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De-3D Cinema Glasses


Who wants a pair of De-3D Cinema Glasses:

* Eliminates 3D effect for more pleasurable movie viewing
* Converts standard 3D movies in to relaxing 2D
* Eliminates headaches and nausea associated with 3D movies
* Works with current 3D movies in theaters using RealD 3D technology
* View 3D movies comfortably with your 3D loving friends

Don’t get out your credit cards just yet–it’s an April Fool’s gag by ThinkGeek, but can the real item be far behind?

(Thanks, Sheila Sofian via Twitter)

  • Gah, if ONLY! I’d buy these up in a heartbeat.

  • Someone needs to send this along to Jeff Katzenberg & Robert Zemeckis. Although they might not get the hint.

  • Tooniio

    Buying these glasses would be like buying an airplane ticket and get upgraded to a limo service to drive you to your destination just because you are afraid of flying.

    Better yet, some people will be willing to pay for it! $:)$

  • Robert Fiore

    I wonder if any of you geniuses have ever considered the possibility of attending the 2D version of the movie that’s playing in a different theater of the same facility at a lower price? Has there been any 3D movie during the current trend that hasn’t had a 2D version in circulation at the same time? This seems to be an obsession of people who want nothing more from life than something to complain about.

    • I wonder if you realized that this is a harmless April Fools joke on a website that has a long tradition of proposing completely ridiculous products as an annual tradition?

      • amid

        Rob – If you lived in a city like New York, you’d know that finding a 2D version of a 3D film is often next to impossible.

      • Also, as mentioned in the sell, you could sit with your 3d-loving friends.

    • Luke

      Actually that is a very comon problem where I live. There is no alternative.

    • Seattle Dave

      Really, Robert? Not where I live, and I have monocular vision, so 3D movies can be difficult for me to watch without headaches and/or nausea. I’m happy that this isn’t a concern for you, but for some of us, it IS a problem.

  • Actually you can build such glasses yourself. Just take one oair of ordinary 3D glasses and turn one of the lenses 90°.

    Of course this wouldn’t eliminate the faint double image, nor the darkness.

    • That method doesn’t work with current 3D glasses, which use circular polarization, rather than linear. The only way to build “2D glasses” with circular filters is to get two pairs and swap one pair’s right lens for the other pair’s left. (Then you’ll have two pairs of 2D glasses, one which sees left-only and one which sees right-only.)

  • Don’t worry, Robert, we’re quite aware of that situation. Especially when it ends up costing $70 for a family of four to see a 3-D theatrical release.

  • John

    I think my eyes were born for 3D because I’ve never gotten nauseous, dizzy, or anything else when watching 3D films or playing on my Nintendo 3DS. I like 3D in some films and games, but in others its just stupid. I know this referenced is dated, but MuppetVision 3D had a better storyline than Spy Kids 3D: Game Over or Sharkboy & Lavagirl, both of which additionally had HORRIBLE CGI effects.


    BTW, Amid, I live just north of NYC and there’s a Clearview Cinemas that plays 2D. MWAHAHAHAHAHA I AM THE SUPERIOR BEING.

  • A.C.

    Would’ve helped me during Tron 3-d.

  • 2011 Adult

    Nice gag. I always look forward to their jokes.

    But here’s an idea that would improve the 2-D glasses further. Oh shhhh! Closer. It’s a secret. … DON’T WEAR THE GLASSES!

    Some DS systems will be released that offer 3D perception without any eye wear! That may be the way to go with cinema!

    • Luke

      Don’t wear the glasses? See double blurry vision the whole time? What’s the point of even going?

  • David Breneman

    Of course, you actually could watch a 3D film in 2D in you used glasses with two left or two right Polaroid filters…

  • Nick

    Shoot, I totally would have used something like this for the atrocious Harry Potter 3D conversions!

  • Kyle

    Haha! Neat stuff. But it still wouldn’t knock off the extra price you’re paying for that 3d movie.

  • Donald C

    Wait. Why not just go see the 2D versions?
    Save your money.

  • wgan

    the real 3d glass already almost sounds like a joke, it’s probably the most awkward piece of device human people’been so crazy about

  • Spencer

    Does it take annoying 3d talking animals and make them cute fuzzy 90s disney animation? I’d appreciate that.

  • Cyber Fox

    3D enhances the experiece if the technology is used creatively like TRON legacy did rather than exploit it for money like James Cameron’s Avatar

  • TheBandSnapsBack

    This techology already exists.

    It’s called an “eyepatch”.

  • Oscar Grillo

    Do these glasses help you watch films by Luis Bunuel, Carl Dreyer, Frank Borzage, John Ford, Ingmar Bergman, Hanna Elias, Billy Wilder, Jean Luc Goddard, Moshen Makhmalbaf or Michael Haneke instead of Hollywood “epics”?….Gimme two!!

  • Steven M.

    I’d buy a dozen in a heartbeat.

  • Hans W.

    “Avatar” was the only 3D movie where I thought the 3D-effect actually made the film better. In about 15 other films I’ve watched in 3D it was just frustrating that the glasses made the image darker. It brought nothing ‘extra’ for me.

    • Timothy Douglas

      I thought you meant “The Last Airbender” for a moment!

  • Johnno

    I enjoy 3-D films. It is true that some are too dark because of it. But this is just an incompetent technical issue that is easily remedied and not the fault of 3-D technology.

    Nintendo 3DS is pretty awesome too, but not as comfortable as the theater experience. Autostereoscopic technology isn’t there yet and more divisive and headache inducing than the theatre experience.

    Some people just like to hate on 3-D for the sake of hating on 3-D. Avatar was great! So were a lot of other Pixar 3-D films. So was Coraline! The darkness issue is fixed by making the 3-D print brighter like Cameron did. Other than that, any other problems belong to biological issues in certain people. It sucks that they can’t enjoy it, but millions of other can and do. But for the sake of complainers, I think Theaters should have 2-D glasses with the same lens. Problem solved. I’m all for supporting the option for those who don’t want it.

  • rnigma

    Frank Zappa once issued “No-D” glasses in 1987 to promote one of his later albums.