“will” by Eusong Lee “will” by Eusong Lee

“will” by Eusong Lee

This one will touch your heart. Eusong Lee’s exquisite 2012 Cal Arts student film.

  • Ryan

    It’s that time of year again.
    American & Canadian Animation Student Films Avalanche!
    Everyone be surf’n the vimeo & youtube’z like crazy.
    Awesome work all.

  • oh my goodness, that was beautiful. I’m pretty close to shedding a real life tear.

  • Bud


  • Lib

    I think it didn’t need the phone message at the end again.

    That said, this is the best 9/11 film I’ve seen since United 93.

    • HH

      I agree, thankfully it was cut out for the CalArts Open and Producer’s Show.

  • chris

    That was amazing. You ass, you just had to set the bar higher and make this beautiful film. I’ll go work harder now.

  • Chelsea

    Very nice work. The cinematography was probably my favorite part of this short- very well ‘shot’. Good luck in future endeavors!

  • Tony Bancroft

    The art direction, the style, the story telling- it all blended together so well to make a film that resonates. Great work Eusong!

  • Yes!!! Amazing composition and layouts!!! Imagine the thins this guy will go on to create. And YES, we all have to work a little harder now. Damn Cal Arts!

  • uncle wayne

    A beautiful film. Yes, the tear WAS there!!!

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    Eusong is an incredibly talented dude… I loved this film. Just amazing.

  • Interesting stuff. Is it just me or did the kid wind the yo-yo the wrong way in the beginning? It felt like it, and distracted me like crazy. I wish they’d have gotten a different voice actor for the dad character. It didn’t fit the model at all. The style was awesome, though, and obviously a compelling story.

  • A very low bow to Eusong.

  • G Coffey


  • Oh my. This had me welling up. Superb work. I particularly love the final apartment scene…