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Sign Up for the John K. School of Animation

John Kricfalusi

Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi is starting an animation class in the LA area. The six-week course will include two classes a week for a total of twelve lessons. The cost will be $1200. Students must have basic drawing skills. This post on his blog has information on how to apply.

John is a natural when it comes to teaching, and having taught artists at his studio for decades, he knows how to put across concepts with clarity. I’ve suggested to John before that he should consider imparting his knowledge to artists beyond the studio setting, and now that he’s doing it, I’m delighted to recommend him. I don’t think there’s been a private animation class in LA this exciting since Chuck Jones unit animator Ben Washam held animation classes in his home back in the 1970s.

  • that is incredible! i really wish i could be a part of it!

  • bluenowait

    Boy, and I thought one of MY teachers from high school was a hard-ass!

  • lampshade

    This seems very interesting. I’ve heard of many people improving quickly by following his online lessons. I hope to hear some feedback from this.

  • Kyle B

    Not meaning to echo smo, but I too really wish I could be a part of this!

  • John K. is actually doing something outside of his house. For money.

    Now to be completely serious this is pretty awesome. His skills are undeniable, so maybe some of this will circulate some awesome stuff into the industry.

  • Bob Harper

    Man if I was 20 years younger and $1200 richer I’d send the check in today!!! This is great news.

  • Hulk

    Is this for working professionals, students or a little of both?

  • SMW

    I wish I was living in LA because for sure I would take his class, he is so talented and has so much knowledge about cartoons, from principles to concepts that whoever takes this class will definitely come out if it with great knowledge. Mr John I’m your fan!!!!!!!!!

  • Toast

    Hurray! I hope he earns enough to make more cartoons. I wish I can afford all that. Aww… But I did learn a lot from his blog ;}

  • Good for John. This just might get him those funds he needs to get some of his projects up and running. (Let’s just hope he budgets himself a little more wisely this time. It could happen.)

    I already know he doesn’t think I have potential, so I guess my $1200 will be staying in my bank account for now. I don’t care, it’s one man’s opinion. I’m busy working on my own comic book anyway. I’ll definitely keep practising simply by doing.

  • Teaching is not going to raise enough money for John to do a project.

    Speaking at colleges, schools, and universities, however, where a person of John’s caliber can get a fee of $10,00.00 (and that is just starting) could easily generate enough money for him to do whatever he wants.

    John knows better than he should the frustrations young artists have to endure. Anyone who gets him for a teacher is doubly blessed.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Here’s the gut truth, spoken from personal experience: I learned more in 6 months working with John K. than in all 4 years at art college (SVA) put together. He’s a natural teacher – articulate, professional, informed, and brutally honest. I would encourage, have always encouraged, any aspiring cartoonist/animator to work with him.

    He’s also much more patient with struggling students than you might think just from reading his blog or meeting him casually with a portfolio. You can make a thousand different mistakes, and he’ll patiently explain each one. (However, if you make the same mistake a thousand times, it’s a different story. He’s serious about cartooning, and will expect students to be the same.)

    I’m sure Amid will back me up on all this; he’s been there, too. The bottom line: By all means, take it if you want to learn the craft from one of the best in the business – but don’t if you just want to hang around a famous animator.

  • $100 per lesson isn’t crazy high. Try getting music lessons from a musician of comparable fame for less. In southern California.

    But six weeks is really short.

    A good indicator of the success of this would be to compare before and after work of the students. Hopefully we’ll get to see some.

  • Kate

    I’m beyond jealous of those lucky to be in the L.A. area and take his class. His site has an enormous help for me to improve my drawing, and I’m still stunned he takes the time to post exercises and work with people who ask for his help. Go John!

  • FWIW, John K. says the class is on cartooning, not animation. Students will work on their drawing and basic character posing in pencil.

  • Ted

    Note that John makes it clear he’s teaching a cartooning course, not an animation course. Which is sensible, as he has openly stated in the past that he’s always kinda had to kinda guess how to actually animate something the few times he decided to do it himself…

  • Rooniman

    I’d hotwire a jet plane just to go to LA for his classes.

  • Roberto Severino

    If I was three years older, had the cash, and the drawing skills, I would rush right over to LA anyway I could just to attend a week of John’s classes. He’s already been a phenomenal teacher for me via his animation school lessons on his blog, even though I’ve never met the guy in real life. If it wasn’t for him, I’d still be drawing flat crap on cheap notebook paper. I owe a lot to John basically.

  • Luckly angelinos. I’d sign up right away if I were you!

  • Ariel

    I fully back an art/animation class by John. He’s really an artist!(*unlike some teachers i’ve had in animation)

    Though, I’d probably ask him to hold back his more “personal” views on the animation industry as a whole. He has just “one” opinion and when he spews it to young, emerging artists, they soak it up like a sponge!(bob)

    He reminds me a little of Pete Emslie(*also a teacher) Both have very distinctive design styles, but who are a little too open to discuss styles they “dont” like, online! I don’t condone censorship, but show some class.

  • Makinita

    that is amazing man i wish i could go there