<i>Animaniacs</i> Splatter <i>Animaniacs</i> Splatter

Animaniacs Splatter

(Thanks, Thad K)

  • Annie-Mae

    Seen it…It’s certainly not as funny the 2nd time. Not sure if this was inspired by the splatter art show though, but it’s a good quickie thing. Anyone know who made it?

  • Gillian

    I have both the urge to scream and the urge to laugh. I don’t know which I want to do.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Thank you!

  • Seems to me people are hating the wrong cartoons! “Animaniacs” was a great show, far better than 90 percent of the cartoons on TV these days. I’d much rather see this gag done to something like “My Gym Partner’s a Monkey” or “Chowder”! Pick on somebody who deserves it!

  • TJR

    I saw that one coming a mile away………but I still laughed :)

    I really enjoyed that show.

  • Hey now Matt, what’s wrong with ‘Chowder?’ Of the newer shows out there, I’ve found it to be one of the few housing characters with actual appeal.

    ‘Animaniacs’ was a great show. But I wonder if it holds up with today’s kids? I remember trying a few years back to get some of my students to watch it during a workshop. Zero interest. They wanted ‘Family Guy.’

  • zavkram

    That’s gonna sting tomorrow!

  • This was (nahh—IZZ) one of the greatest animated shows ever! Humor strictly for adults!! I died laffing!!

  • Andrew

    You know…. that was… pretty funny. :D Good for a morning jolt! You’d think it would be something I’d criticize!

  • Dave

    It’s kinda what Animaniacs itself did in its “Lion King” parody cold intro, over a decade ago. Except this has blood, so you know it’s hip and cutting edge.

  • Kyle Maloney

    “Here, have a fat free yogurt.”

  • Celia

    Seeing that parody made me want to see the original opening again.

    It’s been about 15 year since Animaniacs came out, and it still looks better than the swill being peddled to children today. Oh sure, there are a few exceptions out there, but you gotta agree!

  • Frank

    If only the series were as funny, well timed, and witty as this. As it was, it was unfunny kiddie tripe not worth the effort or time to watch.

  • Tor

    I’m with Matt. Pick on a show that deserves it.

  • Mike Russo

    It’s hilarious how opinions are so divided when it comes to this show. But what’s even more hilarious is how nasty and vile the comments are from the people who don’t like it. Sometimes I think it’s vemon designed specifically to make fans of the show feel bad. I stand by that.

    That said, I found this funny. And I actually really like the show.

  • Animaniacs had its ups and downs. At its best, it was capable of delivering well-timed, nicely designed shorts like BRAIN MEETS BRAWN; at once modern and still reminiscent of Warners’ later golden age. At its worst, it seemed to revel in its own wit and lean on self-referential humor as a crutch—less like any golden age cartoon and more like FAMILY GUY parsed through Roger Rabbit.

    At some level, if your biggest joke is that “none of this is real… our characters are just snooty actors playing a part in this story,” you run the risk of sacrificing consistency, believability, and finally modesty; effectively saying “I’m too smart for my material,” which is suicide when you’re not. First you start drawing laughs for the wrong reasons; then you drive away the audience that liked your characters for what they were originally supposed to be.
    Considering yourself too smart for your material also leads you to drift into overuse of cliches, perhaps because you believe you’re so cutting-edge that your use of the cliches is “different” somehow. Unfortunately, there was nothing too different—at least from my perspective—about WBTVA cartoons’ constant, winking use of character types like the egotistical yuppie, the glitzy-but-vapid celebrity, the loud kid, and the superficial 1950s sitcom parents. In various shows, in various incarnations, they simply ate up screen time that would have been better spent on WBTVA’s more original creations.

    (Wow, what a rant—and yet I still *like* what I think WBTVA did right, and agree that at their best they easily outperformed many more modern cartoons. You ought to hear me go off on a series I *hate!*)

  • Doug Drown

    The “Animaniacs” short “Yakko’s World,” in which said character names almost every country on the planet in a song of about three minutes’ duration, is one of the most clever cartoons I’ve ever seen. I showed it to my church choir one evening and they loved it.

    I have to agree with Celia’s comments. Yes, “Animaniacs” was seldom on a par with the best stuff that Warner Bros. put out in the ’40s and early ’50s, but it was still WAY better than most of what passes for TV animation nowadays.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Personally, I always disliked Animaniacs.

  • stavner

    If this had just happened in the first episode, this show would be a lot better.

  • Mr. Semaj

    “Considering yourself too smart for your material also leads you to drift into overuse of cliches, perhaps because you believe you’re so cutting-edge that your use of the cliches is “different” somehow.”

    See, that’s EXACTLY what Family Guy is doing these days.

    This comes from a deeper problem where the writers start getting cocky with their own audience, even in FG’s case where suddenly, they’re giving the finger to the same fans that gave them the rare shot at redemption.

    Whenever a writer wants to brag about how “clever” he is, sorta like a random guy off the street bragging about how big his ding-dong is, he ends up robbing his audience of pure entertainment, which is what the majority really wants.

  • SR Das

    One of my favourites! Even as an animation student, I am impressed by this show as one of the few shows to attempt to elevate the role of full animation in a generation theretofore dominated by South Korean-animated limited animation (others being Tiny Toons, Mickey’s MouseWorks and Disney’s House of Mouse).

  • I don’t get it. Animaniacs was a great show.

  • Annie-Mae

    I’m making a comment again to bring my support of the show. Interesting point Mike, it’s a shame it really seems that way, but if you ask anybody how has no idea of the politics of animationwho grew up watching it, there are pretty positive remarks. The average joe would say it was a great show but those same people would now love to see a Shrek 5, so just make your own opinions.

    David Gerstein also makes a good point as well. While the show as good there are many moments that just makes it painful to be a fan of. The show was one of the last ones to hire an American traditional animation studios, Star Toons. But most of the blame I have to put on the network. Like Family Guy, the A! staff was pushed to do things that would save the network money and keep up with hip times. Unlike Family Guy the show was pulled at a decent time in the shows run, if the show had lasted longer then 4 seasons, there would be more people who would hate it. And if you don’t want to blame the network, explain to me Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain. Can’t imagine anyone pitched that show while sober. With any luck The Cleavland show will gone equally as fast.

  • Jorge Garrido

    I’m gonna go ahead and throw my hat onto the “hate animaniacs” side of this debate. That show was fast food garbage.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    OK that was just wrong. LOL funny, but wrong!

  • I don’t think this was hating on Animaniacs, I think it’s just supposed to be funny…

  • That was funny! (I’m also not a fan of Animaniacs.)

    SR Das: you do know that while it was written in the US, Animaniacs was animated at studios in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines, right? Tiny Toons was made in the same places, and Mickey Mouseworks/House of Mouse was produced in the Philippines. Malign limited animation all you want, I don’t think “South Korean” should be an insult when it comes to television animation- overseas production is pretty much a necessity.

  • Keith Bryant

    PUHLEEZ!!! Someone do this to Captain Planet!

  • Animaniacs is one of the most overrated cartoons of all time. It’s all a bunch of desperate attempts to make humor without inspiration. Although I did get a kick out of the idea in the video it looked like a post-cancellation Family Guy bit. The editing quality was pretty good though.

  • Personally, I have no problem with the Animaniacs haters. I just hope they hate on shows like Spongebob and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (though, I readily admit that there’s so many jokes that could be told about Clone Wars that bagging on the property could quickly get old).

  • I can’t believe there’s so much hate for this show. The main complaint seems to be over its liberal use of pop culture references. But the original Looney Tunes did the EXACT SAME THING. The only difference being Animaniacs updated the references for a new generation. Rather than rip on Humphrey Bogart they ripped on Mel Gibson.

    This was a funny show that stands up well on its own. (Even if today’s kids don’t seem to like it).

  • EatRune

    It’s fakeness is kinda obvious, since the animation of them hitting the ground looks like it happened 10 years later.

    I agree that I don’t think this is supposed to be a rip on Animaniacs, just more of a joke.

    And yes, Chowder is much better than most cartoons on TV, and one of the only good ones on Cartoon Network.

  • SpookyMagpie

    I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone, but only a sick person would think that splatter jokes are funny. Just my opinion.