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Shrek Forever After talkback

Anyone see it? What did you think? Honest opinions welcome. Comments open to those who actually saw it.

  • Bob Hilgenberg

    Really GREAT! First class everything. I saw it with seven and eight year old girls…they were locked in and took the ride without glancing away from the screen for a second! LOTS of out loud laughs in the theater…only a few squirmy toddlers, which this film is just not made for. Oh, the 3D was perfect…just enough. Congrats to all involved.

  • M Tucker

    I saw it with a bunch of classmates and the overall opinion among my peers seems very mixed. I felt the movie was nothing but a collection of all the groaners and one-liners that didn’t make the cuts in the earlier films and I was fairly annoyed that none of the characters were at all like-able. However, I’ve heard from a number of my fellow animation students that they quite liked it, but whenever I ask what it is they liked about the film their only response is that it was “definitely better” than the previous sequels.

  • Graham

    I love the tagline of that poster. It perfectly demonstrates the third movie.

  • Full disclosure: I’ve seen all the films. After my Wife and I saw the 2nd when we were dating and re watched the first we actually went as Shrek and Ogre Fiona for Halloween. Then the third one came out…wow what a dated (even when it first came out) dud. It was 90 percent pop reference and cliche and 10 percent story.

    I walked into Shrek 4 with no hope…my wife, the eternal optimist wanted it to be great. I was ready to point out it’s flaws and trite now references and how it lacked any real story. I was wrong.

    I won’t say it was perfect by any stretch but I will say that on an even scale S4 was as good and S3 was bad. There were less pop references less and pointless fart jokes than I’ve seen in the franchise ever.

    The story while obviously cliched was interesting. It’s honesty towards the monotony of marriage is obviously not new but seeing it here was somehow refreshing.

    I put it right up there with Dream Works better animated flicks. Even with the ugly human designs…again.

  • Lindsay

    Pretty dull and fairly unnecessary, imo. The 3D aspect was liitle more than gimmick, as well. There were far too many obvious “COMIN’ ATCHA!” devices and visuals used throughout the film – it got annoying, frankly.

    Many of the gags felt really contrived – awkward, even. Like they drew too much attention to themselves by almost screaming to the audience “Hey! This is a funny part!” Some of the character designs in the ogre army were interesting, but beyond that I just can’t find anything great to say about Forever After. It was so forgettable that after seeing it only yesterday, I’m straining to recall parts of it. :/

  • Gary Pearson

    I thought it was a big improvement over the third film which I felt was not good at all. I enjoyed the characters and my whole family got caught up in the story. There were lots of laughs. I’ve never liked the way the series has animated the more ‘human’ characters as they have seemed stiff and robot like and this movie is no exception on that score, with the witches falling into that category. The main characters were greatly expressive and fun. This is the third movie I’ve seen in the past few months where characters fly on dragons….I half expect the gals in Sex And The City 2 to be flying a dragon next.

  • I saw it, and I already forgot most of it. Not very memorable. Seems like they are just making it for the dough now. Not trying to entertain…

  • Having endured all four of these movies now, I still can’t get past how dreadful the character design is. Add lame jokes and an off the shelf story and you have a film series that still baffles me as to its popularity. This fourth film offers absolutely nothing different than the previous entries, skip it and watch a Pixar movie at home.

  • Scarabim

    I thought it was decent. There were some touching scenes, and I found myself caring about the characters in a way I hadn’t since the first film. There was also a refreshing lack of Disney-bashing too. Out of all the characters, Puss was the most amusing, and I’m looking forward to seeing his movie.

    I’d give Shrek4 *** out of ****

  • Pedro Nakama

    I think it’s more for an older audience. More of the mid-life crisis group. It’s still a good movie. Eddie Murphy gets all the good lines.

  • manny

    Best shrek film since the first one. Has the most serious tone of all the shrek films and a great deal of time was given to character development. Very well paced overall and non of the jokes felt forced. (except that ogre chef – what a waste of money!) In all I thoroughly enjoyed it. But if only they’d let it end where it should have and not slap 5 minutes of happy ending behind… it would have been much much more memorable.

  • FP

    Can I skip the third film and watch this one without missing any vital continuity? I tried to watch #3 a few times already, but I never make it more than a few minutes. #1 was pretty good, #2 was entertaining, but #3 was intolerable for me.

  • I was not a fan of the first Shrek. I loved Shrek 2. Didn’t like much of Shrek 3.
    That said, this is my favorite of the series. Highly entertaining, smart and emotional. Go see it. It’s a great curtain to the series and a great film besides.

  • Donald C.

    This is good to hear.
    I was disappointed in 3 and didn’t have much interest in this one.

  • Anthony D.

    I enjoyed it! Better than the 3rd one that’s for sure.

  • Dreamworks visited the SVA in April to give a career talk, and they screened a scene from Shrek IV; first the animatic followed by the almost finished CG render.

    The animatic had everyone chuckling; the character design was more livelier and creative (especially the little pixie man, he looks so dull in the CG version), more expressive, timing was better – you could see how great Shrek could be if it was, well, traditionally animated! Or at least closer to the Animatic.
    On the other hand, when they played the CG version, it looked stilted and over-wrought. A few stifled laughs from the crowd.

    A real shame!

  • I’ve seen much of this film in a licensee preview screening (I’ve done some writing on the SHREK comics from Ape Entertainment) but my question/comment has to do with the actual theatrical release:

    What was this sequel’s final, on-screen title? SHREK FOREVER AFTER or SHREK: THE FINAL CHAPTER? It seemed as if DW’s marketing department changed the film’s title midway into its promotion.

  • William Skaleski

    It was surprisingly solid. Better than the last, and thankfully it didn’t tarnish the series.

  • Rezz

    Its really strange to say it was a good movie. prob the best shrek movie. It certainly has the pop culture jokes/ slow mo crap but it was more or less tame this time around and for once it feels like the 90min requirement in the film worked. (90min is required to get the most viewing out of a theater so no dreamworks really go over that time budget)

    but it was pretty good for dreamworks movie….good luck trying to convince people to see it haha

  • Sylvain

    It was MUCH better than the third, quite different from the second, and certainly not as good as the first.

    There wasn’t enough jokes and the humor was too mild and kid-friendly. We are left with a feeling that it brings nothing new to the franchise. On the positive side, it was fun, the animation was great, and most of all I was pleasantly surprised that the screenplay had a proper pacing this time (in fact, a very good pacing!), versus shrek 2 which had a loud, noisy, random, “everything and the kitchen sink” screenplay.

    To be honest, I did enjoyed it, but I still think this franchise has very little juice left and I’m glad it’s the last one. However, if this kind of money-making film allowed the studio to take bigger chances, and permit more artistic liberty on their excellent films like ‘Dragon, I’d say it’s a fair compromise.

    @FP : Yes. You should skip the third. It’s got nothing important that isn’t shown in the prologue of shrek 4 anyway.

  • Here’s hoping the film is a huge success. It’ll provide DreamWorks the cash to make good movies like “Kung Fu Panda” and “Dragon.”

  • Dock Mile

    Is The Final Chapter a reference to Friday the 13th IV: The Final Chapter? And if so does that mean will see 6 more sequels?

  • Daniel

    I thought it was fantastic. It was very different then all the other shreks.

  • Went with ZERO expectations, and really enjoyed myself. LOVED the Pied Piper!

  • gepinniw

    I agree wholeheartedly with Sylvains’s pacing comment. The story moves along nicely. It is a lean, mean entertainment machine. Rumplestiltskin is a great villain (well written, nicely acted and beautifully animated), and it was fun to see Shrek bumbling around trying to impress Fiona. I’d definitely recommend this one.

  • erlab

    Isn’t it odd how the plot of this movie reflects audiences reactions to the whole Shrek franchise? With each new installment, Shrek stopped being a spoof on villains and turned into a spoof OF a spoof on villains… and his role got watered down. He was BARELY a monster in the third film! Now, everyone loves him for the very reasons they hated him… and he misses those times? Well.. so do we the animation fans- the first film is still the best. … and then Rumplestiltskin dupes him into the cliche alternate wish thing. :P Not the best avenue they could’ve written it into, but the film is a good ride in the meantime.

    Rumple himself IS a very good villain with a great personality, but I wish the plot could’ve been a bit better if Shrek had NOT been suspicious of Rumple to begin with! I mean,… he thinks his life is boring, but STILL loves his family and friends! Why go through making the deal and retrieving all of them again?! The repeated events Shrek lived over again shows the producers ran out of ideas. A simple suggestion of change to his wife could solve it all.

    Nitpicks aside, as said, it was a good film. A laughed out loud at many parts- the Old McDonald bit from Donkey was probably the best line in the film. Props to them for including a lot of very dark moments too… though there wasn’t much for the kids to understand. They kids did laugh at Puss with the fat jokes however! :D

  • Bill Turner

    Well I went in with zero expectations and got exactly that, zero. It was unimaginative, highly predictable and just plain dull. Puss is funny, so I’ll give that one a chance.

  • Rooniman

    It was a boring film. The gags we’re chliched, the characters we’re dull, the plot was unoriginal, there by making the film perdictable.
    This was not a good way to too end off Shrek, so it’ll most likely not be remembered too well.

  • Mike Johnson

    To preface, I loved the first two Shrek films and thought the third was a complete misfire. Going in to “Forever After” I had fairly serious doubts as to whether or not it could in any way redeem the franchise for me, especially given how lackluster the preview trailers were.

    Coming out, I immediately decided that I’d catch it again in a few more days, because I really had a blast!

    The first fifteen or twenty minutes were pretty bland, but once Shrek met up with the other ogres, it really started to sprout wings. I loved the darker tone to the story, and Rumple makes a great villain, which really helped to sell the peril in the film. I also loved the Pied Piper…though his screen time is quite minimal, the character makes a lasting impression and I loved how his flute had many different settings for the things he could “pipe.”

    Every scene with Puss in Boots reminded me how much I look forward to seeing the character get his own film. I predict a great future for him.

    Overall, I enjoyed “Forever After” as much as the first two films, and I really do look forward to seeing it a second time.

  • I must say, this one surprised me. After seeing SHREK 3 I felt the franchise was done. So I had no faith that this installment would be any good. I was wrong. Excellent story and a great end to the character’s story arc. I must say I was a bit sad to see this end. Redemption!