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“Hoodwinked Too!” talkback

Hoodwinked Too: Hood Versus Evil opened yesterday. I’ll check it out myself at a matinee later this week. In the meantime, The Hollywood Reporter said in its review:

“Six years after the original, of Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil, one of the most obnoxious and least necessary animated films of the century thus far; obnoxious because of the relentlessness with which it slams witless gags in the viewer’s face and unnecessary because the 2005 original didn’t exactly demand an encore.”

The New York Times added this:

“The letdown with “Hoodwinked Too!” is the animation. The images don’t remotely approach the nuance of, say, “Ice Age,” let alone anything from the mack daddy, Pixar. And while it seems there’s no getting away from this marketing aesthetic, the resemblance at times to a video game is far, far too acute.”

The L.A. Times had at least one good thing to say about the supporting characters:

“Hansel and Gretel are this movie’s breakout stars, but it’s not enough to make “Hoodwinked Too” feel like anything but a storybook hurled straight at your head.”

Did anyone in our readership check it out? If so, the comments section is open exclusively to you! (That means that if you didn’t see the film your comments will not be posted)

  • Galen

    [Comment removed by editors. Per the instructions in the post, don’t comment in a talkback if you haven’t seen the film.”]

  • I saw an extended clip of the film on Nick as part of the sneak peek.
    It looks to be as funny as the first one, from what I saw.

  • jgpunk

    saw it with the family yesterday. the kids really enjoyed it – mostly because they are big fans of the first movie and wanted to see the the crew back on the big screen. i liked it as well but… i can totally pick it apart.

    negatives: animation does seem a bit weak – better but not by too much when compared with the first movie. i was really disappointed in the lip-sync. there is one whole scene in which it appeared as though they changed the dialogue after the animation was completed and chose not to correct the mouth movements. also, I am not a fan of Martin Short voice-overs (or in pretty much anything else) – take that for what you will.

    positives: (in my opinion) in spite of changing up Twitchy’s voice – at least the speed of it – I am still a fan. the goat cracks me up. the story line was pretty decent and was, at the very least, fun. I enjoyed the one-liner references to other films such as Cheech and Chongs Up In Smoke. I like the characters and the original flick so MY BIAS is to be supportive for the film.

    I do feel as though the Weinstein company damned a good film by the Edwards brothers with all of the delays, changes, and “executive” decisions.

    I don’t expect it to do as well as the first film at the box office. I hope it does but will not hold my breath.

  • Alan

    It was definitely an unecessary sequel, but on it’s own merits, it’s no better or worse than most of the recent cartoons for small children (rango, gnomeo and Juliet). I laughed about as much as I did a shrek, which was frequent enough to cover the cost of the free screening I saw. The animation and designs, like the gnome and rango cartoons, was tv quality, I doubt it will tear up the box office, but aside from Rio and rango, there aren’t a lot of films out there for young kids. At least Rio looked good!

    • Rango was a cartoon for small children?

    • Tim

      Alan, did you get a chance to see rango? because the animation and design was far from tv quality. it was fantastic, the attention to detail was like nothing that’s ever been done before.

      • PeteR

        I have to agree– rango looked like leftovers from a “deviant art” convention. The cartoon had little to offer anyone over the age of 7.

      • snip2354

        The members of DeviantArt don’t have a portion of the budget that was thrown into the work and skill it took to render out the animation for Rango. I fail to see how it compares to TV quality. Maybe the STORY wouldn’t entertain anyone who isn’t a child.

      • Funkybat

        I don’t really get the Rango hate. There seems to be a decent-sized contingent of the animation community that just loathes this film.

        I’m personally more a fan of “cartoony” over “realistic” design for animated characters, but I felt Rango struck a good balance between the two, and had an interesting story and amazing visuals. I didn’t really bond with any of the characters, but I’d say it’s a solid B to B+ film.

        Saying it looked anything like Hoodwinked or the average DeviantArt page is a straight-up insult.

      • Ana

        I thought the deviantart reference was a compliment. I mean, that site is filled with hundreds of really talented artists. I may have misinterpreted the comment. =/

    • tonma

      wow! I got all exited to hear Rango would be a standard for TV animation!! but sadly, no. That was just you saying something silly.

  • DMcGeezus

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  • Upstanding Citizen

    [Comment removed by editors. Per the instructions in the post, don’t comment in a talkback if you haven’t seen the film.”]

  • Jim B

    Had to endure it at a press screening last week. Did not see the first one and after this I have no interest. It featured everything I find annoying in many animated features from the last 20 years. The first credits were for the celebrity voice actors. Each got their own title card! At least fifteen of them! Ugly character designs and constant pop culture references. A ” He’s dead, Jim” joke! Torture! The characters never shut up ( especially the wolf ). Let’s hope this is the end of this franchise.

  • 2011 Adult

    [Comment removed by editors. Per the instructions in the post, don’t comment in a talkback if you haven’t seen the film.”]

  • Wow! This movie sucked!!! Even worse than Mars Needs Moms!!! So much that I walked out of the theater. I hated Hansel and Gretel they were German stereotypes.

  • Toonio

    The movie in general wasn’t GOOD! but good enough.

    The rendering, fur, textures, lighting and compositing surpassed the first one by leap and bounds.

    The 3D conversion was awesome. There were moments where it looked real good and like no other movie so far. And the end credits really jumped at you! Kudos to the Korean team behind it.

    It’s funny how the animation shows very marked differences between The Starz studio and the Vancouver Studio. Guess they should have cooperated more with what they had available.

    Not having any original songs was a downer, I was hoping to hear good lyrics like the first one but I guess part of the “executive decision” was to part from the concept of the first hoodwinked.

    Guess this movie shows some people in Hollywood only care about their egos more than the final product.

    Good job Edwards’, I’ll wait for the directors cut in 50 years :)