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Tron Legacy talkback

Though not strictly an animated film, Tron Legacy certainly has its roots in animation and contains some incredible CG visuals. Yay or Nay? Should our readers go see it? Those who’ve screened it should post their reviews below.

Meanwhile, for those of you who need a Tron recap, check out the cardboard version below (originally posted here back in March 2008):

  • It has hands down one of the worst scripts ever in the history of movies. Go for the music, stay for the pretty lights

  • Didn’t live up to its potential, and sometimes its cheese gets untasty, but absolutely worth seeing once in the theater for soundtrack/visuals.

    • Jm

      really?, I actually didn’t think it had so much cheese, I mean it could have gone really bad.

  • I thought Tron Legacy was rather confusing and somewhat boring. The visuals were really great in parts, but I can’t justify a 2 hour movie on that alone. The soundtrack was amazingly good, though.

    I really think they should’ve made a remake rather than a sequel almost 30 years after the fact. I would’ve made for a simpler, easier to follow story and given that room for more fun action instead of big chunks of clunky talking.

  • Mike Toole

    The movie was quite a bit better than the original… which is to say that it still wasn’t great, it was just better than average. It’s still 90% spectacle, 10% story.

    If you have good stereoscopic vision and don’t mind the glasses, don’t hesitate to see it in 3D. It’s handled in a fairly novel way (all real-world stuff is 2D, everything on “the Grid” is 3D) and utilized well, which is more than I can say for most “3D” movies.

    As for the animation, YES there is a lot of it! And most of it is quite good, the vehicles and CG “stunts” are fun to watch. You’ll be fascinated and a bit horrified by the CG face-mapping they use to de-age Jeff Bridges 30 years – most of the time, it looks good, but it does go headlong into the uncanny valley on a few occasions, particularly when the character is yelling (his mouth never seems to open wide enough) or hamming it up (eye-rolling, etc.).

    Olivia Wilde, the lady playing our young hero’s companion and guide, is gorgeous – shame her character doesn’t have a whole lot to do.

    I paid twelve bucks to see it in 3D at an IMAX theatre and don’t feel like I was ripped off. It’s a fun little spectacle. I do still think it’s incredibly weird to see a big-budget sequel to a cult movie from 30 years ago, though.

  • Gobo

    I saw it in IMAX 3D, twice, and loved it both times. It’s a movie made for TRON fans, yes, with tons of geeky references to the first movie; its biggest problem is that without a passing familiarity with the first film, the big ‘reveals’ won’t hold much emotional weight. But it’s gorgeous to look at, has a thumpingly terrific soundtrack, and doesn’t dumb down the unabashed geekiness of the concept. The young CG Jeff Bridges isn’t 100% convincing, and has a few scenes (especially his introduction) that are really dodgy, especially his mouth movements. Luckily the movie weighs more on old, real-life Jeff Bridges, and he’s great.

  • PeteR

    Truly and honestly a mind numbingly awful movie. The script and characters are flimsy, and the bad designs like a cheap black velvet backlight poster with no thought given to any logic in the worlds they attempted (and failed) to establish. Certainly made for all the original Tron fans. All 6 of them.

    • Gobo

      Considering the massive popularity of both the movie and the interactive marketing campaign they’ve been running, methinks you underestimate the fan support a wee tad.

    • Kindly restrict your commentary to the film itself, and spare us the cheap shots at the fans. Kthxbai,

  • I agree with everything commenter Mike Toole said. I’d give it 3/5, all based on visuals and soundtrack. And the women’s costumes–grr.

    Three main complaints: Story–*way* too much going on. There were four or five times as many themes and story tracks going on as were called for, especially given the original’s spare (although still lame) story.

    Second was dialogue. Terrible. Cringe-inducing, bad video-game level stuff. The audience was laughing at some of it (“That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout,” as Sam offs a lightcycle competitor and “He’s different,” said by the robobabes who give Sam his grid uniform.) Groan.

    The third, and worst, was unexpected. It was an exposition fest that reminded me of the MST3000 version of Cave Dwellers (“Tolkien couldn’t keep up with this plot!”). There were multiple flashbacks to things that weren’t necessary to the story, and characters repeatedly described events or development arcs–show us or let the characters interact and let us understand things that way!

    I think that can be blamed on the director’s scene-by-scene approach. I didn’t really feel character arcs so much as events happening on a sequential basis. Multiple real-world characters were introduced, never to be seen from again. Think of the boardroom scene toward the beginning–wouldn’t one expect the evil corporate types to get some type of comeuppance onscreen? Same with the characters in the bar scene. The half-face guy seemed to have a whole backstory, but he was a throwaway. The David Bowie character was great, but he’s introduced way too far along in the story, and then is just in one scene. Then there are elaborate scenes that go nowhwere–think of CLU’s speech to the masses (It would be a spoiler to say what the masses were). What was the point?

    This is starting to sound like bad script notes, and again, the reason is because there’s just too much going on to begin with.

    All this to say that the movie’s sound and fury are great, but don’t expect them to signify anything.

    • Gobo

      A few quick notes: The “bad dialogue” you note was often a direct quote from the original film as a geeky reference. The audience I was with laughed, too — because they recognized the quotes and enjoyed the nod.

      Second: the ‘evil corporate types’ did, indeed, receive comuppance onscreen. The big speech was the culmination of CLU’s plot arc and a clever throwback to Flynn’s own big speech early in the film. Yes, those are bad script notes.

      • Scarabim

        Gobo, you’re a rabid Tron fan, we get it.

        However, TL’s 43 million opening weekend is a tad underwhelming, considering all the cash and hype Disney put into it.

        As for me – saw the movie on Saturday. I’ve never been so bored in my life.

      • Gobo

        Rabid fan? Not at all. I’m not even defending the movie as some sort of masterpiece; it’s made for fans, and folks who don’t have a lot of nostalgia for the original film will probably be ambivalent or bored. But if you’re going to criticize the film, at least know what you’re criticizing and why.

      • I wasn’t nearly as harsh as some.

      • Gobo

        Harsh, true, but both of the PA guys posted on Twitter and elsewhere about how much they dug the movie :)

    • So, what you really mean is: expect nothing. Thanks for the tip; I just saved $12. (as if I didn’t know the script is rock-bottom mediocre just by looking at the trailers).

  • like it’s ill-fated predecessor, Tron remains all flash and dazzle and very little substance. All this time and this screenplay gets greenlit?

    Wait another twenty seven years and try it again.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Maybe then they’ll get it done right (story-wise).

  • AnthonyA

    I would say that it’s worth seeing, myself. Watched it last night in a small 2D theater. The visuals and concept were quite good, and they did do justice to the original visuals, one of the most compelling things in the original film. Many of the lightcycles, recognizers, and so on are ‘evolutions’ of the original ones – what you’d expect after quite some amount of time has elapsed. Seeing some of the same locations, like the arcade, re-done, was good, too.

    The plot certainly wasn’t anything special ( hero boy has loss, comes of age, goes on quest, finds father/tutor figure, etc. ) I found that the plot was very comprehensible, if predictable.

    There were a number of references to the previous film, and those were fun to pick up on. Also there were a number of references to other films, notably WarGames, and some 1980s references in general that were fun to see.

    The actors did a creditable job, I think, hitting their marks and Michael Sheen did an exceptionally good job as Castor.

    The soundtrack – meh. I like Daft Punk, and enjoyed much of the soundtrack, but it was a little too much “Hollywood action blockbuster” for my tastes. One of the strengths of the original Tron was that the soundtrack wasn’t overpowering. There were times when it came on strong in the original, but it never outdid the visuals, and there are a few spots where I think that happens in Legacy.

    Overall, I think it’s a solid, and somewhat inspired followup, and if you enjoyed Tron, I’d recommend Tron: Legacy. 6.5/10 from me – worthy visuals, but with deductions for a ho-hum plot and a half point ding for the soundtrack.

  • Paul N

    Wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, wasn’t as bad as I feared…

  • C. Stulz

    I LOVED it in IMAX 3D. It was much better the the original, though it left me a little confused. If the could make a younger CG Jeff Bridges, why could they do the same for Bruce Boxleitner and give TRON something more to do?

    • Given that CG Jeff Bridges looked like a creepy rubber-faced puppet it was probably for the best.

      • WHEN do CG humans NOT look like “creepy rubber-faced puppets”???

  • C. Stulz

    and yeah what happen to Cilliam Murphy’s character? or is that for the next sequel??

  • Smudge

    Tron was the quintessential film of my youth. It was the reason why I got into computer animation in the first place. So I went into the sequel knowing that there was no way it could live up to my expectations. All-in-all, it was a good sequel. Like all sequels, it has its flaws, but the positives outweighed the negatives. I would have liked a little more time on the game grid, a story that was a little more solid, and even though it was handled very well, I don’t like 3D films. But the acting, visuals, VFX, and animation were very good. I liked the ’80’s culture references and the soundtrack fit the movie perfectly (the Daft Punk cameo was amusing). I think that the original Tron was a roller-coaster ride because it broke new ground. But by the time Tron: Legacy screened, we’d already been through ‘Ghost in the Shell’, ‘the Matrix’ films, and ‘Technotise, Edit and I’–really, we’ve been set up to be a little deflated with that ‘been there done that’ feeling. That’s kind of why I feel that if they made the script just a smidge stronger, it would’ve made a really big difference in living up to the original. But in the end, I feel I got my money’s worth out of Tron: Legacy. I’ll go see it again several times before it leaves the theatres and Disney is guaranteed a DVD sale from me next year–I just hope they put a ton of ‘making of’ features on the disk. :)

  • Matt Sullivan

    It was okay. Nothing great. I was disappointed they didn’t think outside the box a bit more. If you have a digital world where pretty much anything is possible you”d think they could put a color in there besides dark blue.

  • Giovanni Jones

    My guess is that perhaps, since so much is riding on TRON Legacy as a franchise, there were a lot more people involved in playtime creative and second guessing.

    Maybe all those people were so focused on their “input” for TRON Legacy that they all but ignored that “just another princess movie,” Tangled. Everybody wants to hop on the big career maker.

    Sort of like when all internal eyes were on the “prestige” project of Pocahontas and left the other folks to toil on the “lesser” project, which turned out to be Lion King.

    Tron Legacy wasn’t as bad as some have been saying, but like the first Tron, I could almost hear the discussions in various offices and conference rooms about what should and should not be added or taken out.

    That said, the movie will probably be a somewhat profitable enterprise when you figure in the merchandise and potential for offshoots. Star Trek: The Motion Picture wasn’t all that great but it opened the door for more.

  • m(_ _)m

    People are bashing the story, and I gotta say, as someone who’s sat through quite a bit of “so-bad-its-funny” films with friends, Tron Legacy’s writing wasn’t so unbearable. However, I’m not defending the writing. I’ll admit it was definitely sub-par. But the visuals were fantastic. The soundtrack was awesome (when it played. It seemed like way too many scenes went without background music :\). And Wilde was icing on the cake. Also it was cool how they made Tron this like Boba Fett assassin dude, he was cool.

    Film was worth watching, totally. I’d rewatch.

  • Marie

    My recommendation is to stay FAR away from this one. It was so bad, I went home after and watched my 20th anniversary DVD edition of the original. I enjoyed that substantially more than the new version.

    First, here in NYC, I paid $22 each for two tickets for the IMAX 3D version. One of the previews was a nature film involving humans helping animals in Africa. Why was there more 3D happening in that preview than in ALL of Tron? From the conversations I heard while leaving the theater, I wasn’t the only person baffled by this seeming lack of 3D. Numerous times I removed the glasses and saw no difference. I could have paid significantly less and seen the same visuals.

    Second, the plot felt convoluted and lacked anything significant at stake. It was simply tiresome. In the original, the bad computer is threatening to take over the Pentagon’s and the Kremlin’s computers/programs. In the sequel, the programs want to come into the real world and…wreak havoc? I never felt a genuine menace or concern for either that nor for father and son to return home. Maybe if the son had left behind a wife and/or child, like in Inception, I would’ve felt stronger. But I didn’t care about the desires of some ungrateful punk who’d been left a fortune.

    Third, the visuals were of course better than those in the 1982 movie but they were also the definition of modern CGI excess. My companion wasn’t clear about the danger of the light cycle jet walls because, unlike in the original, it wasn’t fully explained before they jumped into it. Also, the original had several overhead shots of the light cycles and jet walls to make it clear to the audience what was happening. This director didn’t do that thereby making things hard to read.

    I also lose patience in movies when characters are being shot at and they yell, “Woo hoo, lemme at em with this cool gun in this cool ship!” If someone was shooting at me, I’d be scared, would crap my pants and would focus on how to get out of the line of fire. Not in the case of this movie. Being shot at is FUN!

    I won’t get into the poor acting of the lead actor nor the almost complete absence of the Tron character. I was glad when it was over and thankful it wasn’t longer than 2 hours. My companion thought it was one of the worse movies she’d ever seen.

    I advise to buy the soundtrack. That’s the only part of the movie worthy of anyone’s attention.

  • If they are going to make these movies in 3D, they have to either trim the running time or make the glasses lighter. They really hurt the bridge of your nose after 2 plus hours.

  • Firoz

    The original Tron may have had ground-breaking visuals for its time, but the film itself wasn’t that great. This sequel isn’t very good either – I found it really dull. I also felt the 3D added very little to the experience.

    So much has changed since the original Tron. We now live in a culture surrounded by technology and by computers; millions of people play computer games. They could have explored so many issues around this and folded it into the film’s narrative but instead they went with a boring and unconvincing father-and-son relationship storyline (yawn).

    I liked the end-credits best. They were really nicely animated!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I know a couple guys who kinda felt the film should’ve went in that direction otherwise, perhaps covering such topics as getting lost in someone’s cell phone or other devices out there in the world in an open system that the Tron world should’ve been, perhaps bring in such ideas as DRM and net neutrality.

  • Brian

    I saw Tron when I was 12, and again the day before I saw Tron: Legacy. The biggest difference between the two movies: Tron had heart and humor. Tron: Legacy has neither, and has substituted brutality and logorrhea in their place.

    The dialog is the same kind of unnecessary prattle that ruins a lot of television programs these days (Heroes, Smallville, Vampire Diaries). Meaningless words that take up time between set-pieces without adding up to anything like a story.

    And the violence. I’m not one opposed to violence in films at all. I defend Pulp Fiction regularly against more prudish detractors. But Tron was a kids’ movie, and I’d be upset if I were a parent who loved Tron and brought my kid to this. Holes through the head, screaming de-rezzes, bifurcated programs howling to their doom. Tron had some of that, sure, but remember, it also had heart and humor.

    I was very disappointed. That said, the effects and soundtrack were very VERY good. I don’t recommend the film.

  • Kyle Maloney

    I went it armed with nothing but a quick Youtube recap of the original. I hoped to see the original air on tv or something in this past year but I don’t think it ever did.

    Regardless I enjoyed it, and don’t feel I was missing much. obviously I didn’t get references, but they seemed to give me what I needed to know. Clearly this was a case of style over substance, but this is one of the few movies can actually get away with this. With visuals that fresh the story can get away with just being passable.

  • Gray64

    Tron:Legacy is by no means a bad film, but there’s clearly a LOT of wasted potential. Kevin Flynn’s line, upon being awaked by Quorra “I dreamed of Tron…” had an eerie, mythic quality…as did the reactions of some of the patrons of Castor’s bar on Flynn’s arrival (essentially, dropping to their knees as if God had walked in. Much of the film feels like a “War in Heaven” pastiche.
    I thought the character of Tron himself was grossly underused. He’s not made visually distiguishable enough to be cool, and even once you realize who he is, he never removes his helmet, so you never get that emotional payoff. He’s SO underused in fact (though clearly the writers thought quite a bit about his subplot, from what WAS included) that you wonder why they bothered to include him at all. I kept hoping that the Flynns were going to find some way to recreate him in some kind of super-empowered form so he could clean things up. Oh well.
    While visually VERY impressive, Tron:Legacy doesn’t look nearly as otherworldly as the original did, which was a bit dissapointing. I ended up mentally writing my own script for this movie about halfway in, which generally isn’t a good sign. Again, not a bad movie at all, but clearly not as great as it could have been, with the wealth of material, themes and archetypes they had to work with.

  • “Legacy” is strictly a sequel for Tron fans only.
    I have never watched the first movie and walked into a 3D IMAX screening of the sequel with zero expectation for story and a huge expectation for visuals and effects. Sadly, I found myself gravely disappointed on both counts! The story was much worse and the visuals/ effects- although very well done – were not strong enough to carry the entire film. Nothing in this film was groundbreaking for me and considering how it’s supposed to carry on the legacy of the original, “Tron Legacy” turned out to be a complete mess. A mumbo jumbo of scenes from other sci-fi action flicks that precedes it.

    I certainly would not recommend “Tron Legacy” to anyone I know. In fact, upon watching the film, I immediately messaged all my friends telling them NOT to watch it in the theaters. A complete waste of my money, albeit possibly worth the time to watch when it’s out on DVDs.

  • I saw TRON: LEGACY in 3D yesterday.

    I am a big fan of the original TRON movie, and have the 2-disc 20th Anniversary DVD in my collection.

    One of the biggest things I always loved about the original TRON was that it was that it had a surrealistic sense of wonder. The computer world felt like a 1930s B&W movie mixed with a colorful high-tech neon setting, with elements of the early Internet, video games and such. Wendy Carlos’ semi-electronic music score completely added to the surrealist feel of the film. And the cast was memorable.

    That said, I have mixed feelings on this new film.

    Technically, the film is a visual achievement. Everything you wished for in the TRON world is brought to fruition in this film. The action, costumes, and CG effects are great! The 3D was really good, too. This is probably THE reason to watch the film.

    Storywise, however, it was rather weak. In comparison to the first film, it was dark, grim, and somewhat boring, but there *were* some poignant moments. The script just had more potential than is realized. References to the first film were a welcome touch, though.

    I am also in agreement with others over the character of TRON, who I thought was sorely underused, especially for a *movie* *called* *TRON*: LEGACY! (I did like that Bruce Boxleitner did a little more as his alter-ego Alan Bradley, though, and that marginally saved things.) Jeff Bridges, of course, gave a very believable performance as Flynn and his Frankenstein-esque corrupted program CLU. The new cast (Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, etc.) is quite good, too.

    I like Daft Punk. The techno music they did for the film (including “Derezzed”) was really good, but they were better than the majority of the score, which was rather Hollywood-generic, in comparison to Wendy Carlos’ score for the original film. There isn’t even a catchy theme music (much like Carlos’ “TRON Anthem,” which was arranged throughout the original films’s score). So what we end up with is not much of a memorable score, but a few really good tracks that stand out on their own.

    Overall, it was good, but not *great*. I still prefer the first film, hands down.

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    Did anyone else have a problem with the batman shot? I half expected him to pull on the rubber tights and shoot out some wings when he jumped off the building. A nicely timed throaty “I’m Batman” would have spiced up the movie nicely.

    Having said that, the movie unfortunately peaks with the light cycle match and then rapidly degenerates. 5/10 for eye candy, but only worth analyzing, not watching.

    • joh

      Don’t forget the Outlands scene is a blatand rip-off of the descent in the Batman cave from Tim Burton’s Batman (1989). You know the Quorra’s buggy/Batmobile raced all its way along through the dark, nearly crashing against a rock which opened at the last second in order to reveal a long corridor leading to the secret hidden place under the mountain. (sigh)

  • Chris

    visuals: Maybe the best looking movie I have ever seen, it creates a uniqe cyber world. What I like about the visuals in this movie is they truely fuse real actors and sets with a CG enviroment, many special effects movies just drop the actors in a blue room and CG everything. That bothers me because at that point the film is so animated that I can bearly see the point of having real actors, it just makes the effects more obvious.
    The one bad thing is the CG young Jeff Bridges, or C.L.U. The effect works in certain scenes but as a whole this is the definition of the term Uncanny Valley.

    Sound: I have not enjoyed a film’s soundtrack this much in a long time. The techno beats and rythms by Daft Punk in this film are fantastic and backed up with the help of Joseph Trapanese who orchestrated the score. I do not buy movie soundtracks often but I will be picking this up soon.

    Story: This is the wakest part of the film, as is the case with other films the use CG at this level or the equilent of this level from years past. I found the main problem with this story is that it kept bring up promising concepts but did not elaborate enough on them. A example would be Kevin’s relatonship with C.L.U. while time is spent explaning their past it is just not enough for the audience to make a connection.

    Verdict: While it is lacking in story I find that Tron is great ride. This movie’s visual and auditory splender make up for a lacking story. This movie is much like last year’s hit Avatar, sure it has a bad story but it really is enjoyable.

    Note: I cant really understand why critics praised Avatar which had a terrible story and yet critised Tron for the same fault. In fact I have to credit Tron for at least throwing around interesting concepts rather than rehashing a story we have seen.

    This note was just adressing somthing bothers me, the critics to me seem to be hypocritical. They turn their brain off for one movie, praise it, then bash another movie with the same merits and faults.

    • Brian

      Who says I liked Avatar?? :)

    • NC

      I agree with Chris’s note on the critics’ hypocrisy. Which is why I hated both films.

      IMHO film is meant to tell a story, if you want to create an “experience” than I think video games are much better suited for that.

    • Erin Siegel

      Totally agree. I actually look forward to a sequel of this one because I hope they’ll invest more in the writing second time around. The acting was fairly weak and so was the screenplay like you said, but otherwise I felt like this was a series with more potential than Avatar. Visually extremely standout and story-wise, more to play with (especially given the current technological climate).

      Honestly I wanted CLU to get out into the real world and suddenly face the fact that, no, he ain’t master of the universe.

    • joh

      Avatar didn’t have a “horrible” story. “Predictable” is not “terrible”.

      It got a simple story well told not simplistic and dumb because it’s sense of awe and the great visuals impressed many people but the old universal story touched the cultural core and the heart of many viewers around the world. Cameron nails the script basics whereas Tron legacy can barely handle a dumb story and nailed the same basics. You can bash Avatar because you don’t like rehashed universal story, craving for “original” stuff (What can be praised as “original” nowadays?) but Tron Legacy fails to deliver either. Just plain boring and vain.

  • Jabberwocky

    I thought it was great. I watched the original Tron about a week ago, which I do think helped me be more invested in the story. Certainly I was able to get all the references I might have missed otherwise. Honestly though, I don’t understand these complaints of ‘too many plot threads.’ Guy goes into the computer, wants to rescue his dad, things are more complicated when their plot device gets stolen. How is that hard to follow? The writing wasn’t great; I saw most of the plot “twists” coming, but being predictable doesn’t mean it was bad.

    The visuals were simple and elegant, and really sold me on the stylized world of the Grid. I thought the soundtrack was a really nice weave of techno and more standard orchestrated music, and the 3D (which I saw in IMAX) very well integrated. I can’t speak for the sore nose complaints; I wear glasses anyway and mine are considerably heavier than the flimsy plastic things. The costume design was seriously cool– I’m pretty sure a Tron costume is in my future next Halloween, and I seriously want Flynn’s Zen-light coat.

    The one flaw in the graphics was definitely the de-aged Jeff Bridges. In wide or still shots it wasn’t terrible, but close-up and emotional shots his face just wasn’t expressive enough and it wandered into the uncanny valley. For pioneering technology, though, I’ll give them a bit of a pass there.

    All in all it was a seriously entertaining experience and worth my $14 ticket. I will probably see it again with some other friends who haven’t gone, although maybe not in 3D. Yeah, it was a rather strange film, but it kept the feel of the original. If you weren’t interested in the original, why go to see the sequel?

  • Slash Halen

    I’m still trying to figure out the threat Clu would have posed in the real world. Where he should be powerless.

    How was Clu gonna take over the world anyway? With an army of unarmed dorks with no real knowledge of real world physics, tactics, or weaponry? What weapons would they use in the real world anyway? There glowy light sticks or there glowy light disks?

    And what kind of Tron movie doesn’t have MOAR DIGITAL BRUCE BOXLEITNER?! IT’S CALLED TRON!

  • Most of what people are saying here is fair, but;
    The movie is called Tron Legacy, it is a bout the legacy of Tron – a movie with exquisite iconic production and sound design that have survived thirty years despite a terrible incoherent script with bad pacing.

    With Tron Legacy, I am too grateful for the curatorial excellence in production design, to seriously worry about it’s obvious shortcomings. All the fail is in the screenplay, which is a contractual document concocted by Hollywood, to negotiate a profitable fan culture it knows exists, but doesn’t understand. I’m too tired of watching that process unfold to let it distract me from the good work of the many talented visualists and sound designers who DID understand exactly what they were doing.

    I thought it was the most ‘design department’ film I ever saw. I could smell the marker pens in every scene. And also BEST SOUNDTRACK EVAR! That was enough to last thirty years last time, and I hope it is again.

    I also want you all to go see it, because I want my threequel with Cillian Murphy as bishonen Zark vs rubber-face Bruce Boxleitner!

    “Did anybody that movie Tron?”

  • Giovanni Jones

    POSITIVE NOTE: Bruce Boxleitner’s glasses were much improved in this film that in the original. The most dated thing about the original TRON was those gigantic Larry King/Fearless Fly ’80s glasses.

    • Paul N

      Love the Fearless Fly reference!

  • Sherrie

    I thought this movie would be more like the first Transformers movie: not the best plot, action filled, and fun.

    What I got was a 2 hour movie with some major plot holes, not enough action that played it straight a little too much.

    Awesome music and visuals though.

  • Cyber Fox

    The film is a fun epic 3D ride!

  • Abu

    Loved it! Loved the soundtrack as well, most appropriate soundtrack ever. I may go see it again.

  • The following article makes things a little more promising! The director wants to do more TRON films (which explains why some things were left open-ended).

    I sure hope so!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      For another take on the film, here’s one person’s review that appears to champion the fact we can de-age old actors for such roles as seen in Tron: Legacy, though I thought he was being sarcastic about it…

  • it fulfilled everything intended to by being a tron movie: cool sound, awesome visuals, jeff bridges, and nothing else. i was extremely happy by this movie and was a lot of fun if you didn’t waste your time listening to the dialogue.

  • John

    I liked it!

  • Geo

    The digital Jeff Bridges remained trapped in the uncanny valley.

  • Mathew

    I really enjoyed Tron: Legacy. I re-watched the first one a day or two before and I felt like Legacy lived up to the original. In some ways it was truly an upgraded version of the original; program (MCP/CLU) defies its user and wants to take over. My biggest complaint is Jeff Bridges’ “hippieness.” A role he seems to love to play. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack.

  • The only good thing on this movie is the performance of Olivia Wilde and Jeff. “Quorra” is really fun.

  • Rob

    What I didn’t get about the new tron legacy was that face that clue was killed during the first movie, at the tank part of that first movie, was he a new created clue since the first one was deleted or de-rest , I feel like when they made the new one, they didn’t even bother to watch or review the first one from start to end, it feels like that maybe , they did not fully follow it, but otherwise I like the new movie, not sure how I feel about how they killed off from of the actors from the first movie, I will not give away who and where they killed them at, but I almost saw that coming, plus tron had almost had no lines what’s up with that. did the real actor die and thats why they did that but of course I don’t no for sure, I have not looked that up thou to see yet why tron had almost no speaking lines in this new movie, it did feel like more action and less characters talking but then again that most be the times I guess. again I liked it over the first a little bit but do feel the first had it moments too. but then again I watch the first when ever I feel like reliving the tron movie which I own dvd of it, the tape copy went bad a long time ago, for the fact that the first one was released first on tape I think it’s a good movie for it’s time and the second one was not bad , I also feel that time past fast watching it, it would of been great without the growning people in the movie or out side of it, I would buy the blueray version of tron legacy , just to see if they planed alternet ending, I did not really like the ending of it, becuse they seemed to kill off too of the main characters from the first movie

  • ZAR

    Now, let’s see what comes into my mind when I think about TRON…

    If you wanna skip some lame nostalgia and bad writing, go down to: What about TRON then?

    1982 was one of the best movie years in my life. Period. Great stuff, every 2-4 weeks another SF/SFX-spectacle to watch. Bathe in geekiness and enjoy the ride! ;)

    When TRON showed up. I had no idea what to expect but it was SF and thus I wanted to see it!

    Unfortunately, I had chosen a (bad) friend from school to join me. And he wanted to see PORKYS. Because it was “adult” and “naughty”. So I did what any reasonable teenager would do and got rid of him. Go and watch PORKYS, you git!

    My dad was quite pissed when he heard about it later (he drove us home afterwards), but I didn’t give a damn. It was my choice to see TRON and no horny bastard idiot would keep me from doing so. BTW, I haven’t watched PORKYS to this very day. Drop dead Uwe!

    Some days later I bought the soundtrack on vinyl record – now a very rare collector’s item, indeed! When my dad caught some notes of it he called it “cat’s music”. Quite right, old man, quite right. And what do YOU know about it…

    Now, all pleasentries and nostalgia aside, what was it with TRON?

    First of all it came left field. You had no idea what to expect. Great design and atmosphere, a pleasure to watch. (Very much like THE BLACK HOLE before, which also came from Disney.) The music was also a key factor on the weirdness of it all. This was quite another universe to experience and very fascinating to explore.

    And for a teenager it had quite a nice story too. The “fish out of water” geek gets superpowers (or in this case user powers), the girl (well, at least a good kiss from a “taken” lady, same thing), oh, and playing arcade games is actually a GOOD thing (THE LAST STARFIGHTER had yet to come along, in 1984).

    Back then I would usually watch a good film TWICE. But I had no luck with TRON. No time, whatever. And I also think it didn’t stay much longer than two weeks in our cinema.

    When I finally got my first VCR back in 1987, TRON was among the first 20 movies I rented on VHS. Some time later it was also shown on television were I made my first recording of it.

    When I got a laserdisc player the Special Edition Box Set (this one deserves capital letters) was the behemoth the film deserved in my eyes. It was also rather expensive. (A pity that they did not complete the planned THE BLACK HOLE SE, that would have been fantastic!) Some years later the DVD was also purchased and sometime these days the blu-ray will follow.

    (Trying to get a decent copy of the soundtrack record in 1995 is another nostalgic story all by itself. Let me put it that way – no f****** luck back then! Fortunately that issue has been fixed.)

    What about TRON then?

    It’s to this very day a very guilty pleasure of mine. A bit cheesy in the story department, but still great eye candy, with some interesting actors thrown in the mix and a very unusual score for, well, ANY time in movie history.

    What about TRON LEGACY then?

    Well, it’s to TRON what MATRIX: RELOADED was to THE MATRIX. Much of a remake, tons of merchandise, bland main character and way, way to many cliches and stupid action sequences without any sense. Even worse is the ruined continuity (same as with the MATRIX sequels). AND another obvious option to make even more idiotic sequels (and television series).

    TRON doesn’t even APPEAR in the film that’s named after him. FLYNN’S LEGACY would have been much closer. But who would have watched?

    Who is to blame?

    Obviously, back in 1982 Disney was willing to take risks. Hire creative personal and do stuff no one has ever done before. THE BLACK HOLE, DRAGONSLAYER, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES and TRON (maybe also THE BLACK CAULDRON). All interesting movies. All considered “classics” in their own right. And you know what? All of them rather flopped back when they were released!

    THESE DAYS Disney is a corporate media giant led by bean counters and greedy merchandise idiots in suits. There’s not an ounce of creativity or willingness to take any risks left on the management floor. Forget the fact that John Lasseter (who also worked on TRON) is in charge of the animation department. He is NOT the boss of Disney. Disney may have swallowed Pixar, but they have NOT become Pixar. Very far from it.

    So what is TRON LEGACY?

    TRON LEGACY is supposed to counter STAR WARS and AVATAR – including the 3D. The only reason it exists in its current form is to make money. No risks were taken. You are watching a 200 million commercial with the aim to make cash of people – YOUNG people. So no complicated story and everything is explained to DEATH. Not because people are idiots. But because they are CONSIDERED idiots.

    What’s good about TRON LEGACY?

    The design is great! It’s basically an enhanced version of the old film’s design. Which also means that it looks “modernised” to our standards and will date! Quite the opposite of the original which may feature outdated hardware, language, clothing and hairdos, but once you enter the “other world” it’s still vfresh. Well, LEGACY looks fresh today but in 10 years people will say it’s a dumb action sequel from 2010. And not a classic from 1982.

    The music is great. No, I’m not absolutely blown away by it. It’s a solid effort by two talented musicians of modern music. Which ALSO means that it will sound dated in years to come, has quite a lot of influence by Hans Zimmer’s synthesizer and orchestra torturers and sometimes doesn’t know if it wants to entertain the dancefloor audience or support the movie. (And, btw, why should an old fart like Flynn listen to such music if his server/universe has basically been disconnected from the outside world for almost 20 years?)

    On the other hand, if you compare Daft Punk to Wendy Carlos the duo has no chance. Carlos has invented her own way of interpreting classic music with modern technology. It’s art! Whereas Daft Punk sounds good on the dancefloor and they sure have talent with scoring a film. But it’s not on the same level of innovation and artistry as TRON’s score was. Sorry fellows, great effort, but not in the same league.

    What should I do then?

    Sigh. This is my opinion. Would I rewatch it? Hell, no! It was bad enough for one time. And I will also steer clear of any merchandise! Sell your shit elsewhere, Di$ney.

    If there’s one thing worth buying it’s the score. But you will have a hard time getting MOST of it in one package, because Di$ney have decided to offer different pieces of it around different places to make people pay more. (Check out the review at filmtracks.)

    And also watch out for Olivia Wilde! Very, very sexy and talented and probably some hot Hollywood property… IF they offer her some decent material to play!

    • Abu

      So I’m guessing you won’t rent this on VHS or be buying the Laserdisc Box Set then?

  • Paul

    Did anyone else noticed the several War Games references? Also when their OS was hacked and shown on the screen the actor says ‘woooahw’ in a nod to when Windows98 crashed famously when they plugged a scanner in (I liked it!)

    The one annoying thing was the super obvious non-original virtual synth sounds – one scene kept the same appeg sound wayyy to long. People who don’t write music wouldn’t notice though. The DP Music was a bit 90’s sounding to me.

    Overall worth watching. It’s good but not great.

  • joh

    Avatar is way better that this boring geek crapfest.