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“DC Nation” by Aardman

Cartoon Network ran a preview of Warner Bros. Animation’s DC Nation programming block last night during its debut of Bruce Timm’s CG Green Lantern: The Animated Series. The Superhero Shows blog has some great frame grabs and video preview which show the range of styles for the interstitial material. Here’s a sample of the Aardman spots, which play like a super-hero version of Creature Comforts:

  • Adam

    Is Steve Mellor working on this? That looks like his style on the barnyard justice league screen capture on the Superhero Shows blog.
    Shane Glines posted about him last year.

  • Clint H.

    Pure gold.

    The character designs are both cute and hilarious to look at. Aardman has done it again!

  • Thad

    Good lord, if a whole show was like that I might actually watch Cartoon Network.

  • Crazy, I like it :)

  • Deaniac

    The whole block just looks fantastic. I absolutely love the plethora of artistic styles featured in the trailer; so much creative freedom! If CN plays its cards right, I dare say this may be the network’s best block since Toonami.

    That Aardman Batman short was a lot of fun to watch, if only for its simplicity.

  • TJR

    I love the Robin design. Just watching him standing there is hysterical!

  • Brilliant! Love it!

  • Bob Harper

    Aardman is one of main reasons I wish I was British. They always bring a laugh to my day. This is great stuff!

  • Funny thing: I’m not on Facebook. I don’t care for Facebook. I wonder if this is the reason I don’t see a video on this page, only a large blank space where the video is supposed to be? When I visit this same page while logged into a housemate’s Facebook account (with permission) sure enough, there’s the video everyone else sees. Making Facebook membership mandatory to view content on a non-Facebook page is really not cool, guys. There’s YouTube, there’s Vimeo, there’s a dozen other ways to post video content that doesn’t exclude people who choose not to be on Facebook.

    • Jim Lahue

      I also am not on Facebook. However, I was able to see the video by making sure that facebook.net and fbcdn.net were allowed (at least temporarily) via NoScript (running Firefox). A Facebook account is not required to see the video.

  • Funkybat

    Two worlds I never thought would meet, just did! I like how the Joker resembles Krusty the Klown.

  • Toonio

    Aardman at its best! The creature comforts approach is flawless.

  • Gray64

    I’m VERY glad to see that WB is experimenting with different styles and approaches. I wouldn’t want the goofy approach to be the only way to experience these characters, but it’s certainly a welcome addition, especially as part of the larger block. Aardman has done their usual excellent job!

  • Jeff

    Is that the Joker or Crusty?

  • I liked the designs, definitely agree about the use of diversity, but was a little let down by the writing.

    • Dan Winkleman

      I think the voices are real kids? Aardman don’t script these at all..like creature comforts? just edited interviews :)

    • Dan Winkleman

      I think they are real kids? Aardman don’t script them , like for creature comforts…just edited interviews :)

  • Ashley Boddy

    The designs are by Rich Webber (Purple and Brown) who is also directing them. And yes, the kids just come out with that stuff by themselves.

  • Marc Baker

    I’m sorry, but that Ardman piece just doesn’t do it for me. However, I will say that the Joker kinda looks like Krusty The Clown here.

  • Boy… Aardman’s got the whole “using kids unscripted voices” and “talking to the camera” type of humor down pat don’t they!

    And heck, who’s complaining! This is cute!

  • Montreal

    DC Nation’s going to be awesome!