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Two Tiger Toons

Two sweet student films each involving tigers. Both completely different, both fine examples of character animation. First up, Taylor Price’s first year film from Cal Arts, Hunt, created with watercolor & ballpoint pen; composited in After Effects.

Chang Dai’s thesis film, Vigour, from Sheridan:

  • eeteed

    these are great!

    i loved seeing how two people approached a subject in very different ways!

    thanks to both artists for sharing their work!

  • tim

    Not to undermine jerry’s diplomacy, but the second was a much finer example of character animation.

    Actually I fully meant to undermine you there.

    • Dana

      To be fair, the first one was a freshman film and the second was a senior film.

    • Conor

      I have to agree, even aside from the smoothness of the movement, there was a much better sense of personality, design, silhouette, and composition in each individual drawing, but seeing as it was a thesis film and the first one was a first year film, the difference is to be expected.

  • nick

    oh my god, love that second one. Argh, too good.

  • Cagefighter

    The second one looks nice but it doesn’t really feel like a tiger, more like an overgrown house cat

    • Joe Corrao

      thats fine too

    • Iritscen

      But house cats are undergrown tigers.

  • Vanessa

    Congrats Chang! I’ve always been fascinated by her process, and I’m thrilled to see that she’s getting her due respect! Her work is consistently fantastic. Kudos!

  • Steve

    I love the second one, it’s amazing. but was a bit more impressed with the first one, seeing as it’s traditional media and it’s his first year film.
    Congrats to both of you!

    • Fred

      I agree, i like the approach with the medium much better with the first film. And it also seemed that the first had more character thought and arch, rather than a loop.

      incredible to see a freshman put out such quality work. i can’t wait to see what she brings within her next three years. regardless though, both are quality films

  • Bud

    Nice. Wish it had featured more character animation. Well drawn, though.

    • waddayagonnadoo

      What would you define as ‘more character animation?’

  • Domee

    Way to go Chang!! One of the best animators in our year, and probably the hardest working and most humble X) She’s going places, I just know it! Amazing, shiny, awesome places! :D

  • tomm

    amazing !

  • Rick R.

    I thought they were both great!

  • spookymeggie

    Congratulations, Chang! I love how that rabbit looks like i’s made of marshmallow.

  • Michel Gagne

    I think it is fair to assume that Chang Dai is on her way to be an animation star! Nice work!

  • Oscar Grillo

    Beautiful work, both!

  • Fran Krause

    Great stuff! It’s good to see students who are trying new things. Also, it’s great to see students who are making a minute and a half shorts. Brevity is a challenge.

  • Chenny

    These are both amazing! way to go Chang!! You are awesome, and did such an amazing job this year :)

  • Cynthia

    It’s 2D, I didn’t need special glasses to watch it..and I love it.

  • Ricky

    Both are incredible films, I loved the designs and the approach on Taylor’s film. And the animation In Chang’s film is incredible

  • Geoff Needlemeyer

    Taylor used design and Chang used animation but both films worked.

  • Frank Panucci

    First one is interesting, the second one is great.

    VIGOUR reminds me of an old Uniroyal tire commercial…

  • Toonio

    Beautiful pieces of animation good job to both.

  • Kyle Maloney

    That second one looks very Chris Sanders esk.

  • Some Girl

    These were both great considering their experience! The seond one was…holw cow! :D

  • Annie Mation

    The first one was good, but the second was amazing!

  • julian chaney

    Both films are great .!!! Love good animation .

  • Kelly Tindall

    Beautiful work! I particularly fancy the second one.

  • david

    Chang Dai is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo real animation! no flat b.s.,no noodle arms! BOOYA!

  • anonymous

    As a Calartion, currently hiring, the Sheridan film was superior in every way. Sorry guys!

    • Fred

      I agree.

      One seemed more artistic and the other more commercial. (not saying that both aren’t artistic) But, it’s ok if the first doesn’t want a your typical JOB.

  • Ashlyn

    Chang’s animation feels so effortless- I’m so excited to see what she produces in the future!

  • Tim Hodge

    “Hunt” actually reminds me of the work of John & Faith Hubley.

    Both films are quite beautiful.