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“Wanted: Melody” from Supinfocom

If The Shmoo turns you on, then this new short might be NSFW – but otherwise this animated western by three obviously male Supinfocom students (Paul Jaulmes, Boris Croisé, and Guillaume Cunis) took some balls to produce…

  • Nic

    I feel like… I feel like the definition for ‘NSFW’ is exceptionally loose here.

  • Chris


    nice sss, did you guys do the research for that in your own lab?

  • Stephanie

    Wow, that was… a film. Needless to say, I am not going to be taking part in their crowdfunding attempt to start a series called “The Willies”. I’m definitely not their target audience and subsequently was tired of the film as soon as it started. Sorry. The production design was good?

  • Seeing the heroic phallus riding a horse made my balls hurt.

  • Barbus

    Very Cool!
    One question… The characters are supposed to be designed like walking dicks?? LOL

  • Mike

    The production value on this short, particularly given that it’s a student film, is superb. I just really wish it was about something else. So much talent put toward a film that relies on juvenile shock value, and once that’s gone there’s really nothing of substance left.

    • M. Danby

      The production quality of the films coming out of these schools is rising across the board. This indicates to me that the faculty is heavily involved in the production, that the hardware available to these students has improved substantially, that the software has become far more accessible or probably a combination of all three.

      WRT the subject matter, this film should not have been made. What a waste of all the requisite resources to making a short of this length. What a sad sad waste of an opportunity.

  • Ari

    visionary work. the texture on the nutsack is tremendous. my only fear is that they’ve peaked to early i don’t know how anything in the careers of these gentlemen will ever be as wonderful as this

  • Pete

    Well, I don’t enjoy watching dicks for 7 minutes… but I have to admit: the animation is brilliant in my opinion.

  • Hal

    It took 4:45 min to get to the only (admittedly great) shrinkage gag. There wasn’t even a money shot anywhere. Seems like the penises were all just thrust in there at the last minute, but didn’t go deep enough to make me enjoy the experience…

  • Never mind the prudes! I thought it was great. Funny and beautifully crafted.

  • Doug

    That seems like an awful lot of effort just to tell an (Illustrated) dirty joke. I will admit the shrinkage joke was funny, though.

  • SO well done graphically, but I found the ending lacking a gratifying climax. (No pun intended)

  • Mudmarox

    I was curious to see females !! :D

  • What a load of bollocks (see what I did there?)

  • BWSmith

    Are we to assume from the ending that “Melody” is also a giant phallus in western wear?

    “And the Oscar for ‘Best Gay Foreign Animated Short-Subject’ goes to…”

  • Sam Schulz

    I found the cartoon highly offensive. You should know better than to show something featuring negative Mexican and native American stereotypes.

    That being said, where’s the NFSW cartoons for the straights on the board. Equal time, baby.

  • I didn’t get the end… what did I miss?