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Doug – the Movie

No, it’s not the latest Nickelodeon Movie, but maybe it should be. It’s the third viral comedy video from “Dr. Coolsex” – a NYC sketch comedy trio consisting of Alex Charak (who plays Doug), Dustin Drury (playing Roger), and Greg Murtha (Chalky). This trailer was co-conceived with Alan Starzinski (Boomer), and that’s actress Janet Passanante playing Patti Mayonaise.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    These guys did a DEAD-ON spoof of a classic Nicktoon I had to watch a lot back then. It really works if you’ve seen just the Nickelodeon series and not the Disney version that came later.

    Also here’s a clever ‘outtake’ as well…

  • This was brilliant. So close to the original. Reminds me of the good old days when there were REAL cartoons on TV.

  • I thought this was awesome. I used to be a big fan of Doug; was one of my after-school favourites :)

  • Michael F.

    Great find, this is a big improvement over their Mario Kart movie in both content and production.

  • Jeffers

    Who’s the character in the wheelchair? I don’t recall him from the show.

    • Michael F.

      That is Chad, Patti’s father. Sounds like a good part for the movie.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        If only we knew how he got in the wheelchair in the first place. It was such a random moment in this trailer, yet I remembered that guy too. They didn’t do much with Mr. Dink but it was nice they stuck him in as well (and his familiar catchphrase). I guess the only other character we don’t get here I wouldn’t mind seeing too was mayor Robert “Bob” White (VOTE FOR ME).

  • I saw that about a week ago. Brilliant. Makes me wish the team responsible would make it into a feature-length fan-film.

    I think this may be my new favorite Youtube video.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Even Jim Jinkins had something positive to say about it I haven’t read yet. This trailer certainly has that indie film quality I could get behind!

  • There’s actually a lot of live-action Doug versions floating around out there. Here’s one along the same lines as this one, and here’s one that goes for a more realistic portrayal.

  • Yvette Kaplan

    I am completely delighted by this!! It’s so nice to see the Doug crew again in this unexpected and wonderful way. Not least because I had the good fortune of being one of the directors on the early Nickelodeon seasons and many of my episodes are given a nod here! Alas, I never had the chance to direct a Quailman episode, but hey, maybe there’s still a chance ahead, huh? : ) Thanks for posting and thank you “Dr. Coolsex”. You not only made a great parody, it’s refreshingly sweet and sincere as can be.
    You guys rule!!! xoxox

  • That was a thing of beauty. I laughed out loud when Skeeter made an appearance. Holy crap did they nail it. A Hollywood movie would never, ever stick this close to the source material.

  • Bob

    This is the stuff. A big budget corporate film would miss by a mile.

  • Cool parody! Doug was the reason I started watching Nickelodeon back in the day.

  • That´s the reason why such movies as Yogi Bear and Alvin and the Chipmunks should be written and directed by HARDCORE FANS, and not cash-driven Hollywood execs.