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Neighbors From Hell talkback

Tonight was the debut of TBS’ new animated series, Neighbors From Hell. The show was co-produced by 20th Century-Fox TV and Dreamworks, and was animated by a new studio, Bento Box, formed last year by Scott Greenberg (Film Roman), Joel Kuwahara (The Simpsons) and Mark McJimsey (King of the Hill). We missed it. If you tuned in, we’d like to hear how it was.

  • Ron

    Very appealing designs. Well written, good voice acting. All in all a very watchable show. I look forward to more.

  • erlab

    Ah, I was expecting this post here eventually!

    I thought it was somewhat entertaining, but overall very obnoxious. The premise sounds promising enough, but the way they execute it makes it into a very bland comedy. Was there no one in this pilot that wasn’t annoying, didn’t have a voice that sounded like nails on a chalkboard, or whose personality wasn’t dependent on some kind of selfish trait? I hope it’s only a matter of pilotitis, but I’m not sure I’ll keep watching this.

  • Smudge

    The character designs, backgrounds, and animation were good. But the writing was unbearably bad. With the exception of the poodle who kept trying to kill himself, I didn’t find a single thing funny about the show. It was just a mindless string of gross-out humor and bad ‘fish-out-of-water’ puns.

    You’re better off investing that half-hour watching old Looney Tunes episodes.

  • Character animation had its fits and starts, but should improve. They did some rather neat tricks in the opening scene where Balthazor, the father, was having a back-and-forth with the devil.

    As far as the characters go, the mother seems to be the most interesting thus far… given her ego is her most significant problem.

    Still too many flatulence and vomit jokes for me personally… but that’s what you get with FOX animation I suppose.

    I also noticed TBS apparently has no qualms about using the n-word, uncensored that is. Is this new, or am I just noticing this now for the first time?

  • Seann

    The coctail dress on the mom gives it a distinct simpsons clone look.

  • top cat james

    Awful. Barely made it through the episode. “Ugly Americans” did this same subject matter so much better. Obnoxious vocal performances and an unfunny, dated script. Be grateful you missed it-I’m going to continue to do the same.

  • Animated Audience

    I LOVED the way the eyes on the characters were drawn. But nothing else was that good. I will watch the next couple of episodes just to see if it improves.

  • Rooniman

    I’ve seen some of it. Now I wish I had those 10 minutes back.

  • It has so much potential to be a modern day Addams Family, but fails miserably to be either funny or creepy. It’s like a silent, but deadly fart that no one wants to take ownership of. I’ll watch a few more, but Top Cat hit the nail on the head with the “Ugly Americans” reference.

  • Keith

    “Hell on Earth” is the new “penguins” of animation! Jimmy Two-Shoes, Ugly Americans, and Neighbors From Hell. Couldn’t help but notice it. Such an odd theme for the industry to latch onto (I know Jimmy Two-Shoes isn’t really ‘Hell ON Earth’ but it’s set in a Hellish world with demons & devils as characters)

  • FP

    â–ºPainfully lame.
    â–ºFlat corny sitcom jokes.
    â–º”Transgressive” poopfartvomit moments feel bolted-on and insincere (SQUIDBILLIES and AQUA TEEN and FAMILY GUY feels like they delightfully MEAN that shit and want to rub your face in it).
    â–ºMediocre voice performances.
    â–ºMusical score SMASHED FLAT, hackneyed arrangements, very Saturday morning in a bad way. Cues are inserted in the most banal manner possible.
    â–ºSome good design, LOTS of bad design. Has the “committee” look.
    â–ºApparently larger-than-average budget, at least in the hell sequences.
    â–ºShow has the rhythm and pacing of a Nick/Toon Disney stock-standard tweens-in-school show.
    â–ºCouldn’t finish watching. Disappointed. Potential wasted.

  • NEIGHBORS FROM HELL really didn’t catch my attention…I watched the first few minutes but lost interest within a few minutes. Some gags reminded me of THE FLINTSTONES with demons instead of dinosaurs. Some very annoying voices in there, especially the “normal” human woman with the poodle. It looks like it was designed by whoever styled the first season of Disney’s REPLACEMENTS.

  • Wow

    This show will not last. It was really forced and pretty lame. I was too lazy to change the channel while working at my animation desk.

  • I agree with most people on here, especially Smudge. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    The best part of the show was the animation and characters. Very very well done, clean, smooth flowing for a regular cartoon series. Timing was well done in my opinion as well. I just feel bad that such great animation was put into such shitty writing. Dialogue and jokes were very base. Nothing funny whatsoever. Leave the barfing and farting to Nickelodeon, which Im sure they are far past that by now. That stuff works on some toons and some doesnt. This show did not fit at all. Crude humor that tried to make it funny, but very bland.

    If this show does not pick up better writers, then I do not see it picking up anymore viewers in the future.

  • Paul K.

    â–·Has potential, deserves a few more episodes
    â–· More sincere & more original than Squidbillies, 12 Oz. Mouse, and Family Guy
    â–·Voice performances were uneven, room for improvement
    â–·Musical score was generic but not a dealbreaker
    â–·Many good designs, a fair amount of appeal in limited animation
    â–·Fantastic pacing, various angles in quick succession keep it from looking too flat
    â–· To quote FP: “Show has the rhythm and pacing of a Nick/Toon Disney stock-standard tweens-in-school show.” Yeah I got that vibe too. It was like Phineas and Ferb with more adult subject matter.
    â–· I’ll watch ‘Neighbors From Hell’ next week… It was much more polished than contemporary pilots like ‘The Goode Family’ or ‘Sit Down Shut Up’ or ‘Ugly Americans’

  • wtf?

    So in the same thread, we’ve got people who liked the eyes, ppl who liked the animation, people who hated the animation, people who hated everything (whose opinions I never listen to anyway because they usually suck at everything and as such judge everything ELSE as sucking), hated the writing… etc etc… r u guys serious? Kinda reminds me of college, people with crappy work mouthing off about how much they hate things and how anything they would make could be better.

    I just discovered this site, I hope the whole community isn’t like this.

    I love the designs and the style of the show. Yeah, usually new shows don’t have their style down pat out the gate, but I think when they do it’ll be golden, its already great.

    And I love how it portrays society. I’m sure people who the show is making fun of won’t like it so much, and people who don’t appreciate satire won’t like it much either, but most other people should be fine. I see some crybaby’s in here complaining about the voices, and namely the neighbor woman with the poodle’s voice. Eh, some ppl r gna find some voices annoying. Sometimes, voices change or improve as shows go on, but the neighbor woman’s voice is SUPPOSED to be annoying as hell (no pun intended).

    This show is better than I expected it to be, actually. I love the sense of humor, the pacing n timing of the animation and the jokes. I do have my qualms but overall this show is great. The characters were also overall awesome. I love the Devil, I love his Corporate Boss, the dog… thing is dope. I think the daughter is gna be cool. I can see where some of these characters are going to go and the kind of / topics of jokes they’re going to use them for. I love the mom too. I’m not too sure about the son, but I’m sure he’ll develop after this ONE episode. It isn’t like characters don’t evolve. Everyone blows their load over Family Guy these days, but it has grown n so have the characters. Pretty much just Peter n Brian r the only ones that are pretty much the same.

    Give a show a chance, damn. You guys sound like you’re all looking for reasons to criticize the show n show off “how much you know.”

  • To WTF: Well either you work on the show or you never heard of the word “critique” or “feedback”. Regardless whether you have shitty animation, you still have the right to give feedback on a network show that’s could be just as shitty. It DOES NOT mean the person leaving feedback is far superior.

    If everyone on here, or just in general, had positive feedback about everything, then there would be no point in writing reviews. Thats why they call it a “talkback”. Like the last sentence in the beginning of this thread said “We’d like to hear how it was”. Well thats exactly what everyone is doing.

    You’re kinda out numbered here, the show’s writing and dialogue was poor, cheesy and above all not funny. Some may have found it funny, like you, but thats what makes everyone different. Who am I, or you or anyone to change others opinions? Maybe the show will pick up? Who knows. I know the first season of alot of cartoons can be rough. This one met my expectations, at least with the animation.

    As for this site, well you seem to be a person that gives chances it seems. True we should give this show another chance before damning it to hell. So why not try giving these people and this site a chance before running your mouth about how people are “crybabies” and “blowing their load over family guy”. Thats my .02 cents

  • The Brewmasters

    Keep it respectful everybody. No need to be rude to one another when discussing animation.

  • Andy

    Less lazy poop and fart jokes, more “Munsters”. Since that’s what they appear to be ripping-off anyway. I like the designs. Pity the writers didn’t put in a 10th of the effort that the design and animation crew did. Suffers from the usual problem of relying too much on mediocre TV comedians (with the exception of Patton Oswalt), instead of creating interesting and appealing characters first and then finding a voice to match. I honestly wonder if anyone who made this laughed at anything while making it. Has potential, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Hal

    I hate to rip on pilots, since they are rarely indicative of where a talented team can take even the worst ideas (the Venture Brothers pilot is pretty terrible considering the actual series became one of the best things on TV) but they’re REALLY going to have to run with the concept to make this worth following.

    Neighbors from Hell feels like a series already past its expiration date, despite some nice design and animation work. Most of the gags fell flat and the lame pop culture references were DOA, and the show just feels trapped by the generic animated sitcom formula the writers obviously can’t reach beyond. Its especially a shame when the title sequence suggests a great concept – that our American consumer culture is more violent and despicable than Hell itself, and the Demons have to work hard to lower themselves to OUR level to fit in.

    The problem is it tries so damn HARD to be out there and weird and loud without ever milking humor from its absurd premise the way series like Venture Brothers, Archer, Metalocalypse and Ugly Americans (which is already doing the Demons in human world humor) do playing their respective high concepts pretty straight. The Demons really don’t act any different from normal people at all, so what is there to wrench humor out of?

    I have to wonder – why does THIS show CB ripped on get its own CB posting when numerous other animated series (many of which I’ve listed) pushing the envelope of content get ignored regularly?

  • Hal – It’s our goal to let our readers give feedback to any new movie and series of interest. I will only post a “talkback” on the day of a movie or series public debut. Let us know in advance if you think particular upcoming new show is worthy.

  • Bibbity

    I thought the style a little generic (I sort of miss the good ol’ days when Igor Kovalyov was king), but it fit well enough with the content (which is not to imply that the content was generic. I did not have time to watch the entire episode, so I don’t feel qualified to comment on the script). The animation was solid.

    It seems like a show that could hit its stride if it is given some time. TBS is certainly doing its best to try to garner an audience.

    To “wtf?”: We sometimes joke in the industry about the negative opinions expressed on the brew–both in the blogs and in the comment section. (For example, Amid, one of the “brew masters” occasionally displays an inexplicable bias against Flash.) That being said, it is important while challenging the opinions of others to be respectful. Many of the people on here are professionals, and they often have very thoughtful (positive and negative) critiques about and the direction of the industry.

  • Phang

    Terrible, terrible show. Apparently the writers knew it was going to suck so they tried a bunch of puke, fart and crap jokes? At least South Park and Family Guy can be funny occasionally, I didn’t laugh once at this turd.

    Speaking of Venture Brothers, why not try to emulate that? Intelligent, artistic, brilliant. If you’re gonna try and copy something, try not to dig it out of the lone latrine at a Lollapalooza concert.

  • Achmed

    Honestly, I think this show has potential to be something good. The first episode of anything generally has a lot of exposition and isn’t all that great. Rewatching the first episode of Simpson’s made me realize that that show didn’t start out with much of a bang, either. (And now it looks like it will go out with a whimper.)

    First episode of Friends, Frasier, Cheers… all nothing super amazing when you get down to it. You’ve just got a lot of dead weight to pull around setting things up.

    Still, I agree that the writing could be much better. This show is SO set up to be a seriously biting satirical view on contemporary America, and they’re just not taking full advantage of that.

    I also think that Marjoe and Vllartark, while clearly the writing favorites right now, are going to go the same way as Bart did back in the day. In the early days of the Simpsons, there was a big focus on Bart being a smartass kid. When the focus switched to Homer being a well-meaning doofus, the show improved. I think if the show lasts, the focus will shift from one-note joke characters to characters with more depth. It just needs time.

  • TankBomb

    Seems to be a trend nowadays in TV animation with A) Families and neighbours B) Zombie/aliens and C) Un-originality.

    But heck.. $$$ are the bottom line right! And besides, kids don’t watch shows for their originality, they want a fart joke to laugh at.

  • Hal

    Thanks Jerry – that’s good to know! I’ll try and do my part to drop a line on anything that may fall through the cracks if that’s what it takes! Keep up the good work on the site.

  • Graham

    If anyone missed it, the show gets an encore this Sunday at 11PM on Adult Swim.

  • samanthaf63

    Amazing voice talent (except I can’t stand Molly Shannon in any way, shape or form) including the GREAT Steve Coogan. But the writing sucks.

  • Ak3000

    Jokes: rely on fart, vomit, terribly unfunny pop culture jokes *fist pump, family ties etc., crazy antics of the one neighbor lady with the poodle

    Characters: the family is very flat, while the REAL Earthlings (poodle lady, oil company boss, etc.) are actually the main punch of the show. MAKE THE PLOT POINTLESS.–> who cares about the family if the real draw is the people around them?!

    My $.02 cents: I didn’t laugh at all. I felt like the show was for preteens with its lame set ups, boring music, ordinary episode arcs, and overall BLAH feeling of the voice actors (the dad is very boring).

    GO BIG with the HELL and DEMON aspects of the family! UGH, I will never watch the show again.

  • Having seen the exclusive premiere this past Sunday on Adult Swim (before watching it on TBS), I actually enjoyed this series very much! A “Hell” of a lot better than FAMILY GUY!

    I’m very impressed with the Flash animation, and the character designs are really good, too. Even for a Flash-animated prime-time sitcom, they actually TRIED to be appealing! Finally, something that’s not an eyesore like Fox’s other shows!

    The concept is enjoyable as well. I personally don’t mind the gross/fart jokes, as they actually fit pretty well with this cartoon.

    Looking forward to more episodes!

  • Family Guy Rules

    I have no clue what the people who made this show were thinking. The writing so far is crappy and resembles that of a sitcom. There were a few good ones but all in all it sucked. I can deal with the animation if the show gets better. I have only seen one episode but Ill give the next few a chance.

    Shows get better as they go on…. or not. We’ll see. I like that “Red Foreman” from That 70’s Show is on there which helps me give it a chance.

  • Bobby

    I’ve tried giving ‘Neighbors from Hell’ several chances by forcing myself to swallow every episode. I just changed the channel in the middle of episode 7 (Japanese VIP).

    The humor is way off. This show is terrible. Period.

    Terribly disappointed especially since the producer was from South Park, I don’t know what’s going on. The animation is okay, but there are instances in the animation that I would never approve, i’d have it done differently.

    Let’s not even begin with the writing.

    I have given up on Neighbors from Hell. I would be very surprised to see this show go beyond it’s first season (unless there’s some contract for a couple years), then i’d be surprised to see the contract extended on this weak show.