Titles for <em>Henchin’</em> Titles for <em>Henchin’</em>

Titles for Henchin’

Here’s a nice little animated opening title sequence from Henchin’, an otherwise live action short film by Javier Badillo. Badillo, an animator / filmmaker from Venezuela now living and working in Vancouver, wrote and storyboarded the sequence. He then gathered a team of local animation artists, including director Jeff Agala (Atomic Betty), to help produce the cartoon prelude:

If you are curious, you can watch the rest of the short here

  • Hulk

    Looks great! Really well done. The music is lacking but I’m guessing it could be temp sound track.

  • Brody

    The opening sequence is a lot of fun, but the short itself is PAINFUL to sit through — really bad acting ruins what starts out as a kind of fun concept.

  • Great concept for a serialized show. I love the intro.

  • Nice little film. Nothing wrong with it that couldn’t be fixed by some trimming and A DECENT MUSIC SCORE. The filmmaker should contact his local advanced music school and find a good student composer.

  • Sweet! thanks for the suggestions guys. Believe me, Im aware of every problem. :) Time and budget were issues. (not bad for 3 months and 2000 bucks.) At this point, however, I have moved on to new projects and have given Henchin’ a rest. It was fun (and tough) to make, hope it was worth your time. :) It was my second short film while going to film school here in Vancouver BC a couple years ago.

    Get this: the (nearly) same concept is now being made into a feature film in LA titled “Hench”, by a production company called Kickstart. (Its completely unrelated to my short film. Crazy, I know! Found out in a local media magazine a few months ago. I wish they’d hire me! LOL)

    keep on keeping on!

  • Great job Javier! Nice to see a VanArts grad make it on the Brew!
    Keep makin’ them films!