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Unofficial Tintin Movie Titles by James Curran

James Curran created this clever unofficial title sequence for the upcoming Tintin feature incorporating elements from each of the 24 Tintin book in just over one minute. I like the clever contrast between the flat-colored circle and the spherical dimensionality created through the animation.

(Thanks Cristiane Fariah via Cartoon Brew’s Facebook page)

  • Josh

    If that’s not the actual title sequence, it bloody well should be – that was awesome!

  • juan alfonso

    probably better than the movie!

  • Very beautiful to look at. A little fast though

  • Snagglepuss

    So gorgeous! Ugh! I cannot even! Teared up a bit. Tintin has been on all the adventures!!!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Noticed it even includes the unfinished “Alph-Art”!

      • I did indeed. Lucite!

        That was outstanding. I’d like to think that if I saw those in a theater, I’d stand up and applaud, because that’s how I felt watching it.

        Somebody gets it. They get it.

  • Loved all the references! What a great tribute:)

  • Snagglepuss

    Did this remind anyone else intensely of Super Mario Galaxy? In a good way, I mean.

  • top cat james

    Looks good but why am I reminded of Evan Dorkin’s “Fisher-Price Theatre” strips?

  • Scott B.

    Well, that’s the greatest thing I’ve seen all the day long! Very witty and well crafted!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    This certainly is opening material for a movie.

  • Lovely and marvelous and smart. Bravo!

  • Well done! Very clever.

  • Laura

    Awesome! Title sequences are sometimes cooler than the movies themselves these days : ) and this should be the official one because it’s so good!

  • I didn’t enjoy that at all. Not enough mo-cap or uncanny valley for me.

    Jokes. That was freaking brilliant.

    My wager – I think the credits will be against a stark black background, in 3D as the camera pans along, with a light passing across the scene to reveal dimly lit 3D objects, kind of like a scene at night with a searchlight briefly passing over objects to reveal parts of the objects, only giving a subtle hint to the location. And I bet it’ll be a boat at sea.

    Apart from that, I’m gonna watch this flippen’ movie even if people say it sucks, because, c’mon…its TinTin. In 3D. And I’m curious.

  • Oh, man, and he signed it, too! I didn’t catch that until the third time through.

    This pleases me.

    • James Curran

      César signed it, not me.

      Or Endaddine Akass signed it.

      Or maybe Rastapopoulos signed it, who knows…

      • Ergo

        I very much liked that touch.

  • J.M.Urbina

    Great, I also hope SPIELBERG keeps the marvelous TIN TIN theme, maybe he will John Williams it up?

    • He won’t use the cartoon theme from the 1992 Nelvana TV series, if that’s what you mean. Spielberg has wanted to make his Tintin fim since long before that TV show existed – and Spielberg’s film is based on Hergé’s original comic strip, not Nelvana’s television adaptation. He will definitely have John Williams do an original Tintin theme.

  • Who else thinks that this movie is going to be the first Spielberg’s bomb at the box office?.

    It has all the ingredients to be one:

    -Motion Capture, CHECK (Final Fantasy, Mars Needs Moms)
    -Photorealistic characters, CHECK (Final Fantasy, Mars Needs Moms)
    -A comic book character that not that much people know *, CHECK (Green Lantern)

    * Here, in México, nobody have heard about Tintin, and my guess is that the same thing happens in many other countries.

    • Ergo

      No, it’s only the Americas (excepting Canada) that don’t know about Tintin. The rest of the world knows him pretty well.

      • Grumpy Animator

        You don’t have to know a character to enjoy a film.

        When the first Star Wars came out did people sit around going ‘Oh we don’t know the character, its going to be rubbish this film’

        No wonder studios find it easier to re-hash old idea rather than go for something original if this is how the public conscience is perceived.

    • Tim Hodge

      Speilberg’s first bomb was “1941”. If memory serves, “Always” and “Munich” didn’t fare too well at the box office either. Steven also served as producer of “Monster House”, which (whether you are a fan of the movie or not) didn’t set any box office records either.

      Like many successful filmmakers, his career is dotted with less than stellar works.

  • Tom

    Considering how immensely popular Tintin is outside of North America, it’s going to make considerable bank.

    It may not do quite as well domestically, but overseas, especially in Europe, it’ll do incredibly well. Trust me on this one.

    Also, you list motion capture and photorealistic characters, yet look at Avatar, the highest-grossing film of all time. And considering Tintin uses similar motion-capture tech to Avatar, I’m sure it’ll be a step above Mars needs Moms and Final Fantasy. Also, NOBODY knew about Avatar. While the story wasn’t original, the characters were, and if anything, original characters seem to be a tougher sell nowadays.

    Anyway, I’m rambling. Tintin’s going to make bank.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Wonderful and well made!

  • Rick R.

    I dunno, this is the first I heard Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead and most of Simon Pegg’s other works) and Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Sherlock) were two of the writers on the project. They can do good work. Yeah, uncanny valley issues aside, I am now more likely to see the film now.

    And the credit sequence posted was very inventive and well done!

  • I loved this title sequence, but it would of course never be suitable since the movie is based on just two Tintin books (with a smattering of others).

    I saw the world premiere yesterday. The opening titles were stylish 2D in the vein of Saul Bass or Catch Me If You Can, albeit using mo-cap silhouettes of the characters rather than animation. It wasn’t enhanced by the added 3D, in my opinion.

    I guess it would be a thread derail if I said anything more about the film. Suffice to say I agree with this review: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/filmreviews/8830386/The-Adventures-Of-Tintin-The-Secret-Of-The-Unicorn-review.html

  • Peter Wassink

    Very lovely,

    It was even a bit emotional for me, it made me remember/realise how deep the world of Tintin is embedded in my system.
    Something i didn’t have at all with the clips of Spielbergs version that have been released so far.

  • Skeptical

    I agree, those titles are more entertaining, and more true to Herge, than anything I’ve seen from the movie. Well done!

  • Michel Van

    i love it !

  • Katella Gate

    Fascinating concept, well executed.

  • Martyn

    Stole from Edgar Wright via Twitter –

    So @slimjimstudios does unofficial #Tintin titles http://vimeo.com/30402976, Spielberg sees ’em, give him invite to prem & job on next movie…