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Cartoon Network FAIL

Cartoon Network Fail

How imbecilic is Cartoon Network’s new push towards live-action? Even the people who worked on this Andrew W.K. video promo think it’s stupid. Somebody who worked on it surreptitiously inserted the word “FAIL” into the piece at the 1:11 mark. It’s only there for a few frames, but the message comes through loud and clear.

(Thanks to YouTube user ColorTheBlue for pointing this out)

  • MattSullivan

    I never thought i could HATE anything the way I hate the very IDEA of this.

    Cartoon network should show CARTOONS. If they’re worried about their ratings, maybe it’s because they run shows for 6-7 years and don’t bother to make new flagship shows.

    Jesus this hurts.

  • Priceless

  • delicious.
    although i think a gravestone that says “here lies bloo and gazpacho RIP” would be even more appropriate

  • Sadly, every cable channel is going against its original purpose. AMC, TV Land, and now Cartoon Notwork. Even the most different of them have either morphed into web-based channels (like TRIO) or simply run the same repurposed syndicated fare found on other channels.

    Springsteen may be dated in the 57 Channels part, but the nothing on sentiment is truer that even now.

  • Jamie B

    The ‘just’ in ‘More than just cartoons’ comes across with such disdain, they might as well rename the channel now!

    Misguided and insulting to anyone who ever loved CN…

  • Jose Manuel

    actually I think this “fail” caption comes after the biker falls while doing a trick!

  • Doofus

    Haha! That’s funny.

    What are they thinking, replacing cartoons with live-action?
    Cartoon network was responsible for a good amount of the very little amount of cartoons that are made nowadays, now there will be no more cartoons anymore. Bring – BACK – CARTOONS!

  • Jonah Sidhom

    I’d like to think it’s because CN Live fails, but as Jose pointed out, it’s right after a guy falls off of his bike, so that’s probably it.

    I like how the video is at 1 star

  • Fail is right.

  • Sarah

    @ Jose Manuel and Jonah Sidhom

    As much I would like to believe the people who worked on this piece included an awesome easter egg, I have to agree with Jose on this.

    Just half a second after the biker falls trying to pop a wheelie, the word FAIL pops up next the elderly woman after seeing him fall on his back.

  • Andrew WK asks, “ARE YOU HEARIN’ WHAT I SAY?!”
    Hopefully, CN will hear what WE say.
    They should, because those YouTube comments make it very clear that no one likes this idea.

    The fact that FAIL was inserted into the video makes me happy, though.

  • NOwayhose

    First off, it’s absolutely ridiculous to assume that the word “fail’ showing up in a video after someone falls down, is, in any way, talking about the overall content and direction CN is going in.

    That’s just a purely stupid assumption and it’s actually cause to be pretty ashamed of writing this obviously idiotic article.

    And it’s also very ridiculously egotistical of you to think that your opinion carries over into a promo being made and assume that a single word is an easter egg meant to make a point that YOU are reading into it.

    Now of course, you’re generally right about this No-Cartoon, Cartoon Network being a horrendously stupid idea. I agree.

    But it’s just completely idiotic that you are reading something like the word “Fail” like this into something innocuous like a promo video, and saying that you KNOW why it’s there, over vaguely related thing that you believe strongly about, otherwise.

    It’s immature, and stupid on your part. AND a total waste of an article.

    If you’re going to write an opinion piece on how stupid it is that CN is for snubbing cartoons, that’s all fine and well. But don’t read too hard into things like commercial promos that aren’t there, and call it “news”. That’s pathetic.

    I’ve lost a lot of respect for Cartoon Brew just for this article. There’s no reason for this to even be here.

  • cartoon network dreams to do with cartoons what MTV does with music.

  • Kahless

    NOwayhose, why don’t you tell us how you really flame… er feel?

  • Stockholm syndrome whining about the dying american tv animation industry is much more harmful to the artform than the entirely unsurprising fact that a commercial channel will, over time, be subject to ‘mission creep’, re-branding and general watering-down of it’s original concept.

  • OtherDan

    I’m passively following this one. But, what’s the difference between Cartoon Network’s strife and Nickelodeon’s network issues? Nick seems much more stable. Will this virus make its way across Interstate 5?

  • when i pitched to CN months ago, the dude will remain nameless, but he basically said he didn’t think my idea would sell to 13/14 year olds. Apparently Andrew WK and sh*tty reality tv will. Awesome.

  • I tell you now that the only place i want to watch my golf is on a channel for cartoons… nothing wrong with that. Same as whenever I want to pointlessly wander around some unknown rich american athlete’s house viewing their fridge and games room through nauseating camera tricks I will head straight for the music channel choice of a new generation. TV execs hate you, we all know that. Now let’s make some good stuff… they suck, we’re great, let’s proove it. We’ll start our own channel.. ‘Cartoons until you’re sick’ 27 hours a day of cartoons that will leave you bloated and nursing some kind of cartoonabetes. I’m off to sharpen my pencils

  • Sad. Just totally sad and ingnorant, this whole changeover to live product! It’s Cartoon Network. The name alone should present the guidelines of what is broadcast! Insane! :-(

  • Wow.. we’re really going out on the town with this topic.

    Let’s stop the conspiracy theories/hate and simply write a letter to CN to voice our opinions. Or better yet, don’t watch it or submit ideas to them.

    It’s that simple!

  • I’m sure it wasn’t an intentional comment. It was a “gaffe”. A gaffe is when someone accidentally says what they really mean.

  • WIN!

  • Mesterius

    I have to agree with NOwayhose on this one. It’s nice to imagine that “FAIL” was inserted in this clip as a statement against CN’s new (idiotic) direction, but what we see here is not nearly a good enough reason to believe so. Maybe Amid meant this ironically in some way, but if that’s the case, the irony part sure didn’t shine through clearly enough.

  • I doubt this was the true point of the Fail text here but it sure is a black eye and a funny one at that!

  • Brad

    If the dreck that is being made for CN Real, along with Disney’s super-idiotic tween shows and whatever goofball junk Nick is making now, is what kids REALLY want to see these days, then they are in a sad state indeed. Either they suffer from an exaggerated sense of sophistication (all this garbage faintly resembles more adult program on training wheels), or they’re really empty-headed little twits (most certainly in many cases), or they just don’t know any better. How could they? Cartoon production of any real quality has taken a nose-dive this decade, saturday morning and weekday afternoons are dead and gone, the networks that replaced them don’t even show cartoons anymore, while anything made earlier has been gradually and near-completely censored from broadcasting.

  • Thurop Van Orman (Flapjack creator) seemed to have noticed all those rumors about Cartoon Network, so he decided to clear some things up:

  • Despite some doubters, I still think this just might be a message. I know I’ve done the exact same thing while doing effects on a film I couldn’t stand.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Talk about yer hard-sell.
    It’s as if it knows its fans wants cartoons and this is the network’s rude way of saying we know that but we’re not going to do it.
    I have not watched Cartoon Network for years and years. But it sounds like they’re making a version of YTV (Canada’s Youth TV) U.S.

  • Chris J.

    One of the most fundamental marketing mistakes you can make is diluting your brand. Its a sign that the people making decisions don’t know what they’re doing and are grasping at straws. Their business model is failing and they don’t know how to save it.

    If you’re the cartoon network, then you need to have a simple business plan : Do cartoons better than anyone.

    When you start delving into other areas, you confuse consumers and show that instead of doing one thing really well, you do lots of different things so-so. As a result, you go from being the one place to go for cartoons to one of thousands of also-ran channels that offer gestalt programming.

    If the management of Cartoon Network can’t figure out how to make cartoons profitable then they should step down and find someone who can.

  • Chappell Ellison

    This would be like Comedy Central deciding to air Schindler’s List. It simply doesn’t make sense.

  • Oddly appropriate, whether it regards the network’s choice of programming or not.

    If enough people see this, some will think twice about certain branding strategies.

  • Gerard de Souza

    “This would be like Comedy Central deciding to air Schindler’s List. It simply doesn’t make sense.”

    Says it all.

  • Dr. Zaius

    CN Exec A: We’ve got to find a way to air “reality” shows on CN
    CN Exec B: Reality Shows??!! That’s INSANE – we’re CARTOON Network!
    CN Exec A: DON”T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT? I’m thinking of reality show profit margins here. Help me out a little, geez!
    CN Exec B: Well…oh god…um…Look, it’s getting late. Why don’t we just shorten our name to CN and start airing live-action shows? After a couple of months everyone will have forgotten what CN originally meant.
    CN Exec A: Brilliant! You put the US in GENIUS!

  • Master Toon

    You guys are crazy. It happened right after the guy fell off of his bike. Anyone who thinks this is an Easter egg has just received a big ol’ FAIL on their forehead, lol.

  • zimbach

    Just checked Youtube, and this video has been pulled both from CNThissummer and AdrewWK’s copy. Also CNThissummer’s user page is now displaying negative comments, even though they are still screened.
    Thought you’d like to know.

  • Cartoon Network’s mission is not to entertain animation fans or pros (ie, us); it’s to turn a profit for Time Warner by delivering sufficiently large audiences in the 8-14 demographic to advertisers. If they think they have a better shot at it with live-action ‘reality’ shows than animation, they’re going to do it. If it flops, they’ll be back producing cartoons soon enough. (And don’t think they didn’t do tons of market research to determine whether or not kids would be willing to watch live action on CN before they went this route.)

    The same thing is happening at the Sci-Fi Channel, excuse me, ‘SyFy.’ (Disclosure: I used to work at the Channel.) It’s decided they need to broaden the programming in order to keep growing the audience. A name change will (they hope) soft-pedal the science fiction connection and snag viewers uninterested in aliens & spaceships.

    This is the natural life-cycle in the entertainment world: when a new medium opens up, it’s a wild ‘n wooly frontier for a while, with the freedom to try new ideas to see what works. (PowerPuff? Dexter? Johnny Bravo? Sure, what the hell, let’s give it a shot!) After a while they figure out what works and slowly draw the net in towards what they think is the magic formula. (Repeat as necessary…)

  • Kevin Schreck

    If (Cartoon?) Network had a very small number of good live-action shows, I would be able to tolerate it (“Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job” on [adult swim] is a brilliant and original show, so surreal it’s more animated than some cartoons). But do we seriously need all of this reality-TV, pseudoscience garbage? It’s the worst of the worst: shallow, unintelligent, uncreative, poorly-made, and dull.

  • Sara

    Do they not realize that everyone decided that Andrew WK sucks like back in ’04?

  • M C Corker

    When they ran this spot at the Harry Potter premiere last night everyone in the theater groaned, cussed and finally BOOed! Not that this would be surprising at all – but much of THIS audience was comprised of their proposed demographic!

    I do have to agree however, that the whole “CN fail” angle of this article might be a bit on the ridiculous side.

  • Dear Cartoon Network, I love your shows and other stuff, but I have an idea you can have: an ed edd n’ eddy marathon with the ed edd n eddy movie. Also let kids chose there favorite episode. P.S. My name is tre