Bakshi and Mighty Mouse circa 1988 Bakshi and Mighty Mouse circa 1988

Bakshi and Mighty Mouse circa 1988

Ralph Bakshi and his Mighty Mouse crew in a TV news piece circa 1988. John K., Jim Reardon, Eddie Fitzgerald, Tom Minton and Kent Butterworth can be spotted. I don’t know what show this is from or who posted it, but it’s priceless.

(Thanks, Jeff Pidgeon)

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  • ash

    that’s soooo awesome!!!!!! i would love to see more videos of these guys… geez that’s so awesome… did john use a curling iron to get that style???

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I remember seeing this clip probably around the early part of the decade as a RealVideo clip on a site (perhaps TV Party).

  • Steve K.

    Cool clip!

  • This is a hoax. If these people were really cartoonists, they’d all be wearing Hawaiian shirts, just like in the Disney DVD bonus features.

  • Very awesome! Love John’s mullet!

  • Nice bit of history here. I can’t tell if I should be inspired or warned, as I am a blind devotee of Ralph Bakshi.

  • Sean

    Yeah, WHERE ARE THE HAWAIIAN SHIRTS? Where’s Lasseter? These are all fakes.

  • Christopher Cook

    I’d have loved to see the story session for the Mighty Mouse episode “Don’t Touch That Dial.” That episode was probably CBS’s finest moment.

  • GameOverGirl

    Wow, this is fantastic!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    And the reason Bakshi’s innovative MM has NEVER been released to home video in ANY format is… ?

    (There’s a rumor going around that the time is coming. Does anyone in the know care to comment on that?)

  • Mike – It is coming. I’m in the midst of it. I can’t speak about it publicly at the moment, so no more questions. But you’ll hear more about it on Cartoon Brew in the near future.

  • John K. had the gall to razz Eddie for wearing a pink shirt all while he was sporting a mullet like that.

  • Oh man, that’s great! Termite Terrace’s second-coming.

  • Tom Minton

    That rail-thin, blue-jacketed kid at the very start of the clip with the beard is a youthful Jeff Pidgeon. This PBS footage was shot in January, 1988 in the Bakshi-Hyde Ventures studio where the first season of “Mighty Mouse:The New Adventures” was done.

  • Jorge Garrido

    I’m the one who put the clip up. It was in .rm format, the WORST video format in existence, so I converted it to .wmv and put that on youtube. The quality really took a dive as a result.

    I’m gonna fix those crappy mistimed annotations. Jeff Pidgeon, Jenny Lerew and Tom Minton all identified people in the clip. This was from a PBS documentary.

    Also Jerry just made my day.

    Apparently they filmed for a few hours but only used this footage. I bet all the unused footage is lying in storage somewhere at PBS.

  • s porridge

    Second the motion on “Don’t Touch That Dial.” Along with first viewing of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” the two occasions where I fell to the floor laughing, and gasping for air long after.

    Get a bowl of Bilkos, ’cause “now it’s time for The Jetstoooones!”

  • Tom Minton

    The other person, with the big curly hair, is layout artist J.C. Wegman.

  • So then John K. took the “gum” idea and ran with it in The Ripping Friends episode, The Indigestible Wad. =)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Thanks Jorge or clearing up on the details. It does feel a lot like a PBS documentary the way it’s presented. I thought I saw one such report on this show way back in the 80’s that showed a few clips of the show in workprint order while showing off Ralph and the guys in the studio. Wished I had a copy of that to throw up on YT for posterity.

    Being reminded of the way Reardon dresses here, as I think they called attention to it when they stuck a caricature of him on The Simpsons in some of the early seasons, waiting for the train!

  • Ryan

    Jim Reardon has the most amazing hat. The Disney gang should wear hats as well as their Hawaiian shirts. Perhaps.

  • Saturnome

    I’d love to see Coonskin on DVD some day…

  • It’s not a documentary. It’s from the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour on PBS.
    The full clip of Bakshi shows him meeting Judy Price at CBS about Mighty Mouse.

  • rhinotonight

    saturnome- i own coonskin on dvd. you can find t online and in most “edgy” video stores.

    any how. that’s one hell on an office they had. all brown with that tiny couch….

  • If you want to sign a petition for a special edition coonskin dvd with proper extras etc, here’s the link:

  • Christopher Cook

    There’s one thing about Bakshi’s Mighty Mouse the puzzled me. Why, from the episode “This Island Mouseville” on, did they stop drawing Mighty Mouse without a tail?

  • Jorge Garrido

    kelly, thanks for clearing that up, I’ll add it to the video.

    Tom Minton, thanks for indentifying JC Wegman.

  • Ryan

    I have Coonskin on DVD too, and it’s got a trailer and those fan-made Batman films that were out a few years ago. You know, Grayson and the one where he’s fighting the Predator. I’ll sign the petition anyway.

  • ahhh the hip styles of the 80’s …..
    Brings back memories… thin leather ties etc… lol.
    I think the only one who doesn’t look dated, is Ralph. :-)

  • stavner

    This came out on the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour.

  • Wonderful! The clip and the good news in the comments made my week! :)

  • Isaac

    Coonskin was never officially released on DVD. Bootlegged, but never officially released.