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Disney Unveils First Look at ‘Ducktales’ Reboot

Disney XD has revealed a first look at its reboot of Ducktales.

The series is produced by Disney Television Animation in Burbank, California.

Disney XD also announced today that the series has been picked up for a second season. The first season is scheduled to launch this summer.

Matt Youngberg (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Transformers: Animated) is executive producer on the show, with Francisco Angones (Wander Over Yonder) serving as story editor and co-producer, and Sean Jimenez (Gravity Falls, Fish Hooks) as art director.

The original Ducktales, which ran for 100 episodes starting in 1987, was a well produced show for its time, and helped usher in a new era of higher quality TV animation during the 1990s.

  • notsnooths

    Look at that Flash brush tool! Holy cow!

    • JamScoBal


    • mikeluz

      Pretty sure it’s Harmony

      • Jason

        It looks hand drawn (on paper) to me.

        • Mesterius

          Hand-drawn in a software more like it.

        • Anonym

          The way they move doesn’t look like that at all.

    • Animation_Director

      Flash? Really? What is this, 1999?

  • Roca

    This looks great! Glad to see them move away from the grotesque styles of the newer Mickey shorts.

    • Ebenezer

      It’s the same style – minus the wierd stuff.

    • Leona Preston

      Aww, I kind of like the style of the newer Mickey Mouse shorts. I thought it was a nice return to ‘old school’ Mickey. :)

      • Barrett

        I think the newer Mickey Mouse shorts were an interesting diversion, and don’t mind them being used in a series of short segments. But for a 22 minute series, especially one that is a revival of the most iconic series of the “Disney Tv Renaissance”, well, I will just say I’m disappointed. I was hoping for something along the lines of the recent Darkwing Duck comic book series, where they essentially stayed true to the original character designs, but kept the art more consistent than it was in the actual series. One of the biggest flaws of the 80s/90s tv cartoons, even really great ones, was the sometimes vast differences in art quality depending on which overseas studio they used. It has gotten to the point today where there is virtually no difference (or entire shows are handled by one overseas studio) so I was looking forward to more consistent-but-classic DuckTales, just with updated fashion and lifestyle elements like cell phones/internet/etc. The Darkwing comics handled this pretty well. Oh well……

        • Anonym

          I think it’s actually quite good when you compare it to most cartoons today with their simple clone character design. I prefer to have some animation erros with lively animation and detailed different charcters then the robotic moving perfectly clones. I rewatched Dextar’s Lab, not a long time ago and it made realize how ugly and simple current cartoons are, even shows I like and I was aware of their lazy charcter design, seemed unwatchable afterwards

  • Jack Newman

    Am I the only who thinks Webby being a fan of Donald Duck is the most adorable thing ever?

  • Doconnor

    Isn’t Huey, Dewey, and Louie supposed to have a Donald Duck like voice?

    I’m not sure into this whole being-able-to-tell-them-apart thing.

    • Barrett

      They did that in Quack Pack. I actually liked the slightly more modern/pushed visual style of that show, and didn’t mind them trying to differentiate the nephews somewhat, but almost everything else about that show was kind of a mess. I think they were looking to take some of the modernizing changes Quack Pack attempted, but avoid all of the things fans hated about it (the including of “humans” in the Duck world, lack of Scrooge, the more slapsticky tone.)

      My biggest gripe with what we see here is the voices for the kids are kind of manic and annoying, and the ‘tudes copped by the nephews. I like that the differences in their clothing aren’t as vastly different from one another as in Quack Pack (where it seemed almost like they were trying too hard) and that Louie is still kind of the “weird one” which they pushed in QP and hinted at in DuckTales.

      And I must say the minimalist, flat visual style really isn’t doing it for me compared to the 80s/90s look of DuckTales/Darkwing or even Quack Pack. I think it was done this way in part to facilitate efficiency in Harmony, but it feels much closer to the Mercury Filmworks shorts of a couple years back then it does the original Disney Afternoon shows, and that’s always going to be a disappointment to me.

  • vic

    I think It will be alright, just as long as the drama isn’t neutered.

    • Mesterius

      Would be nice to see the drama *heigtened* a bit, actually. I think it was very neutered in the old DuckTales show compared with the best of Carl Barks’ original comic book stories.

    • Barrett

      The writing is the one aspect of this I am really excited about. I get the impression the writing (both dialogue and storytelling) will be less constrained by what defined typical “kids shows” than it was back then. As much as I adore the original, a lot of the dialogue could fall back into obvious/cliche territory, something they did a lot better with on Darkwing Duck.

      • Anonym

        I’m not sure about either; the triplets are cynical teenagres, Webby is the overhyped loud girl (Mabel, the second) and the jokes were formulary and not funny at all. The writing of currnet cartoons is overrated and not good as people say. The old typical “kids shows”, well, felt like kids shows and not for 12 year olds and above which is basically all cartoons today that aren’t stupid.

  • :D I’m excited for this. So many good shows are coming out this year.

  • Pedro Nakama

    So where did Scrooge McDuck contract out the animation?

  • Capital_7

    This is really charm-free, isn’t it?

    • Awesome Waffles

      Not really.

  • Andreas Wessel-Therhorn

    I have no idea why they have to mess around with designs that work perfectly well. Whats with the square hands and square heads?argh

    • Taco

      Toby Shelton & Carl Barks designs are beautiful & classic to the ducktales/burg universe. Dana Terrace is a great artist in her own right. Remember that there’s a lot more corporate pressure on young directors & show runners today then back when the original ducks were being made for comics & TV. Modern directors spend all their time talking to others & attending meetings to build a show, rather than the old “director-creator”, who got a chance to build the actual framework of the shows story/designs, then had others help flesh them out & fill in the minutia of the animation. This production is clearly influenced by Gravity Falls, with many of the crew on this coming straight off the back of that Alex Hirsch production, & with Dana being Alex’s partner. You want better shows than a Ducktales Reboot? Give folks like Dana Terrace & Sabrina Cotugno their own director-creator based shows & allow time & budget for development. But the Hou$e of Mou$e is gonna do what they think the “Kids” want based on the glory days. To quote the President of the Free World: “Sad.” The show is gonna be good for what it is, it’s got the Disney name & talented people attached. But what else could these people have done with the same time and a bit of creative freedom?

  • dhaxton1

    The adult ducks look fine, but I don’t like the designs of Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Looks great. I hope to see the Beagle Boys and Magica De Spell as recurring villains.

  • Leona Preston

    Has Mike Mignola had any involvement with this? I’m getting a vibe and the backgrounds are very much like his style. Not a bad thing at all, but curious how strongly it reminds me of his Hellboy illustrations.

  • I’m not really feelin’ the voices for the kids (Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webbigail). Not because they don’t fully resemble the original – they just don’t feel like they fit with the characters (they sound a little older than their age) (Gravity Falls’ voicing was convincing for both Mabel and Dipper).

    Animation wise, it looks good. There are some parts where they could have plus the posing a little more (Launchpad McQuack for example), but it’s not to the point where it feels rushed or poor. So it looks like they have a direction going on here – wishing the team all the success for their new venture.

    • Netko

      The voices feel really out of place compared to Donald and Scrooge. I’m not asking for them to be incomprehensible but at least don’t make them sound like regular guys. I’m getting tired of the current trend of cynical self-aware characters with teen lingo. And they really sound way too old.

  • StephaneDumas

    Look promising, I wonder if a reboot of Chip’N’Dale Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin and Darkwing Duck will come as well?

    • Marti386

      Moar Gargoyles!!!! :D

  • Marti386

    I LUV the new art style on this! Plus, David Tennant sounds really good as Scrooge. Not sure how I feel about the “normal” voices for Huey, Dewey and Louie, but I think I’ll warm up to them.

    One thing though: “I run a multi-trillion dollar business”? Wasn’t Scrooge a quadrillionaire? Or has he lost some of his fortune?

    • Doconnor

      That’s probably just the annual revenue for businesses he personally controls. Not, his total net worth.

      • Barrett

        That bin was lookin’ half-empty, at least compared to what it looked like in most of the shows/comics before this. I recall the total height of the coins varying somewhat (which is to be expected with any business that has investments and cost outlays that may come before profits from other investments are reaped.) But I think they are going for a “past his prime” or “in a rut” setup for Scrooge (which will inevitably be reversed by the introduction of his nephews into his life.)

    • Zelda

      got the same impression on Scrooge, lulz xD

  • Chicken McPhee

    They’re voiced by talented people, but it sure sounds ‘off’ somehow. Donald sounds right, Scrooge sounds pretty damn good, Launchpad sounds spot-on, but it’ll take a while to get used to the Hewey, Dewey and Louie because they sound like 30 year old stoners who use modern slangs instead of…well…duck kids.
    One mention of playing games on cellphones or “there’s an app for that unca Scrooge” and I’m going back to my Ducktales S1 dvds.

    • Barrett

      I have no problem with the ducks (adults or kids) having cell phones or using modern technology for things. It’s not the 1980s anymore, and so there’s no reason for them to avoid those realities any more than there is for 1980s DuckTales to avoid video game or trash TV references just because those things didn’t exist in the Barks or Rosa comics.

      My biggest problem was the first one you mentioned; the nephews’ and Webby’s voices. For one thing, in the clips they chose to include, they sound frantic/manic much of the time. I’m hoping it’s not ALWAYS like that, but even when calm, they voices just don’t fit. I had the same problem with Quack Pack. I can understand them wanting to differentiate them more than they did on DuckTales or in the comics, but I wish they all had “ducky” voices akin to Donald’s.

      • Anonym

        Not to mention the jokes weren’t funny it all, which is why I’m quite pessimistic about this reboot.

      • I’m always more for the notion that Donald was the only one to sound the way that he does, not so much in a negative way, but in a way that made him stood out among the rest.

        • Mesterius

          Where did you get that notion to begin with? It doesn’t really make sense to me. Donald’s voice comes from the classic cartoons — and in those same cartoons, Huey, Dewey and Louie have duck voices that make them sound very much like younger versions of Donald.

          • It tend to fluctuate with he nephews a bit. In the 60’s, several education films like “Donald’s Fire Survival Plan” and “Scrooge McDuck and Money” gave the nephews voices unlike Donald’s but still high pitched (not sure why they didn’t let Clarence Nash do them that time). Of course DuckTales probably brought it back to a duck-like approach the way Russi Taylor did them.

          • It tend to fluctuate with the nephews in later years. Several 60’s educational shorts like “Donald’s Fire Survival Plan” and “Scrooge McDuck & Money” gave the nephews a high-pitch voice that was not Donald-like at all, not sure why they didn’t let Clarence Nash do it, but perhaps they wanted the boys to sound more legible for the sake of these being informative productions. Of course the 1980’s series “DuckTales” brought it back a bit with Russi Taylor’s performance of the trio.

      • Chicken McPhee

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall Ducktales only parodying classic movies (like Indiana Jones or Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, James Bond etc). The references they were making don’t date as fast because those movies are still classics.
        Other pop culture references make material dated very fast, but the original Ducktales was…in a sense…vanilla enough to not be too dated, especially because stylistically it was set in the past. Gyro’s inventions also had an old-timey feel to them, and they always got away with this mishmash because it was an alternate reality. Picking stuff out of modern culture, like texting or reading social networks, will make watchers groan. Kids and adults have enough of that during day-to-day life anyway. It’s awkward in the Looney Tunes show, it’d be awkward in Ducktales. It’s like the showrunners forget people want to escape reality, not feel integrated into Duckburgian reality because they don’t need to see a DuckPhone 7s Plus to understand or sympathize with the ducks.
        Just my 2¢.

      • Matthew

        The boys’ voices on DUCKTALES are also a deviation from the original Donald Duck cartoons where they basically sounded like higher-pitched versions of Donald. And then 1967’s SCROOGE McDUCK AND MONEY was the first attempt to make them sound more intelligible and less like Donald.

  • Christina R.

    WOW, I was a little nervous about David Tennent playing Scrooge but dang he’s doing a great job! :D The boys however sound more like college students than kids and it DOES NOT match. Will still tune in!

  • Michel Van

    Sold, alone David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck is a must !
    The cast singing the Theme song

  • vincenzosz

    Visually it looks great – the art style they have chosen. The animation though seems almost purposefully stiff, like they are going for a more grounded feel. That goes for the writing too, a lot more dry than I would expect – the humour I mean. Well, and the dialogue delivery. Every character has a very “human” voice, very even. Not very “cartoony” overall. Which isn’t NECESSARILY a bad thing….But so far the voice acting is where I’m the most on the fence about.

    It is just a promo. so maybe they “grew” into their voices a bit. Even a “purist” like me finds Scrooge quit dry, its not bad, but…well see. Its early, so I remain cautiously optimistic. Hopefully the writing is strong, and here’s hoping they get Ron Jones back to continue the kick ass underscoring from the original. Anyway, so far looks pretty cool!

    • Barrett

      I doubt they got Ron Jones back; they seem to have made a decision early on to break from almost any direct connection to the old series. At first I thought even Donald was a new voice actor, but it turns out it’s still Tony Anselmo, maybe he was just a bit hoarse on that line delivery when he introduces the nephews to Scrooge. Anyway, they probably want to have a distinct musical style from the original, which I get, but I will still be sad about. Ron Jones’ music was so amazing; I wish they’d release a soundtrack album of all his tracks from the show. He posted many of them, sans dialogue, on his own website a few years back, but Disney made him take them down. They’re still floating around out there in the nooks and crannies of the interwebs, but I’d gladly pay to get a proper CD or digital release.

      • Anonym

        I think when reboots aren’t equally good as their source material or distinct enough, they shouldn’t exist. Even if the show will turn out to be nice, it will always look bad in comparison to the original.

      • Mesterius

        Actuallu, six of the seven DuckTales tracks that Ron Jones posted can still be heard on his official web site: From what I understand, the one track Disney made him take down was a ‘Suite’ running for around 11 minutes in total.

        • Barrett

          Good to know. I have them all, including the “suite” on some drive. I was just thrilled to hear them sans dialogue & effects, somethign I dreamt of for years. The tracks also being in stereo was just icing on the cake (DT was broadcast in mono, so even on DVD it is monaural.)

  • Kevin Hebbeler

    Y’all seen Stone Quackers?

  • BurntToShreds

    Will this actually air on Disney Channel proper, or will it just be on Disney XD? The manner in which Disney’s been sidelining their animation by putting it all on their premium network has been irritating.

    • Diogo Dias

      Only on XD

      • BurntToShreds

        That’s what I feared. Why do they keep doing this to their cartoons? Animation is what put Disney on the map, and yet it seems like they’re scared to give animation much as DuckTales, Gravity Falls, and Star a more permanent and regular spot? I know this sounds cheesy and overly nostalgic, but when they only have Phineas and Ferb airing for an hour each day as their non-preschooler animation block, I feel that it shows that Disney is neglecting their past, and what makes them so great.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    David Tennant is PERFECT as Scrooge McDuck. Choosing a Scottish actor for him was a stroke of genius.
    As for Huey, Dewey, and Louie–their new voices will take a little time to warm up to–but they aren’t bad. At least they aren’t all identical or turned into weird adolescent teenagers like in Quack Pack.

  • So it was too soon to say whenever Mercury Filmworks is doing the animation? I’m not surprised. While they’ve certainly shaped the look of modern DTVA, I doubt they’ve working on this alongside Tangled and Lion Guard. They had to drop out of WoY and Star Vs. after the first seasons.

  • Funkybat

    Overall, I’ll say this looks pretty good. I think this will be a fun & entertaining show, and that it will be able to “go places” with the storytelling and characterization that they never could have/would have in the 80s or 90s. I understand and respect the choice to make it distinct from the original, since it’s impossible to get the entire original voice cast together again, and animation production techniques have changed as well. Still, I wish that the character designs were at least somewhat more in line with the original “traditional” style. Some updating of course is called for, but these are very stylized. I think the voice cast is good, but will need to hear more to really decide if they work for the characters.

  • Anonym

    The character design is fine, not great, the animation is stiff and kind of meh. The dubbing and acting of the triplets and Webby is awful, they’re annoying stupid teenagers like all main charaters in cartoon nowdays. The show reminds too much of Garvity Falls as Webby is Mabel and the fact is the show shares the same writres who worked on GF. Not looking forward to to this ,it most likely be mediocre reboot at best.

    • Mirrorworld

      Webby is not Mabel. Mabel was Kristen Schaal and Webby is Kate Micucci.

      • Anonym

        I know she has a different voice actor, I’m not deaf, but the way she ACT is the same.

      • Barrett

        I must admit, even though I KNEW going in that the voice actors were completely different people, Webby sounded like Manic Mabel, albeit with habits that seemed to align more with Dipper.

        Gravity Falls is an amazing show. There’s no reason/need for DuckTales to ape off of it just because it was a critical and popular success. I’m hoping what we saw in the clips was an aberration from the status quo of the character, not the status quo itself.

        • Fried

          “Gravity Falls is an amazing show. There’s no reason/need for DuckTales to ape off of it”

          The problem is GF clearly aped off of DuckTales so the comparison is inevitable. Two look-a-like kids go live with their stingy Uncle and end up going on crazy adventures. I’m pretty sure the entire reason they’re doing this is simply because of how similar DT is to GF in premise, and the fact that a lot of the people who worked on GF are also working on this supports it. I think they want to make another hit show without having a major creator involved to hold it hostage to season finales.

          • Anonym

            Not exactly, GF had stupid teens and very different atmosphere with more serious tone which the new reboot shares.

  • Hayley Deeken

    The show looks like it’s going to be great! The only thing I don’t like about it are the voices for the kid characters – They sound like how their voice actors look, like 30 year-old men…I could accept the older voices in Gravity Falls for Dipper and Mabel because they complimented the character’s designs well, but here it doesn’t really work. I wonder why they don’t employ any of their kid actors from the sitcoms for voice acting?

  • Netko

    Why does the girl duck have to have that terrible-looking wig? Why not give her a tuft of feathers that go upwards like in the original?

  • Luca Wight

    I really, really don’t like the kids’ voices, but Scrooge sounds great. The art is cute too. I don’t get why they cast those voices for the kids. Not saying they are bad actors, it just feels like a bad match in my opinion.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    First Tangled and now this.. Why is Disney going 2D? I mean I love it but why?

    • Corwin Haught

      Disney TV Animation has consistently made 2D shows for its entire existence.

    • Taco

      2D is a “cheaper” production method for the shorter TV Show time frame. The 3D, she look good, but there’s a big/noticeable drop in the quality from Feature Film to TV Show. The 2D, eh, she look Ok to Good either way. Also, it’s still easier to outsource the 2D ANIMATION PIPELINE work to Canada, Australia, NZ, South-America, South-Korea and/or the Philippines, than it is to try and outsource a cheap & competent 3D Animation Pipeline these days. This may change, but probably not any time soon. Outside of the smaller studios like Titmouse & boutique places like Duncan Studios, who did the updates on the Iron Giant Special Edition re-release, there’s not much actual 2D production work done on a grand scale in the US anymore. Just storyboards & script development, then it’s sent elsewhere. If the business model ain’t broke, don’t try to spend more $’s to expand or “improve” the medium(s) used for TV. Hey kids, look! 2D’s back!