“thoughtlessness” by David Martins da Silva “thoughtlessness” by David Martins da Silva

“thoughtlessness” by David Martins da Silva

Perhaps this should be subtitled: “How an animator sees the world.” The visuals in this delightful short film are, according to the filmmaker, from the POV of a very imaginative child wandering through France. Filmed with a mobile phone with integrated 2D animation by David Martins da Silva, a student at EMCA (Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation) the famed animation school located in Angoulême, France.

  • On its own, very sweet and provocative. The music made it a little haunting, which I liked. A nice combination.

  • Evocative. Stuff looked like that to me when I was a kid, I thought cartoons were real so I saw them everywhere.

    CMOS rolling shutter tracking was driving me nuts, though. Animation won’t “sit” in it unless it’s de-jellied before compositing.

  • Very nice. I agree – the music made it slightly chilling, which is wonderful. I love videos that combine shot footage with animated fair. Despite being done before, this somehow feels fresh – fun!

  • thank you, glad you like it!

    Indeed, the choice of filming with a mobile phone was also used to simulate the integration by rendering a low quality of the animation, but it did not make the tracking easier ..
    the choice of music is quite particular, it might be a risk.. but i am quite satisfied finally of the effect caused.

    In brief thank you again!
    (sorry if there are mistakes in my english)

  • Beautiful job David! It was great! Thanks for sharing!