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Rubber House


Rubber House is a new studio out of Melbourne, Australia run by Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp. Besides a reel, they have a couple trailers posted for projects called Boat People and Old Feed. They have a fresh approach to drawn animation and their work is lots of fun–I hope to be seeing a lot more from them in the future. More at

  • Elliot Cowan

    Melbourne is the best city in the world.
    Go Rubber House, go!

  • Shane Glines

    Some crazy imaginative stuff in that reel. Great work.

  • Ivan Dixon

    Thanks for posting this Amidi! It made Greg and I’s day.

    Not wrong, Elliot. We’re both imports to Melbourne, but we love it here.

    Thanks Shane! I’m a big fan of your work.

  • DeJarnette

    Great Stuff!

  • gavin mouldey

    Wow, those coffee-break secret meetings paid off, the reel looks real choice.