‘Adventure Time’ is coming! ‘Adventure Time’ is coming!

‘Adventure Time’ is coming!

I have no love for Cartoon Network these days, but I will not let that stop me from trumpeting the forthcoming debut of Pendelton Ward’s animated series Adventure Time (it’s official title is Adventure Time With Finn and Jake but it’ll always be simply Adventure Time to me). The on-air promos have started playing and the production blog is loaded with cool artwork. I’m excited!

  • oscar


  • mrscriblam

    ive been anticipating this for a long long time now.

    feels like forever.

  • doop

    It’s about TIME.


    Finn (Pen?) sounds a lot older…

  • David


  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’ll call it Adventure Time too!

  • ben c

    wow, i remember reading about this show ages ago it seems. nice to see I didn’t miss it :)

  • Kyle

    This show will be AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOME!

  • Scott

    Looks interesting. The music is really annoying. But I wish CT would focus more on CHARACTER animation.

  • Scarabim

    Yay, more ugly-looking cartoon characters.

    Sorry, but I can’t stand the look of the thing. PASS!

  • I really loved the short; I hope the show can keep it up without dragging it out.

  • Donald C.

    I’ve been pumped for this for quite a long time now. Glad it’s finally coming soon.
    Also Scarabim, these are only a few characters. Check out the production blog to see better examples.
    And Doop, Finn is now voiced by the original VA’s younger brother due to the original being to old to voice him.

  • sam Filstrup

    Hope it does well its nice to see something different then the usual style of characters in animation.

  • Ben


  • It’s gonna rock it, looking forward to this! Many different styles and color schemes than what is shown in this sneak peak, too… totally tantalizing to my tender touch…

  • that party looks GLORIOUS.

  • FP

    Has more of a FLAPJACK flavor than the pilot. Looks great!

  • Gobo

    Awesome. Yeah, the characters look different from Disney. They’re still appealing and tons of fun.

  • Why is it that mediocrity like “Adventure Time” ends up with a Television deal instead of something that shows real cartooning and writing talent?

    And yes, I have seen the pilot for this series. Not once did I crack a smile or chuckle. Oh well, I wish the team for this series the best of luck, despite my views on this series.

    From an aspiring animator/ cartoonist

  • Rock awesome.

  • squirrel


  • christy


  • Still looks as stale as ever. Im waiting to see some sort of adventure.

  • let me just add my own “LOOKING SO FORWARD TO THIS!” into the mix!
    cannot wait… the pilot ep. was pure gold.

  • Gobo

    Just out of curiosity: for folks who think that Adventure Time is boring, stale, and mediocre… what would you suggest that’s on TV now? I can’t imagine thinking of Adventure Time as stale and boring.

  • I suggest getting outside the box – getting away from coloring book animation meets The Descendants Milo goes to College – Is that MS PAINT?

  • Emily

    Looks really fun!

  • Mike Caracappa

    Congratulations Pen. Good Luck on your new show.

  • squirrel

    How come every time CB reports on something that’s been in development for YEARS, and 80% of the repliers to that entry have NEVER heard of it before!??!?

  • Tom

    Why is it that when cartoon network finally starts showing CARTOONS again, people are complaining about it? Seriously, those people are the reason it’s going downhill in the first place. Well done guys! Thanks for raping my childhood!

  • Quote:
    –Thanks for raping my childhood!–

    It was my pleasure.

  • Dilbert meets Fort Thunder?

  • Deaniac

    I don’t care what any of the nay-sayers say, I think Adventure Time has enough potential to be the best Cartoon Network show since The Powerpuff Girls.

    You can’t just look at one teaser and assume that’s what the entire show is going to be like. Just wait. This show is going to be huge..

  • Hey, Jerry, I thought you only hated the CN Real block, not the entire Cartoon Network channel.

  • Ariel

    Very original, funny and unique show. I’ve been following the designs at Frederator and boy, what funny stuff!

    *Nice to see something that’s different from the PowerPuff, Total Drama Island, thick-outer-line approach to design. No offence to those shows, just always been wanting to see something different.

    Best of luck!