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Bugs and Daffy at the White House

Allright, I admit it. I’m a sucker for any modern day use of Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes characters. Here’s Bugs and Daffy at the White House yesterday. No birth certificates required…

Here’s the Press Release that accompanies this photo.


The Looney Tunes Show stars and animation icons Bugs Bunny (left) and Daffy Duck (right) joined President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in welcoming more than 30,000 guests to the 2011 White House Easter Egg Roll today, Monday, April 25, at The White House.

While in Washington, Bugs and Daffy adamantly denied persistent rumors that they are forming an exploratory committee to enter the 2012 presidential race. Pundits have noted that together they would form a balanced ticket: Bugs is an Independent, while Daffy is Highly Dependent.

The pair insist that they remain focused on next week’s launch of The Looney Tunes Show, an all-new animated comedy series from Warner Bros. Animation premiering May 3 and airing Tuesdays at 8/7c on Cartoon Network.

  • cbat628

    This is so surreal.

  • Steven M.

    Does this mean Bugs and Daffy will run for president?

  • 2011 Adult

    What company made those costumes? They’re leaps and bounds better than the ones at Six Flags!

    • Molderplz

      They used Jessica’s designs for the costume. I’ve also seen other merchandise released (such as the promoted handbag released last year) using the new designs, so we should be seeing more use of them in the future.

  • Dave

    The costumed critters in the picture provided more entertainment than any of the Looney Tunes Show clips I’ve seen so far. After the show airs next week, I’m sure I’m still enjoy the above picture more.

  • Jason R.

    Bugs and Daffy have attended the White House Easter Egg Roll for a few years now. Looks like Cartoon Network got into the act with these stylized outfits this year. Normally they’re theme park costumes supplied by nearby Six Flags America.

  • Amazing that they went to the trouble to make walk-around costumes in the show’s new style. They look even worse than the traditional ones.

    • snip2354

      How is this the show’s new style? I don’t see any trace of Jessica on there.

      • JayBrajamin

        It’s definitely there. As I figured from first seeing the designs, Bugs’ new humungous feet are practically moon boots =P

      • JayBrajamin

        It’s definitely there. As I figured from first seeing the designs, Bugs’s new humungous feet are practically moon boots!

  • Mike Russo

    They must be desperate for this show to succeed.

  • Billy Bob

    Hey, I’D Vote for Bugs!

    Daffy? Eh….put him in the congress somewhere.

    Seriously, nice to see the characters still out and about.

  • The marketing for this show is better than the show.

  • Christopher Cook

    We already have a bunch of cartoon characters in Washington. Personally I’m stumping to re-elect Merkin Muffley.

  • It’s interesting that those costumes have been designed to specifically resemble the new TV versions of the characters. I’m sure there will be “Looney Tunes Show”-specific merchandise, but I wonder if this will impact the availability of products with the more traditional character designs.

  • They get my vote. Better than the Obama or Palin/Jesus ’12 tickets.

  • Kristjan

    I though Daffy already ran for president in 2004.

  • I’m sick of you people critizing The Looney Tunes Show because it isn’t as good as the original shorts. Of course it isn’t! The original shorts are timeless classics. Bob and Chuck are to animation as Mozart and Beethoven are to music. Is the show anything like the original cartoons? No. The original cartoons had great art and music, while this show is writing-based and has no background music. However, the show might be good on its own terms. Stop comparing it to the original. If it didn’t have the Looney Tunes name attached to it, it COULD be this site’s new favorite show.

    • Maurice

      *clap clap clap*

    • Keegan

      It’s the fact that they’re lazily slapping these characters onto a show that should have nothing to do with them simply for marquee value that’s pissing us off.

      If it had original characters I’d be all for it, but taking classic characters and saying “f*ck you!” to all the original Looney Tunes shorts is blasphemous.

      • But guess what? If kids like this show, they might seek out the original shorts. They might buy the Golden Collections.

        It at least works as advertising.

      • Keegan

        Then why advertise something so great with something so shoddy in comparison? If they were trying to advertise the Golden Collections I’m sure they’d try to put some effort into making the show decent, instead of making it so far removed.

        They’re not advertising the originals. They’re trying to make a cartoon with as little amount as time, to make a lot of money, just out of laziness. This is why they picked the Looney Tunes to star in this shitty animated sitcom type show instead of taking the time out of their lazy lives to be original/creative enough to make their own characters.

        It’s just laziness. Nothing else.

      • Autumn

        Uhm, excuse me, they have original LT on TV right now. They’re also available on DVD. How exactly will this new show hinder the classics in ANY way, with the originals readily available as well.

        If kids like this new show, however lazy it may be, they will seek out more, and guess what, they’ll find classic LT on TV, twice a day, every day.

        GO FIGURE.

      • Exactly. That’s how Tom and Jerry became the only golden age cartoon popular with kids. There are kids at my high school who DVR the daily showings on Cartoon Network.

        Will the remakes be forgotten? Probably, but they’ll make kids seek out the originals.

        If anything is show will do GOOD.

      • Keegan

        Yes I’m well aware they have it on TV. But why drag kids into the great classics, with sub par sitcom comedy? It’s most definitely not a marketing campaign for the originals, you’re an idiot to think so. It’s the stupid 80’s concept that cartoons are only allowed to air unless they are based on a pre existing property. Grow a brain. If they really wanted kids to get into funny slapstick, I’m sure they’d be making more character based 8-minute cartoons like the originals, and most definitely NOT a sitcom with hip-hop musical numbers and flat angular designs.

  • Matt

    “The Looney Tunes Show stars and animation icons Bugs Bunny (left) and Daffy Duck (right) joined President Barack Obama…..”

    OOHHH! Bugs is the LEFT one! Hey thanks for pointing that out.

  • Art Farmer

    After this photo op Bugs and Daffy took the Warner corporate jet to Martha’s Vineyard, where they playfully dug up John Belushi.

  • DNAndy

    Something bugs me about Daffy’s legs, but other than that, I think they look great.

  • mat

    The joke here is most of the kids there don’t know who bugs and daffy are!

    • Funkybat

      I seriously doubt that. Even kids whose media diet consists entirely of modern-day Cartoon Network, Nick, and Disney Channel are at least aware of the Looney Tunes the same way 80s kids were aware of old Disney cartoons (which unlike Looney Tunes, Lantz and Fleischer cartoons, were not commonly seen in syndicated “kiddie cartoon blocks.) Kids still knew *of* the exploits of Mickey, Donald and Goofy, even if the shorts were rarely shown before the debut of The Disney Channel.

  • Justin Delbert

    Wasn’t Felix the Cat at last year’s egg roll?

  • My first question toward President Daffy would be what he plans to do about all the succotash that is suffering. Although I’m sure that Congressman Sylvester will be assisting him on this issue.

    • The Gee

      Surely, the esteemed representative from the Catskills would be of no help whatsoever. It is commonly known that he has a TweetyBird fixation which distracts him from his duties as a congressman.

  • Cyber Fox

    Can we PLEASE stop with the purist piss and moan on “The Looney Tunes Show” and talk about the awesomeness that is “The Amazing World of Gumball”?

  • Jorge Garrido

    I’m not as enthusiastic about these costumes as everyone else, and this show looks like a complete waste of time, but I just realized that Jess’ designs are going to look KILLER as maquettes, toys, statues, and 3D models (NOT the CGI Roadrunner ones) IF they don’t tone down her angles and proportions.

  • Jesper Soelberg

    Looks like Biden’s gained some weight, and long ears for that matter… Obama looks like himself. ; )

  • Muffy Darkweather

    If there was a Felix the Cat walkaround character at last year’s egg roll there should be a Pat Sullivan one next year. It can fall down, vomit hard liquor as kids watch its bodily parts fall away and disintegrate while the character succumbs to advanced syphilis on Good Friday. Unlike Jesus, it won’t rise again. Another fine industry product placement opportunity for Gray Goose!