life, but mainly on the lives of hundreds of others who feel like they can’t be themselves among their own families and communities.” I think the message is universal – and the film is beautiful:

  • Reut Bortz

    Making this movie I had tons of help from my amazing friend and former Bezalel student – Nir Philosof.


    Thank you for sharing my movie!

  • Such a beautiful and sad film. Congratulations, Reut Bortz!

  • Doug


  • It’s so good! True to its theme and beautifully told. Thanks for sharing!

  • I was expecting the teacher to remove her dress and reveal her own wings.