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MTV talkback: “Good Vibes” and “Beavis & Butt-head”

MTV revives its commitment to animation with the much ballyhooed revival of Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-head and the premiere of David Gordon Green’s Good Vibes.

Can Beavis survive in MTV’s post-Snooky universe? Does Good Vibes hold its own against the animated shows from Fox, Adult Swim and Comedy Central? It’s your turn to let everyone know what you think. (Please only post below if you’ve watched tonight’s shows – we will delete those who haven’t).

  • Mike Russo

    Great to have Beavis and Butt-head back. I missed those dumbasses.

  • D

    Beavis and Butthead was awesome. We need them more than ever. I particularly liked the Twilight skit Werewolves of Highland, Crying was OK. The music videos were great and the fact that they scathed Jersey Shore and showed that they themselves being huge dumbasses are smarter than the entire Jersey Shore cast was the best thing EVER!!!!
    Glad they’re back. Good Vibes has been pretty decent so far, I think its got pretty decent animation for a flash program but its sense of humour feels a bit too hit or miss, it’s still better than Family Guy though.

  • Scot

    Loved the Beavis and Butthead episode. Liked, but didn’t love, Good Vibes.

    I noticed that the sure is called Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butthead. There is no longer the screaming MTV logo at the corner of the title. Good for Judge.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s certainly nice Judge is getting his due nowadays (though I kinda miss not having a drawn MTV logo sitting up there like it was nothing).

  • The G Man

    The first two installments of B&B had their highs and lows. Highs: they ended up looking more like zombies than vampires, the “commentary” segments were just as funny as ever, and the Highland High staff still sounds like themselves (I wonder if McVicker’s still alive?). Lows: Beavis talks a little more than I’m used to, and the premise of “Crying” feels like it was thought up in less than 5 minutes (much like some of the later episodes in the last season). Still, part of being a fan is taking the bad with the good. I’ve always latched on to anything Judge as done, and I’m not about to stop.

    When I first saw Brad Ableson’s “Save Virgil”, I immediately recognized design elements of Simpsons, Futurama and/or Family Guy. Later when I saw Brad’s name in the credits of Simpsons, it all made sense. Thus, the first minute or so of Good Vibes said it all for me. Like Sit Down, Shut Up and Neighbors From Hell, and every other non-MacFarlane animated sitcom that tries to hold its own against the Simpsons, I probably won’t like it that much, but we’ll see.

  • Beavis and Butthead was awesome, you can tell that Mike Judge still has it in him. The last bit in Crying was hilarious along with zombie-esque Beavis trying to howl. I think the TV show segments will fit in just well with the music videos (nice to see MGMT in there too).

    There were a few good parts in Good Vibes (working poles?) but overall the show tended to force way too many sex/dirty jokes on us. If you want to make a sex joke you have to make it feel a little more natural. The animation is nice though. Also, how is it that David Gordon Green goes from making arty movies like Snow Angels and George Washington to making stoner stuff?

  • Ah, I missed those two idiots. Nostalgia, baby!

    Anyway, it’s actually on par with the old episodes, which is a plus. They even got the scribbly animation style from the cel-painted days right. Looking at the credits the animation was done at Titmouse via Film Roman.

    “Good Vibes”, eh…didn’t do it for me. I wonder how long that will last.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I’m surprised if they kept it in the country entirely this time. Seemed like the only differences I could notice is the TV set (with the added DTV boxes or whatever on top) and the Highland Mall becoming a outdoor “lifestyle center” type structure (which I guess keeps it rather current but I don’t normally like to go to those places).

  • It really felt like I was back in the ’90s watching classic MTV. I’m glad Beavis & Butthead still held up and made me laugh. I’ll definitely be tuning in every Thursday.

    Not sure if I’ll be tuning in to Good Vibes, though, ’cause I’ve seen the story before. Boy moves to new town, he’s an outcast, he meets a “cool” friend, he gets love sick by beautiful girl and he finds a way to earn the respect of classmates. I don’t think I wanna sit through that episode per episode.

    • The Difference

      How IRONIC…
      Beavis and Butthead took you BACK TO THE 90s, so you’ll be tuning in every Thursday.


      You’re not so sure if you’ll tune into Good Vibes ’cause you’ve SEEN THE STORY BEFORE?

  • Great to have beavis and butthead back.

    Good Vibes was awesome! I cracked up so hard I diarrhed my self!! My new favorite show. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • NC

    Loved Beavis and Butthead and will have to agree with them, that MGMT music video border-lined on child abuse.

  • Deaniac

    Beavis and Butthead’s return episode was simply great. The Werewolves plot was easily the best one. The duo’s riff sessions of the Skillrex music video and Real World were hysterical.

    Who cares about that half-baked Good Vibes shit? Beavis and Butthead are back.

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    B&B was so good….I dunno why I love them so much, but I just had a GIANT grin on my face for 30 min and giggled as much as I did watching them in high school. I wonder why they decided to do 4:3 instead of 16:9 …and why they used old SD ’90s animation during the music video segments…*shrug*….aside from that oddity, loved it…absolutely loved it. There’s something cool about it being called “Mike Judge’s Beavis & Butt-Head” instead of “MTV’s”

    Good Vibes – better than I expected. The style doesn’t quite feel “MTV” …it’s kind of like if Simpsons was a Flash kids show….but it still pretty much worked. It has a pretty coherent “voice”, which is rare for a pilot. Nice to see that it’s animated here. Got a few laughs out of it…no groaners. I’ll stick with it!

  • Josh

    Beavis and Butthead were decent, Good Vibes really surprised me though. I wasnt expecting to like it at all and I was laughing and enjoying myself a lot more during that show. Miss Teets was hilarious!

  • Bob Harper

    Beavis and Butthead picked up right from where they left off, which is a good thing. I enjoyed the commentary on the videos as much now as ever.

    I’m on the fence with Good Vibes, I’ll definitely give it another shot realizing that pilots always seem to throw everything including the kitchen sink in them. I think it has potential though.

  • AniCentric

    Beavis and Butt-Head was overwhelmingly excellent. I enjoyed every last, solitary second of it.

    I laughed through everything, and it was just astounding to see Beavis & Butt-Head pick up perfectly, without missing a beat, being as fresh, as funny, as relevant, and as gut-bustingly hilarious as it’s always been.

    I was in pure bliss watching the show, every second was great. The video segments were amazing, the Jersey Shore segment gained the most laughs from me, the ending of Crying had me in complete stitches, and the music video segments were also inventive and hilarious. Also, the commentary and satire, including the MGNT video and the skewing of Twilight as a cinematic bore-fest was laser-focused and right on.

    Good Vibes, on the other hand I was absolutely pained to attempt to watch. It was a bottom barrel, worthless, atrocity that represented everything that is abhorrent, unfunny, worthless, badly animated, badly conceived, generic, not the slightest bit charming, ugly to look at, and mind-numbingly useless and disgraceful to watch.

    Good Vibes basically takes all of the lowest points from Family Guy, thrown in a blender with all of the other awful and senseless, mindless, merit-less, pablum and unwatchable trash from every other pitifully, and senselessly bad animated show from the past 10 years, heavily condensed into a foul-smelling, relentlessly putrid load of tripe.

    I literally stopped watching about 80% of the way through, because it was so atrociously awful in every conceivable way that I had to stop watching.

    I used to believe that post-return Family Guy, Bob’S Burger and American Dad represented the absolute nadir of televised animation. I was wrong. Good Vibes takes the cake in sheer levels of pure, unadulterated garbage. Worst, most obnoxious, and vilest “animated” prime-time series i’ve EVER had the misfortune of sitting through.

    Good Vibes was the kind of irredeemable garbage that garbage would throw away. I never want to see it, or an ad for it ever again for the rest of my life.

    • AniCentric

      Oh, and P.S: I forgot to mention how badly designed, animated, and conceived Good Vibes was.

      I was too caught up in it’s most glaring flaw… it’s complete over-the-top obnoxiousness, detestable characters, unfunny jokes, and vapid, Family-Guy levels of irritation to cover the show’s other major flaw….

      …Mainly that it’s poorly animated, and designed with all of the artistic quality of a 12-year old’s webcomic.

      I suppose that’s only it’s second biggest flaw, because while it certainly looks like a 12 year old’s webcomic, the writing and content isn’t half as mature as that age bracket would suggest.

      Bad all around. I actually wish for this show to fail.

      • joe

        Woah there, I don’t like Good Vibes either, but wishing for the show to get canceled and for animators to lose their jobs is not okay, no matter how terrible the product is.

        I don’t really blame the animators anyway, since I’m pretty sure they had these designs forced on them. Turd polishing.

    • Funkybat

      Reading this thread takes me back to the early 90s in more ways than one; the verbose and caustic rant posted above reminds me of the kinds of wordy diatribes I used to write on the Internet about “inferior” animated shows back when everyone had flamewars on Usenet. Even though I agree with many of the criticisms leveled at today’s TV animation, I guess I just don’t have as much bile anymore. I can’t imagine writing anything quite that vicious these days.

      I’m just glad to see Beavis and Butt-head again, and with no decline, unlike some other “resurrected” cartoon series’ I can think of…

      • Just remember todays crap is tomorrow’s classic.

  • LK

    I’m gonna say since no one else has: it really bugged me that the clips of B&B ragging on the videos was just re-use from what? Close to 20 years ago? The difference between those segments and the story bits was glaring and distracting. Would it have been that hard (or expensive) to re-animate those bits to fit with the rest of the show? Or, for that matter, would it have been that hard to re-create the washed out colors and watercolor backgrounds from the original series? Just pick one or the other because the two are very different and it just comes off looking a little lazy.

    OK, whew… That being said, I actually laughed several times and will definitely tune-in again. Good job bringing it back!

    • Yeah, I noticed that too. It was pretty weird.

      • I actually found it sort of sweet that they used the old “watching TV” footage. I look forward to the shot of B&B dancing with their butts in the air. Always made me laugh.

    • joe

      Yeah, I thought that was weird do. It was also kinda distracting to have the characters’ hair move in every frame like the original but with digital ink and paint. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

  • Fungasm

    Why does it look like Good Vibes was made in Go! Animate? yuck.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’ve only seen B&B so far, and from what I could tell, it’s practically the same as it always is. Certainly got some good material to cling onto like what we see in both Werewolves of Highland and Crying. I think I liked Crying more if only for the persistence-approach to humor and how it develops and concludes so nicely at the end. The videos segments were OK and I suppose watching these shows in small extracts with the witty commentary by B&B themselves makes up for not having watched MTV for years.

  • Dan

    Keep in mind that good vibes was animated here and employed a ton of artists at home rather than shipping it off to Korea. That’s the kind of show we animators should want to succeed. Having said that, it was pretty funny too. Especially for a pilot. Regardless of all the exposition the story held together and Mondo is an incredibly likable protagonist.

    • AniCentric

      Really? That was actually animated by hand?

      Because I could have sworn it looked like a completely automated process like Go Animate, or one of those other, prepackaged flash-rip off programs. I’ve seen better animation come out of shows like Mucha Lucha and that’s saying something.

      Sorry, but Good Vibes had about as much animation expertise showing through it as an amateur Newgrounds animator working solo for half a day. The character design is about as artistic as a 12-year old’s webcomic, and the “humor” doesn’t even hold up to that level of maturity.

      • AniCentric

        P.S: It’s interesting that while B&B is prided on it’s “dumbness” it’s obviously a show that has a great deal of work put into both aspects, written and visual.

        The stupidity of B&B is meticulously calculated for the most natural humor to spring forth from it, and visually impressive, as well.

        One look at the immense attention to detail in scenes like the theater shots, and the retirement Home is amazingly intricate, while Good Vibes is absolutely barren of any kind of artistic integrity whatsoever, and is as vapid at face-value as the inner minds of the characters of Beavis and Butt-Head are, themselves.

        Beavis and Butt-Head is a smart, well animated show for smart people to examine the hilarious science of stupidity.

        Good Vibes is pure stupid for the sake of stupid.

        Put one next to the other, and the difference between smart-stupid and stupid-stupid is so plain and obvious, it’s almost as if MTV was aware of this and purposefully set this comparison up for Good Vibes to fail.

      • The Difference

        I want to see YOUR art.
        You SOUND like you’re an ART GOD.

  • Sleezy Exec

    Beavis and Butthead was okay. The second show could be better if the up the ante in the writing and go above the cliches, it relies too heavily on pop culture references.

  • Wayne

    Everyone’s criticizing Good Vibes for all the shallow pop culture references. Doesn’t Beavis and Butt-head do the exact same thing?…but to even more of an extreme? the whole show is basically nothing but a commentary on pop culture…twilight…jersey shore…16 and pregnant…MGMT.
    I bet Good Vibes was done on a budget a sliver of the amount Beavis and Butt-head was too. And yet Good Vibes compliments it nicely. Good Vibes is a lot more lively and all we’ve seen is a pilot. give it a chance. I’m rootin for it.
    Pretty cool to see a prime-time show that wasn’t shipped over seas. That’s a win for us animators here at home.

    • AniCentric

      To answer, no it’s not the same. I think you’re completely missing the point of B&B.

      While B&B is prided on it’s “dumbness” it’s obviously a show that has a great deal of work put into both aspects, written and visual.

      The stupidity of B&B is meticulously calculated for the most natural humor to spring forth from it, and visually impressive, as well. It is a character study. It’s not pop-culture references.. it’s references filtered through a specific viewpoint.

      It’s a study of the characters and how they react to their world. I don’t think you understand this point to the series.

      One look at the immense attention to detail in scenes like the theater shots, and the retirement Home is amazingly intricate, while Good Vibes is absolutely barren of any kind of artistic integrity whatsoever, and is as vapid at face-value as the inner minds of the characters of Beavis and Butt-Head are, themselves.

      Beavis and Butt-Head is a smart, well animated show for smart people to examine the hilarious science of stupidity.

      Good Vibes is pure stupid for the sake of stupid. Stupid gags. Stupid setups. The differences are immense.

      Beavis & Butt-Head is a show that asks the audience to examine these dimwits under the pretense that we are more evolved than them, and therefore not insulting OUR inteligence.

      Good Vibes revels in it’s entire idiotic gag-world like the 5th rate Family Guy clone that it is.

      Put one next to the other, and the difference between smart-stupid and stupid-stupid is so plain and obvious, it’s almost as if MTV was aware of this and purposefully set this comparison up for Good Vibes to fail.

      • GreG

        Jeez. Talk about BAD vibes. Am I right, fellas?

      • Dan

        I liked the part where Beavis and butthead laughed at stuff.

      • Jake

        I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and guess that AniCentric doesn’t care for Good Vibes.

      • Karl Hungus

        You’re making huge sweeping judgments based on the PILOT. The bulk of work done on this show(and much more recently than the pilot) has yet to come. The show picks up a lot of steam and has some very funny story lines.

        …but don’t let me stop you from deep sixing 12 episodes based on a pilot. Its clear from your posts that you have a massive intellect that burdens your experiences in this world. The show couldn’t actually get better… and then your caustic assumptions will be proven wrong. That would never happen….
        Ever see the pilot for Seinfeld?

        Maybe there is a screed you wrote about that somewhere?

      • CentriAnic

        Guys, the immense weight of AniCentric’s swollen frontal lobe is obviously weighing heavily upon his upper spine. Cut the guy some slack, it’s hard to be smarter than everyone else and stuff! Jeez!

        I liked Good Vibes a lot. B&B felt slower than I remember, but still funny.

    • GreG

      I can tell by the way you look down your nose at the show and force your opinion so intensely that you must be crazy talented, Bro!
      I have a sweet idea! you should totally sell your own show to MTV that’s BETTER than Good Vibes. That would really stick it to them!

    • joe

      So I’m guessing you’ve worked on the show since you know it’s going to get better?

  • Bill

    I suspect the overabundance of sex jokes in Good Vibes was part of the joke. I liked it. The plot was very generic, but I did really like the Tiki Tako place. Lots of in-jokes for us Tiki folk. Real art by real Tiki artists on the walls, and a couple of caricatures of Tiki elite (Otto and Crazy Al). I’ve set my DVR to check out later episodes.

    • joe

      “I suspect the overabundance of sex jokes in Good Vibes was part of the joke.”

      What joke? None of the sex jokes were really subversive in their execution (like with Family Guy’s and Beavis and Butt-Head’s pop culture humor) and were pretty straight forward and unfunny.

      That’s what I dislike about Good Vibes; it scrapes the bottom of the barrel of sex humor instead of trying to do new jokes or interesting twists on old ones. Hell, it did the same “Mondo’s Mom is a slut” joke TWICE. How the hell is that funny? What’s the irony that I’m missing in the subtext?

      Not to mention the character design, backgrounds, and animation are horrid. It looks like it’s trying to ape Matt Goering’s art style but loses the charm of interesting and memorable looking characters. And that inking….ugghhh. Beavis and Butt-Head isn’t the prettiest show ever but it’s more appealing to my eyes than half-assed Superbad imitations.

      • Funkybat

        The only animated series in recent memory I can think of that had an overabundance of sex jokes/imagery *and* was funny was “Drawn Together.” It wasn’t exactly high art or anything, but that show was pretty reliably entertaining in its outrageousness, the way Family Guy was in its first incarnation. I can’t think of any other cartoons (at least in the U.S.) that manage to pull off horny & funny as well.

  • SJ

    Good Vibes was just good (shows promise). Beavis and Butthread was great! I’m hoping its an even bigger hit and leads to a second B&B feature.

  • Orly

    A “Talkback” for two television shows, but nothing for a major animated feature that opened today. Where’s the “Puss In Boots” talkback?

  • chipper

    Beavis and Butt-Head was good. It looks like it might need a bit of time to get its footing back, but it is pretty much what it always was and hopefully will always good be.

    No character development, no touching storylines, no dramatic reveals.

    And I wouldn’t have it any other way. This show never asks too or tries to hard. It’s just plain easygoing.

  • Abu

    My favorite bit was B&B’s commentary on the “Addicted to Porn” segment. “Porn, porn, porn, lunch with Dad, porn…”

    It was great to have them back, its like everything could be right with the world again or at least MTV. Now maybe they can start showing some music videos again instead of all those crappy reality shows.

  • Arthur F.

    I was glad to see the new B&B as I was a fan of the first series. In terms of figuring out the time-warp continuity, they did a good job and smart to keep the characters and artwork consistent enough. Luckily B&B’s couch/school/Mall situation was never fixed on some larger time-base development, like “Daria” did with going through and then graduating high school, meaning if that were to return it would have to be really adjusted and updated. I felt watching the new episodes, it’s now developed a kind of a “No Exit” purgatory feel to it as well. That might even make an interesting match with a viewer’s nostalgia for certain 90s cartoons, the pre-internet days viewing habits and times too! Let’s see how it develops, but I’m interested no matter what.

  • Me and my family were watching “Captain America” to kill time until “Beavis and Butthead” came on and about the middle of it, we put the movie on pause and watched it.
    I LOVED it! The “Werewolves” segment reminded me a lot of the episode where they try to pierce their own ears; the whole simple premise of wanting to do something but being too stupid to do it properly and ending up maiming each other in the process.

    The only thing I wished was there was more of it. I forgot how short the episodes are by themselves and how much MTV likes to pile on the stupid commercials. Its like having a really good but small gift and stuffed all around it is a bunch of foam packing peanuts.

  • CJ

    I agree with Michael F; I love a clever sex joke. Doesn’t always have to be clever, but it shows an ounce of intelligence behind some people in the writing crew. The problem I have with Good Vibes is that the people who edited the show and wrote the script didn’t seem to know what they were doing. What looks funny in someone’s head doesn’t always translate well in __ media. Although it can if someone knows how to translate the joke properly. Regardless if it’s intelligent or slapstick, both are art forms that seem to be heavily overlooked in most of MTV’s animations.

  • Lee B.

    Glad to see B & B back after all these years. With the exception of the current clips like Jersey Shore, it was like looking at a time capsule. I remember being really disappointed in the results when Spike tried to bring back Ren & Stimpy a few years ago, but Mike Judge and MTV seem to have pulled this return off more successfully in my view.

    Not sure why all the hate for Good Vibes. In some ways, the tone and characters reminded me of Mission Hill, which I always enjoyed. That said, neither Misson Hill, nor 3-South (another MTV show) survived very long in their first-runs, so I don’t envision a bright future for Vibes unless the lead-in from Beavis carries over. Maybe it will find an audience simply by virtue of the fact that MTV is running Beavis and Good Vibes about 700 times per week.

    • Funkybat

      Mike Judge is as consistent and reliable as John K. is wild and unpredictable. John K. always wants to push things in a new direction, and he clearly harbored a lot of frustration at all of the stuff Nick wouldn’t let him do originally. The Spike R&S was the animated equivalent of a kid who finally moved out of his parent’s place and could do whatever the F they wanted, to hell with the consequences!

      Mike Judge knows what he can and can’t do, knows what he wants to say, and says it in a deliberate, almost laconic manner. It’s no surprise to me that he could pick up Beavis & Butt-head right where they left off, while John K. neither could nor would want to do Ren & Stimpy the way he did it 20 years ago.

    • joe

      John K. wanted to shove a new Ren and Stimpy down the viewer’s throats without trying to ease them into the change, like boarding a couple of episode with the original spirit of the show first before trying to natural get into more adult territory. APC was in your face about what it was doing, and that’s why many didn’t like it. Plus, you know, being the same lazy John K and not turning in his episodes on time.

      • Kyle Maloney

        I didn’t like the tone of the new Ren & Stimpy toons either but in his defense Spike Did specifically ask him go far beyond what Nickelodeon allowed. They wanted edgy and completely over the top and that’s what they got, for better or worse. Definitely the later if you ask me.

        Beavis & Butt-head probably isn’t the best comparison though since its back on the same network it channel it started on. Very little had to change.

  • BLT

    I only got a chance to see a few minutes of B&B, but I’m glad they’re back and liked what I saw so far. I’m only wondering… did the voice of Beavis sound “off” to anyone but me? Butthead sounded exactly spot-on. Beavis sounded a little too “dark” or something. Not that it matters, but it did strike me as different. I always thought Mike Judge did the voices for both B&B, but maybe they have different voice talent now? I’m sure I’ll get over it!

  • B&B: Loved it then, love it now. It’s as if it never left.

    GOOD VIBES: Unfortunately pat. The show feels assembled from the most cluelessly implemented “transgressive” elements of the last ten years of sitcoms and cartoons. That doesn’t mean it will fail – look at the insincere, empty TWO AND A HALF MEN and IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. Successful, but hollow exercises in math… beat, beat, joke, beat, joke, etc. The GV animation serves its purpose here, which is not to showcase animation quality. It may get better. I’ll watch again to see if it does.

  • Maya A.

    Beavis and Butthead was great. Glad to see they kept the old style but still managed to update it. I was really afraid that after 14 years it would turn out to be a revival horror story, but from this episode it seems not much as changed. Which is a good thing.

    Good Vibes was just as unfunny and terrible as I anticipated though.

  • jimbob

    b&b is back! and its pretty great! but oh man, did anyone else notice it was rated tv-14 ? how times have changed! it’d be great if mike judge pushed the envelope like southpark does every week, but i trust him either way. another b&b film would be awesome.

    i dont like goodvibes much. i laughed at a few things. i cringed and eye rolled at a bunch of cliches. the only thing that could save this show would be actual nudity. or a better plot, dialog, three dimensional characters, thought provoking ideas, detailed animation, character designs, backgrounds, political statements, religious ideals. basically _anything_ to make the show interesting on any level. how could you ripoff ‘better off dead’ without BOOGER? because american dad got him first? hahaha

    as for beavis’ voice, its still done by mike judge. there were some interviews where he details the problem that his voice has aged and he cant reach the high notes that beavis had. i wonder if he could run the audio into some digital filtering voodoo and get the same high pitches? that would be nice.

  • Mark McD

    Though it’s not hard to do, “B&B” demonstrated that for a pair of idiots, they’re still smarter than any other programming on MTV. Loved how the “Jersey Shore” doofus sounded more like Beavis then Beavis when he kept repeating “Yeah, Snooki loves SALAMI! Snooki loves SALAMI!” until Beavis answered back “Yeah, we got it! Snooki likes sch**ng!”

    Not sure but I think the “Watching TV” segments were updated in that there were two devices on top to the set now: a cable box and a digital converter box. Or was that a video game?

  • I liked what I saw! :D

  • Pez

    I worked on Good Vibes. I really enjoyed the Animatics. I have also seen a few finished episodes. I was over all very impressed by the final product. Evey episode has character driven laugh out loud moments. Family guy can’t say that. I became a fan of Good Vibes fairly quickly. I can’t stand Family Guy and American Dad. The animation on Good Vibes goes from pretty good to awesome. Family Guy stays generic and bland through out the whole show. There are great moments of funny drawing and advanced animation in the series. There were a ton of amazingly talented people that worked on this show. They pushed flash to do something that is does not usually do. Rely on drawing!
    Watch/DVR this Thursday.

  • Kev Craven

    There’s no way in which I could describe my dislike for Good Vibes that hasn’t already been covered here, so I won’t bother. I also shared the viewpoint of those who loved B&B.

    One thing I would like to say is that I don’t watch Family Guy for the animation. I can’t understand why anyone would? I enjoy the show for it’s jokes, it’s basically TV fodder and something easy to laugh at. But there isn’t a lot of room (or tolerance from me) for others that try to imitate that (Like Good Vibes). That’s what’s killing animated shows, they aspire to be the next Family Guy rather than something new and original.

  • matthew

    Good vibes was funny its like the Jersey shore but cartoon version and beavis and but head is old all people talk about at my school we even made a wesite for goodvibes