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“Charlie Brown” posters by Tom Whelan

I really like these limited edition Peanuts Special posters by artist Tom Whelan. The Great Pumpkin piece (below) sold out a few months ago. Now the Christmas special (above) will go on sale Thursday in three editions:

450 Standard Edition ($75)
100 Variant Edition ($125)
50 Silver Bells Edition (on metal with Variant image imprinted) ($250)

It’s pretty mysterious how these are being distributed. will release all 3 editions exclusively on Thursday (12/1) at a random morning hour. The next day, Friday (12/2) publisher Dark Hall Mansion will make them available in their online Store. For more information on Tom Whelan and his amazing poster art, check Whelan’s blog.

(Via Fire Wire)

  • These are fantastic, as is the rest of his work. Incidentally, does Tom Whalen need/have the permission to use these characters if selling the images? I’m just reminded if the hot water Stanley Chow got into when he sold images of his interpretations of the ‘Mad Men’ characters. Beautiful work though

    • I was going to ask the same thing. If nothing else, I hope someone (Hallmark, maybe?) hires him to do some officially licensed “Peanuts” stuff.

      • Funkybat

        I suspect the decision for whether or not to use his art for licensed stuff would come down to either the Schulz family and/or Universal Press Syndicate, which now controls the licensing.

        I would hope to see something like that happen, as Tom’s art is very true to both the spirit and appearance of the characters, without slavishly attempting to reproduce Sparky’s drawing style. I think allowing some new approaches to the material would be a breath of fresh air in the licensed product market.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I do see a copyright to “Peanuts Worldwide LLC” on the bottom of both posters so perhaps he already talked with them about it already but I could be wrong there.

  • CJ

    This man is one of the few who ever motivates me to do more art in illustrator as well as this style in general. He’s a true inspiration.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Why couldn’t these be the DVD covers? They’re that good!

  • Skeptical

    They are beautiful, though the facial shadows look like weird face paint to me. These would look wonderful in a children’s room.

  • David Breneman

    Wait, hold on… There are no SHADOWS in Peanutsland!