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Animation’s Domination Slips on Fox Sundays

While Fox’s Sunday night lineup was dubbed Animation Domination in May 2005, it did not officially become all-animated until 2010. Now, the announcement of their fall 2014 schedule reveals that the cartoons will be ceding some of their Sunday night territory to live-action comedies Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Mulaney, which will be taking over the 8:30 and 9:30 time slots, respectively.

With American Dad! moving to TBS later this year, this leaves The Simpsons, Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers to fend for themselves until 2015, when Bordertown, the Seth MacFarlane-produced animated comedy is set to premiere.

Also debuting on Fox in 2015, The Last Man on Earth, a live-action comedy by SNL alum Will Forte (MacGruber, Nebraska) and animation directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The LEGO Movie). The show follows Phil Miller (Forte) who, after “an unlikely event,” discovers that he may be the last person left on the planet.

  • Considering every animated show FOX picked up after King Of The Hill’s cancellation flopped – save for Bob’s Burgers of course – it’s probably for the best. Who’s to say Bordertown is even going to make it past one season? All I ever watched on AD is Bob’s Burgers and The Simpsons anyways.

    On that note, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is currently my favorite comedy on TV (now that Community is cancelled, unfortunately), so this is a double incentive for me.

    • SarahJesness

      Not to mention that the ratings for The Simpsons have been hitting all-time lows. (if it were a different show, it probably would’ve been cancelled) The ratings for Family Guy aren’t as good as they once were either. Those shows can’t hold the block forever, and like you said, FOX hasn’t been so good with picking new ones.

  • IBlock

    We’ll this is meh to me since we don’t get the block in my location and wait a minute new Phil Lord and Chris Miller show? (CAUTION: Old meme ahead!)

  • Roberto Severino

    It’s pretty inevitable that this block isn’t going to last that much longer. Much of it seems stale and stagnant IMO with a few exceptions. The good part about this is that I’ll have more time to check out Brooklyn Nine Nine. Sounds like an awesome show from what I’ve heard.

  • Tril

    That’s because Bob’s Burgers is basically a retooled King of the Hill:


  • JodyMorgan

    TV Exec: Type of animation? Oh, you mean using that computer stuff?

  • foreigner.


  • Mr-Famicom

    Indeed, I am also wondering about LilPri And The Queen Of Everything (LilPri series 3, series 2 was a all CG show done by Studio 4C that the episodes were only 5 minutes long) that I keep on hearing about, it will be the first time that Fox will air a series with quality animation full time since CyberSix & The Ripping Friends, plus since TMS’/Telecom’s A-Unit is running the show, It will be good to know that the animation quality will be feature quality due to how high the budget is.

    I beg for this to be a success so that more shows with quality animation will replace the lifelessness that the network is airing now.

  • Tril

    Bob is the main character who has a passion for grilling and has to deal with crap from jerks or people who don’t have the same views as his on almost every episode.

    Linda is the glasses-wearing assertive wife who thinks she is better than she actually is.

    Teddy is the awkward, fat, past-his-prime, lonely loser who always hangs out with the main character.

    Gene is the fat, attention-seeking “funny” kid.

    I forgot to add the eccentric next-door neighbor who always hangs out with the main character (Mort/Dale)

  • Tril

    Not to mention the arrogant, more-successful neighbor who annoys the main character and whose kid has/had a relationship with the main character’s child (Jimmy Pesto/Khan).