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As The Wrench Turns”


Here’s something to note. Inspired by the NPR radio show Car Talk, PBS has created its first prime time animated series, Click and Clack’s As The Wrench Turns.

The animation is by CTTV, a new independent studio. Bill Kroyer and Howard Grossman are the producers, Stephen Silver (Kim Possible) designed it and Tom Sito directed the entire season. Ten episodes were produced and they begin airing on July 9th at 8pm. The program’s website contains only a brief promo clip, but I’ve been told it will be updated with more stuff very soon.

  • red pill junkie

    With a cap and some eyeglasses, tha could be the caricature of Spielberg :-)

  • They’re great on radio but the economics of PBS and the entirely verbal nature of their humor make this sound like a not-promising combination.

  • and all those “W” poses… in animation school it’s like the #1 thing they warn you to never do.

  • Yeah, the guy with the white beard sure looks like Steven Spielberg. The animator probably is a Spielberg fan.

  • Wasn’t Floyd Norman involved in this project as well?

  • Looks dumb :(

    I’m sorry too. I love Car Talk. But I also really hate to see radio personalities with actual human bodies. I kind ruins them for me. And the way they’re animating these guys makes it even worse. I guess maybe you could add some movement that adds meaning to how the Tapett Brothers speak, but this certainly doesn’t do that. It’s just boring stock animation bullshit, it doesn’t seem honest at all.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Love Tom & Ray Magliozzi. Their voices and personalities are funny and distinctive, (and were immediately identifiable in CARS.) But I gotta agree with robcat. This bodes ill – for the exact same reasons he cites.
    I wish them all the luck in the world, though.

  • robcat, yeah maybe the likes of stephen silver and tom sito should go back to school and take some classes, because clearly the two of them don’t have maybe 40 years of experience between them.

  • This is a project that has been attempting to get off the ground for a loooong time. i remember budgets being pitched by studios in NYC way back in 2003 for this….

  • Walter

    This show was apparently done on a budget of next to ZERO–but if it’s picked up could provide lots of jobs and only get better. I just hope the scripts are good. Since Tom Minton did them, I’m quite sure they are.

  • Hey, Gimme a break Frank, I didn’t direct this commercial. I’m busy finishing the shows.

  • Christopher Cook

    I can only hope they have their bogus credits like they do on their radio show (Defense lawyer–Gil T. Azell, Jeep driver–Jocelyn DeContents).

  • From one Floyd to another.

    Yes, I am involved as a story artist on the show. Plus, I’m a huge fan of Click and Clack.

    You can call me a storyboard mechanic.

  • Paul N

    Relax Tom; clearly Frank is standing up for you and Stephen. Get back to finishing the shows and leave the snarkiness to the professionals :0)

  • As glued as I am to NPR (as it is on my computer NOW ) ….”C.T.” annoys the living #$&@ out of me!! (It’s the MUSIC I like!) I could not get any samplings of its animation, however!! Any link for a sneak peak?

    (It’s just GOTTA be 97% than the radio show!)

  • hah tom! re-read what i wrote. it was sarcasm. there was NO disrespect intended towards you or stephen. i think it looks great!

  • LOL. okay, I promise I won’t be snarky any more. Like Barry Goldwater said after advising Nixon about Watergate-” I’ll take three or four stiff drinks and go to bed..”

  • Bruce Bernstein

    Doug Berman, head writer for “Car Talk” the radio show, performs the same duty on “Click and Clack’s As the Wrench Turns”, the animated program. Tom Minton served as story editor/script supervisor on the project. And the budget per half hour was equal to Saturday morning animation budgets of 1978, so don’t be quite so quick to criticize.

  • floyd Norman

    Sarcasm? Sign this guy up. He should be a writer on the show.

  • Congrats Tom on the show. I’m just happy to see any 2D animation going on right now…

  • Neverchalk

    2D is wax paper in a Glad Wrap world. It’s high time for the Yellow Kid’s resurrection.

  • John

    Wonder if Ray knew his characture was going to end up looking like a non-Anime version of Pops Racer?


  • I think it looks good. Geez, what is it about this site that always inspires a mean-spirited “pile on” when something is posted ? Is everyone just conditioned to have a jaded , sour-puss response ?

    The designs look good and the little bit of Flash animation we can see in the promo piece looks fine. What’s the problem ? Looking forward to seeing more of it. There’s not that much there on the web site yet to respond to. I’ll hold my judgement until I’ve actually seen the show air. (and what a shame that these days there is no time allowed for a show to grow and develop … I wonder how hard you guys would be on early episodes of The Simpsons that were on the Tracey Ullman show ? Pretty crude if I recall. Or what if Bugs’ Bunny had been panned after Porky’s Hare Hunt and not allowed to develop into a Wild Hare ? Lighten up , boys.)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Well hopefully it might be good, though much anything animated on PBS tends to be for the younger set unless we start to see more older endeavors like this show up (WNET once funded the first six episodes of a Japanese program based on Osamu Tezuka’s life’s work, “The Phoenix”, yet never bothered to air it in the end).

  • floyd Norman

    Mean spirited pile on? I don’t think anybody on the crew is offended by all the remarks — Some of which are quite funny.

    Certainly, I’m not offended.

  • Move over, Simpsons and Family Guy!

    PBS has a new animated sitcom written for same audience. And it’s not on the “PBS Kids” block. It’s on the regluar PBS block.

  • Howard Grossman

    Thanks for caring:)