Bruce Timm’s “The Flaming C” Premieres Bruce Timm’s “The Flaming C” Premieres

Bruce Timm’s “The Flaming C” Premieres

That was fast. A month after Bruce Timm designed a superhero version of talkshow host Conan O’Brien, they’ve made the animated version. I wonder how much further they’ll take this.

(via Super Punch)

  • Ha Ha! That’s FANTASTIC!!! Hats off to Bruce Timm and the gang at WB.

  • Haha they just had the overseas studio swap out supes for Conan.
    that’s some veteran animator reuse smarts.

    Bruce Timm’s flaming C is amazing, But imagine an Andy Suriano flaming C for the series! get on it WB.

    • Wow! Thanks, Murray! I’d LOVE to work with Conan!!!! You heard him, let’s make it happen, WB!

  • that made my morning.

    i like how the belt buckle has been edited with an “x”

  • Dan Snoke

    That scene was from the one hour preview episode of “Young Justice”. They just put Conan’s character over top of Superman, and even left in Superman’s voice. How hard that was for them to do I don’t know, but maybe they could do it again soon without too much trouble.

  • Darvonnet

    Bruce worked at Filmation. He knows about re-use.

  • dr. truth

    Ugggg. This is disturbingly lame.
    Look, I love conan, and I love DC comics, but putting conan in justice league as a pr stunt for conan’s mediocre new talk show is an insult to hardcore DC fans. For shame, Bruce Timm!!!!!!!!! Sellout!

    • As a DC fan, I’m pretty sure that since he sounds like he’s got Kevin Conroy’s voice, that was Batman speaking in the “real” version, this one’s just a gag take for sh!ts and giggles.

      I thought it was funny.

    • You do realize Conan isn’t actually in the show proper, right? That this clip was made exclusively for Conan’s show by substituting Conan’s character “The Flaming C” for Superman?

      If anything, this is more of a publicity stunt for “Young Justice” than it is for “Conan.” I’ve been watching “Young Justice,” but I didn’t hear about a clip from the show being on “Conan” until after it had aired. WB is probably hoping that people who saw the joke segment on “Conan” will get curious and check out “Young Justice.”

    • *EDIT: Yeah, Superman not Batman. My bad. :)

    • Paul N

      Wow. Just…wow.

    • You may not realize this, but Superman’s hung out with Jerry Lewis and Muhammad Ali. Now that’s hardcore.

    • Dee

      oh for crying out loud it was all in good fun. Don’t take your “fan” status so seriously.

    • Toonsmyth

      I’m on it. My episode of The Flaming C is nearly complete. It should satisfy EVERYTHING you would expect to see if it were done properly. Stay TOONed.

    • conan is a true comedian, and bruce timm has EARNED the right to “sell-out” if he sees fit. Bruce Timm has redefined the entire animated comic genre. Sell-out? Please. This is the first time I have ever commented on a post on a site I have yet to visit. I stumbled upon cartoonbrew, and was immediately disgusted to have an individual not have a sense of humor and/or imagination boundary extending beyond that of warcraft or magic. Learn what corporations can bring to the comic industry!

  • Uli Meyer

    Who is Conan O’Brien? Never heard of him…

  • Cyle

    I love this so much. It’d be hilarious if they started sticking him in the actual Young Justice promos, but that would probably upset a bunch of fans.

  • haha yes! that was awesome. Publicity stunt or not, it is the best thing ever. i’m on my way to the tatoo parlour to get the flaming C as a full back tatoo.

  • Steve M.

    All I can say is, fantastic.

  • somebody already made a custom toy of “The Flaming C”:

  • Smudge

    Editing him into clips has potential, but I think it would be more funny to see Conan pull a ‘Tek Jansen’ thing like Steven Colbert did.

  • jarable

    Any relation to “The Flaming Carrot”?

  • Marc Baker

    I’m both surprised, and impressed with that clip. I would never imagine Timm, and company taking this little gag with Conan even further, but they did. Not bad, I must say.

  • LOVE IT! And, Conan’s right: I’d watch that show!…but then again, I”m with COCO.

  • mara

    before i watched this, i “omg” out loud probably 20 times. then I watched it and laughed my ass off. the flaming c DOES look good in action, hmmmhmmm….

    i love bruce timm even more.

  • AaronSch

    I think they should incorporate Robert Smigel and J. J. Sedelmaier’s “The Ambiguously Gay Duo” from SNL. Ace and Gary could mistakenly think Conan’s character is called the “Flamer C.”

  • Maybe i’m going to sound like a “fanboy”, but Bruce Timm is so cool! :)

  • TJR

    I saw the Young Justice episode before I saw this. They substituted Conan with Superman for the flying scene. For the dialog scenes they substituted Batman for Conan and used the same dialog track ……..And yes, I know, I sound like a total fanboy right now….But that’s because I AM DAMNIT!

    This was just too funny!

  • rebecca

    is the magician supposed to be Mandrake?

  • Bruce and Coco! A great combo!
    Also, could the plug for the 2011 Green Lantern movie be anymore obvious?

  • rnigma

    I think that’s supposed to be Zatara (the father of Zatanna) – probably mad that the Flaming C stole his daughter’s fishnets!

  • That was awesome! I’d watch The Flaming C any day.

  • Toonsmyth

    THERE WILL BE A FULLY ANIMATED FLAMING C EPISODE. How do I know? Because I’m working on it right now! Been at it since I saw the Young Justice clip on CONAN. I love CONAN and Bruce Timm is my IDOL, but I expected more from WB animation studios. The Adventures of The Flaming C should be up on YouTube before this Friday! Subscribe to Toonsmyth so you don’t miss it!