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Captain Planet goes Berserk

I always hated Captain Planet, but if it were this cool back then I would have watched it more often. From Funny or Die, Don Cheadle takes Captain Planet in a new direction:

  • Did the writers just copy Dave Chappelle’s comedy style.

  • Derek

    “The Power is MINE, B****ES!!!”
    You’ve gotta love Don for signing up for this!

  • A perfect reboot.

  • But don’t they need the earth guy to summon CP again?

    • cbat628

      Good catch. I can’t remember anyone else besides him summoning captain planet.

  • victoria

    LOL the people playing the kids got the terrible accents perfect!

  • MrMister

    I would definitely take this over the upcoming live-action movie by Cartoon Network any day.

  • That was hilarious!!! XD

    It would have been even funnier if Bhargav Dronamraju from Channel Awesome played Mati for this one.

    • they couldn’t, remember that he died fighting Malachite during “Suburban Knights?” ;)

  • Toonio

    Punching out people while shouting captain planet! is the yet to be the next big fad.

  • Eddie

    That was so funny

  • Clint H

    Forget that Cartoon Network movie…make a feature-length movie outta THIS!

  • Kyle Maloney

    Loved it.

    Could use better wigs though.

  • Karim

    Brilliant, I want more !

  • Teafly

    Finally! A new hero for us eco-terrorists!

    Go green or DIE!!!

  • That made my night just now. XD While I still can’t believe that’s Don Cheadle, he really did a great job with this Captain Planet parody and took it seriously.

    And it just goes to show, anybody trying to enforce a clean enviroment, in their own hands, is NO hero and is just takin’ pollution up to 100%. :P

  • TJR

    Now Hollywood thinks that every Super Hero film needs to be dark and brooding…..Why?

    ….Sorry I couldn’t resist LOL.

  • J. Clowder

    That ‘Captain Planet’ is such a low hanging fruit at a time when our planet is popularly held as dying speaks to new heights of cynicism.

    Also, there’s superior versions to this on Newgrounds, and most of them are animated by prepubescents.

  • My favorite version of Captain Planet is “Captain Planet Rampage” by ‘SexuaLobster’ on YouTube and Newgrounds.
    And it’s very well animated, so you might wanna plug that as well.

  • Alison

    That was actually scary to be honest.

  • Hooper


  • Mad Dog

    Fluttershy: I wanted to be a tree. :<