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“Who’s Afraid Of Mr. Greedy”

“A man comes to get back his identity, stolen by an ogre while he was a child”. Absolutely bizarre, absolutely beautiful. Who’s Afraid of Mr Greedy?, is a 4-minute, traditionally-animated short directed by Simon Boucachard, Jean Baptiste Cumont, Sylvain Fabre, Guillaume Fesquet, Adeline Grange, Maxime Mary and Julien Rossire – all students at Gobelins in Paris.

(Thanks, Ben Price)

  • cbat628

    Who’s Afraid of Mr. Greedy?
    *Cautiously raises hand*

  • Matt

    I don’t know an animator or artist alive today who doesn’t want to go to France. Well done guys!
    Now just get Disney back to doing this.

  • Azz

    Do they spoon feed awesome to the students at that school? Jeezy Creezy….

  • Baron Lego

    That was all kinds of awesome

  • Overwhelming! I feel tremendous envy for the talent involved. The story, pacing animation and art direction are top-notch, congratulations to the film makers!

  • Darque

    They picked an overdone premise and subject matter and pulled it off anyway. This school is what Cal Arts was in the early to mid 1980’s. Let’s hope such talented grads get the careers they deserve despite this unending global recession.

  • AaronSch

    The narrative of that wonderful animated short is open for all kinds of interpretation. For some reason, it reminded me of Shane Acker’s grossly underrated “9.”

  • JMatte

    Another beautiful film by the talented Gobelins students. A joy every year to see what comes from that great school!

  • Wonderful in every single aspect and detail.


  • Conor

    I really like the design. It seems to me to be somewhat reminiscent of Double Fine’s Psychonauts. A similar combination of ’50s and ’60s design combined with a twisted surrealism a la Tim Burton. There also seems to be some Genndy Tartakovsky in there (the ogre looks like something out of Samurai Jack).

  • hash

    Wonder if any inspiration came from Gecko Moria and Thriller bark from One Piece?

  • Amy

    Cute. And unlike most of the goeblin shorts, this one actually features a bit of Character Animation.

  • Cartoonz Critic

    Interesting subtext here being a metaphor for the cycle of child/sexual abuse/abusers:

    a monster who steals children’s innocence only to see one of the former victims eventually become the monster himself.

    Heavy stuff and very well done.

  • Law

    excellent, inspiring stuff. what is it about France?

    • Jason

      School is covered by the government in France so if you have a drive, financial hardships won’t stop you.

      Not to mention France historically has quite the foothold on artistic culture.

  • Katerie

    This is such a creative idea! I loved the ending. Forget California, I’m going to France after I graduate!

    • haha…I graduated long ago but I may go too!

  • Wow.

  • Remi

    Does anyone know what happens to these incredible students once they graduate? Where do they all go? Because I really don’t see anything of this calibur and level of creativity coming out of any animation studios.

    • grouchy snob

      Dreamworks nabs them, where they dissolve into the ether. Though the level of craftsmanship is drop dead amazing, I can’t help but feel very empty when it comes to the story of this film. Physical peril does very little as far as empathy is concerned if the characters aren’t set up. Again, looked great.

      • lanabone

        I totally agree with ‘grouchy snob’ above. Gobelin ‘produces’ amazing craftsman, but you rarely see very original films from them due to the fact that four, five people direct them together. Some of the student goes to another schools, like La Poudriere, where they can turn themselves to knd of ‘individuals’.
        Actually you can watch the whole year’s graduation films here:
        In my opinion Who’s Afraid Of Mr. Greedy is almost the least interesting one.

      • Matt

        Will either of these films make you any less of a grouchy snob on the subject?

        Also great Gobelins 2011 3rd year Projects.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I suppose this sort of group effort differs from the usual manner we see animation schools here do where it is one person’s vision and story all the way through (since they have to learn all the different parts of the production along the way).

      • lanabone

        Please do not get me wrong! I think Gobelins is an amazing school if you want to be an animator, a layout artist or art director etc… But I also think if you want to be a director, who wants to project your own ‘artistic’ vision to the world Gobelins will not be enough. Of course it is always a question do schools want to produce amazing professionals or individual directors. I personally think France has an amazing system, because their schools are varied in this way. You can choose whatever suits you best

      • lanabone

        to Matt! Well, actually ‘Les chiens isolés’ is my favourite one…

      • grouchy snob

        @ Matt

        Les Chiens Isoles was my favorite film this year by far. Im not sure what you’re arguing for/against as I never made a remark regarding the school. My criticisms were directed at “who’s afraid of mr greedy,” not Gobelins.

      • Matt

        Not a problem grouchy, you’re free to criticise who you like. I just wanted to point out some of the other 3rd year Gobelins projects that weren’t featured here on the Brew and which you might not have been as aware of at the time.

        Personally I thought Mr Greedy & the two others I linked here certainly showed diversity and had something to them beyond just the action scene chase scenario that many Brew commentators have complained about in the past. Generally the 2nd year projects are the quick visual spectacle type shorts, because they’re used as bumpers or bookends at Annecy.

        We’re all free to offer our comment on which ones we liked or disliked and why. None the less they’re all marvellous and it’s great that projects like these are being done, and by students none the less.
        Congrats and I can’t wait to see what next year holds in store for us! Gobelins, CalArts, Ringling, Sheridan, etc… More more more! :-D

  • Top notch! 2d lives.

  • Les chiens isolés should be getting the attention , not mr greedy

  • JJ

    cats don’t dance-eque villian

  • Michel Van

    in true stile of Tim Burton
    a nasty piece of animation
    i want more of Gobelins…

  • WOW. Very accomplished work . (as were the other 2011 Gobelins grad films) These Gobelins student films just blow me away with their amazing production values . There’s a nice little “making of” video showing their process using hand-drawn on paper animation, colored in TVP Animation 9.5 , compositing in After Effects , here:

    • Thanks for that link! I love seeing that stuff

  • Sat

    Wow, I have to agree with all the praise going for Les Chiens isolés. The perfect film to end all of the Gobelins stereotypes.

  • wgan

    wicked, although i reckon most of the students will end up sitting behind the desk in another continent producing the stuff brewers resent so much

  • Andrew

    God I wish people would shut up about Tim Burton. Whatever juice he had in the 90s, he’s a hack now. This fantastic film has better pacing, more life, confidence, invention and interest than ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” “Alice in Wonderland” “Planet of the Apes” etc etc put together

    • Tim

      Hahahaha Yep. Oh look it’s a crazy surreal story and it’s animated, it must be inspired by Tim bloody Burton. I think ‘Who’s Afraid of Mr. Greedy?’ is nothing like Tim ‘I’m remaking it, but it’s not a Remake’ Burton.

  • Tomm

    All excellent as usual but Les Chiens isoles is remarkable

  • Sat

    I have just realized something. How come Gobelins went from 3D to 2D? A few years ago everything from Gobelins was 3D. Since last year it’s all 2D. I guess the students do whatever they want, but that’s interesting. What’s going on? Why is it so?

    People told me I wouldn’t get a job by doing 2D. Or even worse, by drawing on paper.

  • Freaking brilliant. Id consider watching Tintin if Gobelins did a traditional feature version of it, not that crappy mo-cap. This is gold!

  • Vickie

    I loved it, very creative and imaginative. The creepiness inside reminds me of Sleepy Hollow.