“Vaesen” by Adrian Dexter “Vaesen” by Adrian Dexter

“Vaesen” by Adrian Dexter

Vaesen is an original story that I wrote and directed. It’s not based on any specific folktale, but I chose a very iconic visual aesthetic, and used folktale conventions that are engrained in many from childhood, so that I could explore a looser narrative. Basically I wanted Rankin-Bass on acid, written by Borges.”

So says Danish-American Adrian Dexter, currently working at Important Looking Pirates (ILPVFX) in Stockholm. He recently graduated from The Animation Workshop in Denmark with this Bachelor film project (2012). As you can see, he definitely achieved that “on-acid” Euro-fairy tale feeling.

  • Royston

    That was almost hypnotic, very evocative of past feelings, and strangely familiar without feeling like a pastiche of anything specific. Which is all to say I liked it – more than liked it. Thank you, and congratulations to the production team for their beautiful work.

  • wassup!! this was bomb!

  • andres

    This was so fun to watch, what an amazing job! The attention to detail and the visuals were really strong.

  • This was stunning! Especially love the homage to FrantiÅ¡ek Kupka at 3:25. I can’t wait to see what the artist does next.

  • Wonderful, inspiring work. The character design reminded me of the work of Harry Clark, that great illustrator.

  • I found the visuals appealing and strange. It’s interesting the way that the story takes it’s time. Though it’s eerie it’s gentle… I liked this, thanks for sharing.

  • I would not oppose to seeing this person’s interpretation of The Sandman by Neil Gaiman.