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Another Pic from The Looney Tunes Show has posted this image from the new CG Road Runner and Coyote shorts being produced for the new Looney Tunes Show coming to Cartoon Network. This new picture isn’t as exciting as the previously released image – but I believe the previous shot was from one of the upcoming theatricals and this new one is from the TV series. If anyone from the production would care to enlighten us, we’re all ears.

  • Matt

    Wow, way to take all the fun out of Wile E. Coyote’s design and what’s up with the limp muzzle? Were they inspired by Cyril Sneer or something?

  • lampshade

    Eh, not as good as the previous one.

  • VinceP

    I really hope this will end up being good. Roadrunner wasn’t my favourite of the looney tunes, but it’s more in line with the whole frenetic chase thing that’s been popular lately, and maybe they’ll bring something new and interesting to it.

    I wish the production team lots of luck and hope this turns out to be a winner!

  • This is more along the lines of what I was expecting it to look like. Still doesn’t look bad though.

  • Still looks good. It’s got my attention but well have to wait and see.

  • Kristjan

    I wounder how much throuble the Studios would have saved us if they have left the films alone when re-issued.

  • Jibby

    This is in fact, separate from the theatrical Wile E Coyote shorts.

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    Still seems fine to me. Don’t judge animation on a still frame. Total crap on still frames can become pure gold when it starts moving.

  • uncle wayne

    Pardon my repetition….but how illegal is it to show the REAL films!? There is currently NOwhere (in tv-land) to view these [900 some odd] masterpieces!

  • These animators seem to favor big heads and big feet.

  • Dave

    Although a traditionalist at heart, I am excited to see what they do with it. Roadrunner was definitely one of my favorites and Chuck Jones was a huge influence on me getting into the industry. I hope they give it justice.

  • Craig

    Looks awful.
    An amateur could’ve done better in their free time.

  • Geneva

    I think the redesigns look pretty cute in 3d!

  • Am I the only one who wishes these Roadrunner shorts could be handed out to Gobelins students as they graduate? No one else seems more capable of putting together character-driven chase scenes rendered in beautifully 2D-informed 3D.

  • Roberto Severino

    Not too bad. I prefer the other still of the characters best, but either way, it’s miles ahead of what we have been getting with the Looney Tunes during the past two decades.

  • This has that new CGI Garfield show feel they keep showing on CN. You know, that awful one.

    Previous screenshot, please.

  • Leirin

    I’ll be honest, this doesn’t look half bad! The designs are pretty close, and they’re not trying to be excessively realistic- true to their simplified 2-d forms. The background’s kinda neat too. Though the last shot was a bit more exciting…

  • Humm…I’m not sure. It looks kind of cute, but I don’t expect very expressive animation based on that image. They are too far away, though. We don’t see many details but maybe they are more expressive in the close-ups.

  • Fluff and lint with weak poses. Oh, and you can’t do dry brush with cg.

  • Calling Mr. Jones, Calling Mr. Jones……….

  • fishmorgjp

    Doesn’t look too good in this picture… they look a little too ‘cute’.

  • That new image looks a bit like pre-production artwork to me! Still like it though!

  • I say we all relax, wait until the show airs, and make our judgements then.

  • Looks nice. But, the question is why? I’ve got the classics on DVD, and they’ll never be better than that. Why don’t we just create our own characters instead of watering down the past?

  • Keith

    The last shot was more exciting because it’s for the THEATRICAL Road Runner & Coyote shorts. This is from the new Looney Tunes show, where they have Road Runner & Coyote “CG” mini-shorts.

    The style of both here looks like they’d fit right into the world of Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester, Petunia, and Yosemite Sam that we’ve already seen, if they were non-shaded ‘drawn’ characters instead of rendered ‘3D’ characters. Which is a good thing.

    Coyote chasing RR in a bubble-ball… I guess to protect him from the inevitable fall off a cliff, or hit from a train or truck? I wonder how it’ll backfire?

  • Kyle B

    Going off of that shot, at least the Road Runner and scenery look good.

  • Eh, now I’m not so impressed. The previous shot and model looked much more promising. They’ve once again stylized the classic designs a bit too much. And what’s up with that desert? It does no justice to the likes of Maurice Noble and Pete Alvarado. How about a cactus? A rock? A tumbleweed. Something, ANYTHING!

  • Hmm, paint splatter clouds are a little weird and I agree with the limp muzzle being strange, but over-all, not repugnant in the slightest. I’m certainly interested in it.

  • Also, you CAN judge design on a still image. Just saying.

  • Andrew

    What’s with all the bitching, could this be any worse than Baby Looney Tunes and Loonatics? To much ‘Haterade’ going around.

  • abe

    I actually saw these toons. they fell a bit short but still look amazingly good. its a classic 2d design trying to be replicated in 3d and they damn near pulled it off, in some shots they actually best the 2D look.

    BTW!!!! its effin roadrunner!!! not exactly pixar storytelling. They’re 1 gag shorts, re-fucking-lax!

    Personally i prefer if they shoot for replicating 2d and get the hell away from 4k realistic textures of wood grain on a tree in a cartoon (which still bugs me about Pixar at times). More power to them. I’m sure you’ll dig them when you all see them :-)

  • Rooniman

    I’m not impressed…

  • Josh

    Looks like fun :) can’t wait to see them in motion!

  • For those who are saying you can judge a design off of one still image. Look at Tex Avery animation. Individually, most frames are HORRIBLE! But when Animated, its pure effin’ Genius! Of course the Designs up top are not frames from animation. But still, be patient I say. Judge when there is finally SOMETHING to judge.

  • Big Road Runner fan here and the still looks like it could go either way to crap or awesomeness. Have to see more first before judging…

  • Craig

    Andrew says: What’s with all the bitching, could this be any worse than Baby Looney Tunes and Loonatics?

    It could be just as bad and by the looks of the screens, except the previous Roadrunner screen, it will be.

  • Jonathon

    I currently am working on this show, it features all the great characters in a 3 dimensional perspective. it allows the audience to enjoy the classic cartoons in a more enjoyable fashion. We are not only creating a great edition to the classics but improving them with great style, The shows will still be filled with great laughs and adventure with a modern classic twist. Its truly a show you can sit down with your children and enjoy it along with them, that has been our mission for this show and we accomplished it! :) enjoy

  • Huge RR+Coyote fan here! as someone already wrote, it actually looks like a pre-production short, it is not so much elaborated as the the first image we saw…In a different context I’d even say it is a screen shot for a brand new video game! And what about huge feets?? it seems the main trend of those new cartoons; I must confess I’m not particularly enthusiasth about this production, but I’ll see when it will came out! What about if, instead, they would have plan the production by taking inspiration from the recent “Little Go Beep”?

  • Keith

    Once more, since a lot of people still don’t seem to get it:

    The previous RR/Coyote still is from THEATRICAL shorts, with NO RELATION to the upcoming Looney Tunes Show that THIS image is from.

    That’s why it looks so different. That’s why Wile has big feet here. That’s why there’s those paint splatter clouds.

  • Scott Ecker

    Haven’t we learned by now that CG doesn’t sell cartoons (especially updates of classics) on the basis that it is CG?

  • The Coyote has the same giant head and feet as Bugs :-(

  • Cartoonist

    Pure crap. I’m sure Chuck Jones would be proud to know that Warner is using his acheivement and throwing it in blender with all this flash crap looking designs and marketing it as new and exciting for kids all in the name of capitalism. Pure marketing genius. They must of ordered this from the acme company, can’t wait to see how it will fail miserably.

  • Jonathon

    Actually I met with Chuck Jones while he was still alive I would often meet with him. He mentioned to me that he really yearned for his creations to be CGI at one point he told me, “Jonathon why cant you guys make my stuff look like that!!!!! dont let my stuff fade away and not move forward!” Its amazing to see how creatives are so open to this medium CGI isn’t taking away anything form it its only enhancing, its only now making these characters reach their potential. As an animation director and artist I am really happy how this turned out and Im positive you will love the series. Thanks

  • Cyber Fox

    Cease All Criticisms until you seen the actual show when it premieres this fall

  • OtherDan

    Jonathon, you’re giving me some hope that it will be good in that you seem to care about the characters and possibly enhancing things. Good luck on that front. But, don’t you agree that we should be stamping our own generation with our own characters/gags/stories? It depresses me that we keep resurrecting the dead-like we don’t have anything new to offer.

  • Anonymous

    So stale and boring…they might as well just rename the show to “Looney Tunes on Sedatives”.