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“Rango” End Titles by Prologue


In case you were curious, the end titles of Rango were produced by Venice, California-based Prologue, the studio helmed by title designer Kyle Cooper. Watch the titles HERE.

  • tv dude

    They are awesome. I also saw the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie had a ton of fun animation in it. Looks like flash.

  • I’m still waiting for feature animated films to use a style like this for the whole film, not just a few minutes at the end, which seems to be the trend these days. Why not? They’re scared?

    • J

      I have often thought the same thing, and while it’s not *this* particular look, The Secret of Kells is the closest I’ve seen come to taking that risk.

    • I haven’t seen Rango, but I like this end title sequence a lot. Maybe they can at least do a short in this style. Kind of like how Kung Fu Panda did a 2D short for the DVD release.

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    What an awesome movie! Great sequence as well!

    • Michael F.

      I’m glad the movie is still doing well at the box office; it deserves it. The rusty effects really work well on these titles.

  • Keith

    Are there spoilers in the video? I haven’t seen it yet…

    • Lev

      some minimal ones, yes

  • J.m

    Pulp fiction song rip

  • Ryan

    Beautiful, wonderful stuff. The sequence really captures the spirit and energy of the film. My hat’s off to Prologue for their incredible work.

    As great as that end titles sequence is my favoritve part is the “Ballad of Rango” that plays right after it.

    Los Lobos created it, and it’s catchy as hell. You can check it out here: http://soundcloud.com/antirecords/los-lobos-rango-theme-song

  • sergio saleiro

    Wow, they REALLY wanted to “pay homage” to Dick Dale’s Misirlou and Ghost Riders in the Sky, huh?

  • The Gee

    Since the needle seems to be stuck in a groove here….on the music:

    It complements the animation well and vice versa.

    As it goes, I like it.
    As a person who was dragged to see a Dick Dale show, the Pulp Fiction/Whatever…don’t fret over over it (no pun intended.) That’s all I’m gonna say about it. Tis what it is. And, it works with that sequence.

  • Karen

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  • tonma

    I really, honestly despise it when they do this kind of music knock-off in advertising, so I find it very hard to like the sequence as a whole, that was so unnecessary….

  • The Gee


    I haven’t seen the movie. I’ve talked to others who have and will ask if the tone shift–if there was any–between the end and the credits made the music seem obligatory or superfluous or just out-of-place.

    But, if you all are dogging it for being a sound-alike song, whatever. It fits the piece as shown here.

    And, even if Dick Dale is the king of surf instrumentals…it doesn’t mean every song is ripping him off.

  • Ignatz the Brick Pitcher

    RANGO is the best animated feature I have seen since Toy Story 3…stateside, that is. Industrial Light + Magic surpassed themselves with this project. They may become a formidable competitor to Pixar from the stunning looks of Rango. The animation alone is of note and deserves Oscar consideration in humble “lay” opinion.

    The story and cast of zany characters were thoroughly entertaining. I appreciated the homage to classic spaghetti westerns and Hunter S. Thompson.

    The scenes where Rango makes this annoying funny noise trying to unblock mind(?), a la Jack Lemmon in THE ODD COUPLE (1968) when Lemmon’s character Felix is trying to unblock his ears while eating at the diner, had me in stitches!