“Community” “Community”


NBC’s sitcom Community loves animation. They recently did a full length stop-mo Christmas episode, and this past week’s 2D end tag was done by Justin Roiland and Myke Chilian (unfortunately they were non-union so they didn’t get any credit):

(Thanks, Kali)

  • Karl Hungus

    This was done by Myke Chilian (of McBusters fame).

  • It looks like something on Cartoon Network’s “MAD”.

  • Jackie Treehorn

    Made by Myke Chilian, Justin Roiland, Matt Taylor, and Bryan Newton

  • Dave

    Hilarious! Very “MAD” looking.

  • Karl Hungus

    ^ What Jackie said. He’s my boss.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Shame they wouldn’t let them us pseudonyms in that case (I would’ve used something stupid like “Kris Kurtzman” myself).

  • Kieran Pertnav

    They also took a crack at Disney, I’m surprised that didn’t bother you. Still, I love this show, it’s hilarious and that animated bit was great.

  • Kieran Pertnav

    They also had some more stop mo in this one to mimic the style of the Christmas episode in a flashback, I believe.

  • tedzey

    This show is amazing, but I have to admit this episode’s tag definitely reflects how it was… cartoony!