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“The Space Stallions”

As darkness is covering the multiverse, far away in the galaxy of the wild stallion, a spark of hope is born. Guided by the light of Mother Mustang, the Space Stallions must defeat the Demon of darkness, Destructo.

The 2012 Bachelor film project from Denmark’s The Animation Workshop is a hoot. Students Thorvaldur S. Gunnarsson, Jonatan Brüsch, Ágúst Kristinsson, Arna Snæbjørnsdottir, Esben J. Jespersen, Touraj Khosravi and Polina Bokhan created this “homage” to 1980s sci-fi cartoons. If you like it, visit their Facebook page for more information.

(Thanks, Tim Thomsen)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Needless to say I got a little euphoric over it, great job!

  • droosan

    Been showing this around my workplace all week; I knew it would get posted here, eventually! I never fail to lose it when Sun-ray breaks out the Key-tar Sword..! ^___^

    A couple of younger guys that I’d showed it to were actually convinced SPACE STALLIONS was a real 1980s show, for a few minutes.

    So, yeah, Animation Workshop: ‘Great Job’, indeed!!

  • Cult status written all over it…!

  • Michel Van

    A truly adaptation of on old DIC stuff from 1980s, with a wink ;-)
    they transform very good the 1980s animation stile into 2012s CGI

    I hope they get a chance to make TV series or even Movie
    with Einstein Film (Ronal the Barbarian, Voyage to Saturn and Terkel in trouble)

  • Freaking hilarious!

  • This can’t be real 80’s, the animation is too good… Really nice effort, I’m still snickering. And I give double points to a team who was able to stick to such a silly idea all through to completion.

  • Scarabim

    Some really beautiful imagery there. Great animation on the humans too. At first I thought it was going to be an outer-space spoof of My Little Pony, but it’s more like Thundercats with an equine twist. Nice work.

  • Skip

    Watched it like 5 times. Well done.

  • Doug Nichols

    Well, I’ll be singing that all day now.

  • Toonio

    I cannot get more 80s than this.

  • J.M.

    It carries that 80s flavour but If they were actual antropomorphic Horses it would take it to the next level!!

  • D

    That was really fun. I loved the nostalgic vibe they studied their 80’s sci-fi animation really well. As an homage it was great but honestly I would love to see this become a series I really dug the cel-shaded CG style and if a series would be as fun and nostalgic as this short then I am sold.

  • Great job!!!=) I would watch that show!!! The animation is great too! The only thing I find annoying is that the characters are CGI with Cel rendering. I really hate that effect! Makes it hard for me to relate to the characters.:/
    And what is the point of turning CGI into (fake) hand-drawn/cel animation? Why not draw the characters in the first way?
    The CGI in the backgrounds and props are great otherwise!
    Also like how colorful it is without that the colors look cheap!:) Please more!!!

  • David Cuny

    So many great cliches in there! The keytar/sword, “lazer eggs” and pointless “horse” mask…


  • Harry T.

    Brilliant. And better than all of filmation’s entire output.

  • Snowy

    Much better executed than the 1980s drivel which inspired it.

  • The animation workshop is pretty much the most exciting fountain of coolness i can think of right now. Seems 99% of the creativity and enthusiasm on animation these days is in the schools . I enjoyed two trips there a couple of years ago . Its like the most creative and vibrant studio you can imagine – minus the clients!

  • the cg is very well animated!

  • Very very well done. Much better than the original material that they are lampooning. Looks great!

  • Kyle Maloney

    Is it possible to be nostalgic for something that never existed? I wasn’t even born until 88 and didn’t care for most 80s shows. haha

  • Bravestarr had its moments.

  • Ja, it’s funny indeed.

    BUT didn’t anyone recognized that porn scene at 0:44?
    I cannot endorse that…

  • John A

    It’s a great spoof on its own, and a hell of a lot more entertaining than any scene from “Titan A.E.”.

    It makes me wish there was a serious film out there that could successfully meld CGI and hand drawn animation. I find the overall look less offensive to my eyes than the 100% plastic world of CGI. I’m not saying all the artwork was perfect, but as experiments go, I’d say this one was pretty good.

    • GW

      Computer animation doesn’t have to look so plastic. Part of it’s the rendering and part of it’s the way the models are created and moved. If you look at some of Andrew Hickinbottom’s artwork, he’s managed to down the rendering in the right places so that it looks less plastic in my opinion. The look it achieves isn’t necessarily perfect, perhaps sometimes a little creepy for being so soft on the eyes, but it’s a definite improvement.

      The piece I find most successful is a mild natured pinup called Ooh la la!.

      Yukiko is also good though somewhat less successful. Since I’m not a professional, I can’t explain exactly what’s behind the wide gap between digital artwork and computer animation but I suspect there will eventually be some improvements.

  • A little on the creepy side (content not animation), but pretty darn cool at the same time!

  • purin

    I can’t stop watching. I simply can’t stop watching this.

    The 2D special effects (and if they aren’t actually 2D, we need more special effects like this in 3D stuff!) are what make it awesome beyond belief.

  • Charles

    Silver Hawks anyone? :D Loved that show and this parody is brilliant.

  • Charles

    Silver Hawks anyone? I loved that cartoon as a kid, and it was clearly one of several inspirations that went into this. Brilliant parody. @Nils: Yes, everyone did recognize the bit. It’s the kind of scene that was frequently in 80’s cartoons that added alot unintentional humor to the mix. Sorry if you can’t take a joke.

  • Peter J Casey



    How many bake sales are needed to get this show enough funding? I think this will take off while ridding that bronie wave that has been generating.