“The Colors Of Evil” by Alyse Miller and Phillip Simon “The Colors Of Evil” by Alyse Miller and Phillip Simon

“The Colors Of Evil” by Alyse Miller and Phillip Simon

This thesis film by Alyse Miller and Phillip Simon, from Florida’s Ringling College of Art and Design, is a heartwarming tale of a girl, her demon from Hell — and revenge.

(Thanks, Steve Gattuso)

  • Nicely animated. Not keen on the story though and I didn’t realise that the main character was a girl until I noticed the pigtails in the final scene…

    • Dave

      Even though Nancy called her Vivian when they got off the bus?

  • Nice!

    Love it!

  • I love this SO much! Two very talented people, can’t wait to see where their future careers take them. :)

  • Ringling College of Art & Design continues to set the bar for animation education.

  • Cute. But not too cute.
    Very nicely done

  • Now THAT is a thesis film

    Support or detract, there is no denying the EFFORT

    Tip top marks all round

  • Glowworm

    Oh I love this–I wish I had a demon like that when I was little so I could get revenge on those who picked on me…

    The demon is adorable.

  • Creative

    This was done by 2 students? Wow. I found myself wanting it to go to the next episode, lol. Loved all the details in the room and facial expressions. More please?

  • Damn, student films are pretty fantastic these days. I’m sure this is an exceptional example and not the norm, but still… Amazing work.

  • MissConception

    I can say I am proud friends with these two amazing artists and a fellow Ringling computer animator. So much talent and vision comes from my school. I can guarantee next Spring’s batch of seniors, my year, will impress as well! :D

  • ha! pretty fun! nice compositions, funny gags! great animation. Well done.

  • Pretty cool. A little sugary for my taste, but nicely executed. The blonde twit was well animated, great poses, and movement. Eyes a little big all around, but now I’m nitpicking.

    It delivered in a way that was unexpected. Like the Coyote Roadrunner cartoons of old, you knew blondie would get it, but it came about in a way that was pleasantly surprising.

    Good job!