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“Yogi Bear” end titles by yU+Co

Believe it or not there was ONE good thing about the recent Yogi Bear movie: the animated end titles by yU+Co, designed by Synderela Peng (Watchmen, Hulk, Bee Movie, etc.). Motionographer has posted the end titles, so you will NEVER have to see the whole film that precedes it.

Design/Animation: yU+Co., Hollywood, CA
Creative Director: Garson Yu
Art Director/Design lead: Synderela Peng
VFX Director/Supervisor: Richard Taylor
Producer: Sarah Coatts
Effects Coordinator: Sean Hoessli
Design Team: Edwin Baker, John Kim, Daryn Wakasa, Etsuko Uji
3D Stereoscopic Compositors: Stevan del George, Mark Velacruz
After Effects: Jill Dadducci, Andres Barajas, Gary Garza, Wayland Vida, Alex Yoon
Animators: Josh Dotson, Eddie Moreno, Noel Belknap, John Dusenberry, Dae In Chung, Ben Lopez, Pota Tseng
Editorial: Jason Sikora, Latoria Ortiz

  • At least they acknowledged the original cartoon designs in silhouette.

    I take it that a snapping turtle that won’t let go is a long running joke in the new movie….

    • Surprisingly, the turtle serves as a last minute plot device. An endangered species that can help save jellystone from closing down… Yeah, I kind of had some respect for this movie, and these credits made me feel warm and fuzzy.

  • I think it would be prudent if we threw a bag over this whole ‘yogi has been besmirched’ business and move on. Any further punches could be viewed as bullying. Let this latest piece of good stuff be the high point from which we wave ta ta to this grubby incident

  • WhoShallRemainNameless

    I worked for Yu+Co for that same art director on a few other end titles. It was grueling but worthwhile. The down side of working there was they always left a lot of good, finished work on the cutting room floor. I wonder what got left out here. Did they post any concept art for this per chance?

    BTW I’m not knocking it. It looks fantastic. In fact, I’d like to see them do a yogi short in that style.

  • I was glad to see that the credits admitted that this wasn’t a movie featuring Yogi Bear, only a film based on the creations of Hanna Barbera!

  • Toonio

    Let us know where can we watch the Road Runner short in HD so we don’t have to go back to the counter to ask for our money back, and then we can skip the whole experience in between.

    Merry X-mas to all, hope Santa gets you what you wished for.

    • DVDs with Chuck Jones’ masterful Coyote/Road Runner cartoons are easily available. The cgi version is a poorman’s substitute, a stale crumb off the delicious cake that Mr. Jones so lovingly and brilliantly created and directed. There is NO substitute for the real thing.

      There is also a fake Beatles band touring. If you take enough substances, close your eyes, and wish real hard, then those guys MIGHT magically transform into John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr. AND the music MIGHT sound exactly like the Beatles. You might also try to see a psychotherapist for delusional thinking. Or, get a clue.

  • diego

    Yes, the end credits are okay enough, but the music that accompanies the work is not nice at all.

    When did they start putting this bland punk pop on kids movies and T.V series? It’s everywhere now.

  • Chris

    I agree with Diego That was the lamest song to put in that sequence actually it deserves no part in any movie!

  • Greg Chenoweth

    You know, I really enjoyed the Yogi Bear movie a lot. It’s too bad people don’t give it a chance.

  • Scarabim

    Since when do turtles have long sticky tongues, a la frogs?

    • John

      Since when do bears wear hats and ties?

  • Ladybug

    It’s alright – it looks similar to Cloudy w/ Meatball’s end titles (I assume the same folks?), I thought that one was more fun .. although it’s a better movie too.

  • Randy Koger

    Very nice animation on the end titles….BUT the music SUCKS!
    WHY, oh WHY does every damn film have to have some “indie”, punkish, garage-band one-chord song bashing away during the end or beginning credits?
    GAK! Man, that “song” ruined it all for me.

  • Henry

    “Motionographer has posted the end titles, so you will NEVER have to see the whole film that precedes it.”

    -Ah, but you’ll still be missing out on seeing them in stereoscopic 3D, as they were designed to be seen. Look at all the foreground/background interplay going on… You don’t get nearly the full effect from seeing the Yogi end titles in a flat, highly compressed streaming web version.

  • Tee

    Really awful music, but a nice job on everything else.

    REALLY awful music.

  • Jim

    I seen it and I could not be much greatful. The music I heard during the end credits was quite unforgettable and very hip.

  • The Gee

    Pertaining to the music: whoever chooses the music doesn’t always get the first choice, the one they think will work the best. So, sometimes there are rights clearance issues and then there are times when the desired song is actually currently being used in or to promote another flick. It happens.

    That said, the person doing the choosing may not be even thinking what works best for animated end credits. They are just looking at it as the cool song that ends the movie. So, they really are not considering what is most appropriate for the animation at all.

    Obviously, there are some studios which just get it and will get someone to compose music for the end. Those work out swell.

  • E. L. Kelly II

    I didn’t think that silly garage nu-punk music was all that atrocious. I think I could register where those 3-d elements in the graphics would be, as the Hon. Henry above noted, and it would be an explosion of low-detail hot-dogs and popcorn IN MY FACE!
    But I do believe that these end titles AND music are quite inferior to those at the end of another horrible movie, Looney Tunes: Back in Action; while they were much simpler, the rough pencil tests were so invigorating, I found myself dreaming of a new Looney Tunes series. And the hyperkinetic music played off the drawings’ energy wonderfully.

  • At least they used something more soft than that annoying tune they played in the trailers (like the Boo Boo Kills Yogi YouTube video did….*shudders*!)

    Fortuanley I only saw it with the link on this post. Didn’t see the dumb Yogi Bear movie, saw the latest Narnia instead. It was hypnosis with those ads for Yogi Bear and even complaining. I’ve broken promises in the past, but one I made Stu and Jerry on Stu’s Show I kept. Let’s hope it’s kept by not playing it so much that I don’t happen to miss it on some Turner/Time Warner station like CN, HBO, or TBS. I don’t even want to rent the Blu-ray or DVD! I got “Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear” for Christmas, and I was realy glad. (and relieved)

  • Katelyn

    When the turtle went over the rainbow I thought it hanged itself :( And then I couldn’t help but think that Yogi and Boo-Boo were trailing that rope with that hanged turtle behind them for the rest for the rest of the credits. I guess the movie had a turtle with a leash on it, it’s sad placement in a silhouette.

  • That was really cute! I would have loved a crack at hose, it would have been fun !