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Archer talkback

The FX channel is premiering a new spy spoof, Archer, tonight at 10pm. I was able to preview several episodes and, though its primarily a dialogue driven show loaded with sexual innuendo, I found the visuals slick and attractive and the scripts to be quite funny. If you like the current crop of animated sitcoms on Comedy Central and Adult Swim, you will probably enjoy this.

What did you think? Comments will be posted below.

  • Yeah, it’s pretty much like any other Adult Swim shows. Good art direction, though, but otherwise there’s not much that stands out.

  • squirrel

    I can see how the pitch session went: “Make it like Frisky Dingo, only not!”

  • Mitch Kennedy

    Can’t watch the video clips in Canada….

  • Tony Mc

    The first two episodes were good. Like Mr. Reed’s Frisky Dingo it seems that if you watch from the beginning you will be rewarded with inside jokes. I hope it is a success.

  • Adam Reed is a fantastic and hilarious writer, didn’t expect anything mind-blowing animation wise from this show, since we’ve all seen it before in Frisky Dingo and Sealab, but it’s still hilarious.

  • chris

    Didn’t hate it. Some very funny RANDOM pop culture ref’s (PCR’s) as is the staple of the current crop of humor blending the absurd with the banal.

    “So he get’s a pass? Like Milton Berle?”


  • bRiMaTiOn

    Man, I happen to think the animation is simple, stiff, and limited, the jokes are cheap, weak, and rely on sex, and I think the show might have been done before.

  • I gave it a chance, but found it boring. Nothing really new about “magazine-style” illustrations talking to each other.

  • Compn

    you guys want great animation? send it to korea! you want animation done in america? you better support the few shows still here. or just sit back and enjoy while canada pumps out all the flash reality toons that networks buy, ecause they are cheap.

    that said, the animation still feels a little rough. but it grows on you. frisky dingo and sealab had some rough animation too, but the writing keeps getting better and better.

    thanks adam reed and eric sims and everyone working on this show. sorry to see you had to leave adultswim, but good to see you back so soon.

  • I thought is was funny, but questioned why this wasn’t live action other than budget considerations.

  • Archer was good but I wasn’t really blown away. Except for the joke about the Chekov gun, which had me laughing for a solid two minutes straight.

  • Arthur F

    I’m a big fan of adult swim and what they’ve managed with cartoon culture, but having said that, I think this wasn’t a good expansion on what they have already done – years ago. It’s too dated in its style and by the voice-actors. Even the people they look like they are basing the “look” of the characters on, are not really current-feeling. At some point, due to the limited-animation style, these cartoons are dialog-centric so voice textures and contrast in tone, music and sound mix, etc… help to keep what is often alot of back-and-forth patter sonically interesting. This starts to become one feeling of just people talking without much shift in character… snide remarks add up when there is no “non-snide” moment. Etc… When Sealab came out, years ago, with its great theme song too, I felt it was something cool to watch, an insider-zeitgeist-feel, the total package. When you move that out and onto another program context, now, then at least you should distinguish what is the “cool / zeitgeist” factor that carries that limited animation style again, further …. I think “Archer” is about the script, not the animation. It’s like, imagine “Frasier” as a cartoon with limited animation — really, can you imagine that? All those nuances reduced to just an arm moving? and head tipping slightly back? South Park moves much more and with much more set-design and camerawork than Archer. That is telling… I think they should jump it up a notch.

  • Don’t misunderstand me. I’m glad that people here in Atlanta are working on the show.
    That doesn’t mean that I have to watch it.

  • Peter

    There are animated sitcoms on comedy central and adult swim?

  • Compn

    @Peter: south park (comedy central) and family guy/american dad, ATHF, metalocalypse, squidbillies (adult swim) all seem to be sitcoms to me.

  • Burt Yekki

    As long as these guys strive in the Flash ghetto, they’ll remain ghettoized by mainstream entertainment. 200 million would land them static actors with mo-cap mouths keyed in place. That lo tech innovation would cause Zemeckis a butt rash of envy.

  • Bugs Jetstone

    I had two reactions.

    First, I thought it looked a little tired. The whole cheapy-cheap illustrations snarking at one another is a little 2005-2006 to me. I think it looks ugly and hipstery.

    My second thought was, “Oh, good! A spy spoof! Finally!”

  • I liked it! The character, Lana, had the best jokes. Its definitely a show that gets better as you get to know the characters. I really hope the show lives past the first season. The studio behind Archer deserves to stick around!

  • FP

    Dang it, the ice got inside and broke my DirecTV LNB and I’m waiting for a replacement. The only cartoons I can see are on QUBO, over the air. Blech!

  • Venture Bros. just a little more restrained. I’ll be watching it until the new episodes of Sunny in Philly start.

  • Mike

    Annoying voice acting(screaming) was disjointed from the limited facial expressions of the puppets. I think its terrible and wont last long.

    You can make cheap after effects puppets funny kinda like athf. This one is cheap and not very funny.

  • mmeh!

    its my opinion. I watched the trailer, and the lines are standart humour the limited expressions on the characters dont help either

  • s’all good

    First of all, i really like the show… I love the sarcasm, think the dialogue is hilarious. Second, I love reading these posts… especially when you have f***ing morons critizing and basing the entire show on its “limited animation”… hello?!, that’s the point. Any idiot can tell that the show is all about the funny-*ss dialogue… NOT the animation. Finally, if you’re just going to be a negative nancy and criticize everything, you should probably spell-check your post. For example, what r-tard spells standard with a “t” at the end??

  • hilary

    Acher is the funniest animated show I’ve seen yet!!! i love it its the best and yeah for all those people that says it won’t last i hope it stays on air forever on top of that F**k you losers that don’t like the show because if you don’t like it don’t watch it and keep your dumb a** off the web talking s*** about it. If it’s that bad why even make a comment about it leave it alone. I’ve watch every episode so far and i find all of them all for be hella funny and i wouldn’t change anything on especially acher and lana

  • Mike from across the street

    i just rotated back from haji country, and I love this stuff. I can only see this type of humor and catroon in this country. I fully support any homegrown cartoon. I can’t wait 4 more shows.